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    Log - A lightweight alternative to BigBrother.
    Version: v0.8.2
    NOTE: Users have reported problems using GroupManager.

    Log is a plugin that logs block changes. Currently it only records break and place events.
    Being the Bukkit plugin creator n00b I am, I probably made some n00bish mistakes, but it works, anyway.
    Compatible with 617 onwards. Latest build officially tested on 1597.

    • Logs block place and destroy events
    • Lets you look up block place and destroy events using a stick
    • Permissions support
    • Block type/material logging - NEW IN 0.4
    • A block to check air and other non-clickable blocks - NEW IN 0.8.2, now works!
    • PLANNED: Auto-delete support - prevent buildup of old stuff
    • POSSIBLE: Rollback?
    • Plaintext buffered SQL alternative to prevent memory leaks - NEW IN 0.5
    How to use:

    How to use (open)

    • 1) Install.
    • 2) Ensure you have the correct permissions (see below)
    • 3) Right click block with stick. DING!
    • 4) If you want to check who destroyed a block, place a block there and right-click that.
      • 4a) Alternatively, "place" a bone where the block would be.
    • 5) To clean the database of all old entries, type '/log clean <time>', replacing <time> with a time unit (15m, 24h, 30d)
    • 6) To completely purge the database of all entries (when you start a new world or something), type '/log purge'

    Permissions (open)

    • To use the stick lookup, you must have the 'log.stick' permission, or be an op.
    • To use the bone lookup, you must have the 'log.bone' permission, or be an op.
    • A 'log.*' permission is provided for your convenience.

    Admin Permissions:
    Admin Permissions (open)

    • To use '/log purge', you must have the 'log.admin.purge' permission, or be an op.
    • To use '/log clean <time>', you must have the 'log.admin.clean' permission, or be an op.
    • A 'log.admin.*' permission is provided for your convenience.

    Download jar: v0.8.2 | v0.8.1 (Dropbox) | v0.8 (Dropbox) | v0.7.1 (Dropbox) | v0.7 (Dropbox) | v0.6 (Dropbox) (Direct) | v0.5.1 (Dropbox) | v0.5 (Dropbox) UNSTABLE!! | v0.4 (Dropbox) | v0.3 (Dropbox)

    To download, click the link above, wait, then click the "Skip This Ad" button in the top right corner. If the link appears to not work in some way, try refreshing the page. Still not working? Use the (Direct) link (for versions 0.6-).

    Please, please, please, pretty please with sugar on top, donate to support the continued development of this plugin:

    Source Code: v0.8.2 | v0.7(.1) (Dropbox) | v0.6 (Dropbox) | v0.5.1 (Dropbox)
    For versions prior to 0.5, source code is packaged in the jar file.

    Changelog (open)

    Version 0. 8.2:
    • "Added" bone lookup! Yippee!
    Version 0.8.1:

    • Fixed incorrect month number error (again)
    Version 0.8:

    • Added '/log purge' and '/log clean <time>' commands
    Version 0.7.1

    • Removed testing code
    • Fixed incorrect month number error
    Version 0.7

    • Made compatible with RB1060
    • Added config file! (plugins/Log/
    • Added bone lookup (non-functional ATM due to Bukkit bug - I think)
    • Made compatible with PermissionsBukkit. Compatibility with original Permissions is unknown
    Version 0.6

    • Fixed incorrect version number 'bug' (again)
    • Fixed FileNotFound bug (again)
    Version 0.5.1

    • Fixed major bug with BufferedReader not being reset
    Version 0.5

    • Exams are over and I have begun working on this again (XD)
    • Tested with 953
      • Old filename: logdata.db
      • New filename: logdata.db2
      • Old files will be converted once the server starts/restarts.
      • Make sure you delete the old files once converted to prevent confusion.
      • Advantage: Before: 3.5MB. After: 2.8MB
    • And probably some other stuff
    Version 0.4

    • Tested with 733
    • Added more logged information: block ID, date and time
    • NB: Old data files still work (I think)
    • Fixed FileNotFound bug
    • Fixed incorrect version number 'bug'
    Version 0.3

    • Made compatible with Permissions plugin (node "log.stick")
    • Requires you to either have the permission or be an op to use the stick lookup
    • Fixed small grammatical mistake
    Version 0.2

    • Made compatible with 617
    Version 0.1

    • First release

    - JKapFilms

    Known Bugs:

    Please read this before posting about a bug or problem.
    • FIXED IN 0.5 Not shutting down the server correctly causes data in the last session to be lost.
    • FIXED IN 0.5.1 Possibly many bugs in 0.5. Currently testing.
    • FIXED IN 0.6 Stick does not check cache.
    • FIXED IN 0.7.1 AND 0.8.1 Incorrect month number shown. Even though this has been fixed, incorrect entries will still display incorrectly, however.
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    It shows ALL history
  3. oh ok coz friend of mine got griefed, i checked ALL blocks & he even "fixed" the block himself but i only saw HIS OWN edits no others :D

    not running anymore isnt it?
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    Can you change it to also log when people place water and lava via buckets? That would be great!
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    Something you might want to look into is that the new Log spams my consol with random numbers like 1-10 its horrible because it lags it down bad.
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    That works in 0.9 (beta), but BEWARE THE BUGS of which there are many.
    Download from BukkitDev page.
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    You should add a rollback feature with MySQL support. I don't use your plugin but that's what most people want - Rollbacks!

    When I used to use this it was my favorite :) But I moved on to the more common rollback ones months ago.
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    The permission nodes for log.* doesnt work can someone help me Iam using Permissions 3.1.6? anyone?
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    Permissions is abandoned :c. Use Superperms example like PermissionEx or BukkitPermissions ^3^
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    waiting for rollback, this is the only log plugin that works on my server
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    What is this plugin licensed under? I've downloaded the source, but didn't see a licence.

    I'm interested in creating a fork of this, for sqlite support.
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    Only 1 issue, I am having to keep the log file as it gets to big and when I go to check who destroyed a block it crashes the server. Any way to fix this?
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    Any chance u may add chest usage in the future?
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    Amazing plugin. Doe sjust what I want it too. Rollback would be nice via worldedit selection hookups.
    single block rollbacks would be long and tedious.
  15. You MUST add rollback! Please :)
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    PLEASE! I would really love it if you added rollback! Without MySQL though!
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    Log 0.8.2 spams the console with a stream of threes, eights, and zeros until it overloads the server and causes block lag. Stopping the server after one of these streams causes an endless stream that can only be stopped by X'ing out of the console. This seems to happen regardless of what other plugins are or are not installed.
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    Hi pokepal101,

    when comes the Update for CB 1818?
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    Hey, I just discovered that it's not multiworld compatible. xD
    You should really update it...
    world_name_here:0;64;0;Gimlao;true;1;30/1/2012 12:00
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    I'm begging you here, I really need a no-SQL log with rollback... there doesn't seem to be one atm.
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    You should add a feature so you can rollback within a certain area
    EX: /log roll 50 (the "50" means a fifty block radius)

    When you add that I am TOTALLY gonna get this plugin!

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    How do you select air blocks? You said you can do this now :p
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    Hi will you add the function to see who opened a chest and who placed a lava bucket ? because these two functions are very useful .. Thanks !

    Your plugin is very useful ! :D Continue like this ;)
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    Please Fix Roolback :D
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    WorldEdit does restores to selected areas. Setup regular snapshots. Why have 2 plugins that do the same thing?

    When I right click with a bone it displays the '-No hits' message. Sticks give correct history. I am using default config, bones should not even respond, but they do.
    Edit: Nevermind, guess that checks the air block.:rolleyes:

    Please keep this a lightweight plugin and do not add rollback.
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    I dropped this plugin. I had drdanick look and it, and he simply "loled"
    Using logblock now. Besides, it runs better than this does, essentially making it lighter.
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    Plugin works in MySQL?
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    very good, simple all i want;)
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    Ok, so, I am having a little problem with this addon. I cannot use either commands: /log purge or /log clean [time]. I am not recieving any errors from log in my server logs. I am OP, so I should have access to all commands, right? I do use Permissionsbukkit, but as OP, the permissions do not apply to me. Is this plugin designed for OP use, or would I have to somehow add permissions for operators to use the two commands? Other than not being able to purge or clean the logs, the stick has been very useful. :) My plugins are as followed:
    CraftBukkit git-Bukkit-1.1-R4-b1938jnks
    MC 1.1
    API 1.1-R4
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    Can u update this for R6? :)
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    I get this error on startup

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