[SEC/FUN/INFO] Towny v0.68 Fuzze Edition [818]

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    Version: v0.68

    Moderator Edit: Please direct your attention here for an updated version. This thread is now closed due to people spamming random things about how its not working.

    So this has been asked for many times so i decided to finally make this thread.
    This is related to Shade's brilliant Plugin Towny

    Since Shade has been MIA for a while now, and we dont know if hes coming back i've been trying to keep Towny afloat as best i can in hopes he does come back as i dont really have the RL schedule to much of anything other than maintain it to be usable.

    I hope in June once i have more free time if Shade still isnt back :'( to actually do a formal Github Fork and continue the project. So until then, dont bother asking for new features, as time allows the only thing i'll try to do is fix large glaring bugs that effect the mod. This is a very large plugin and Shade has spent a lot of time on it, so even when/if i do fork it will take some time to get fully up to speed on everything. For now i just have a basic understanding of how everything is interacting and enough debug skills to track down most bugs ;)

    How it works/Features
    -See Original Towny Page for Instructions on how to setup and Permissions.

    Read this page to learn what everything in the config does!

    When reporting bugs, please use /townyadmin set debugmode on. Then perform the action and post or send me the log from your server. This will assist me in being able to fix the issue 10 faster, just simply saying "People can do X in my town when they shouldnt be able too" doesnt really help me at all and is impossible to replicate.
    • Permission cache errors
      • You didnt install Permissions properly, it creates a RENAMEME.yml file or something of the like when first started. This must be renamed to match your world name(for most people world.yml). Also you CANNOT have spaces in your world name. Test World is not an acceptable folder name, TestWorld is. Both towny and permissions dont like the Permissions YML file to have spaces.
    • /town top money causes exception
      • Your iConomy database is likely setup to still use sqlite. Ensure that your iConomy config file is setup to use database Type: H2SQL. A lot of people had issues with the sqlite to H2 conversion, if you still experience this error with it set properly your db may be corrupt. Back up your iConomy db and configs, then delete them all and allow iConomy to recreate them and see if it still happens. If it doesnt, your going to have to manually regrant people cash somehow as your iConomy database was corrupt.
    • towny.admin: User is able to use /townyadmin, as well as the ability to build/destroy anywhere. User can also able to make towns or nations when set to admin only.
    • towny.town.new :User is able to create a town (only is use when TOWN_CREATION_ADMIN_ONLY is on)
    • towny.town.claim : User is able to expand his town with /town claim
    • towny.nation.new :User is able to create a nation (only is use when NATION_CREATION_ADMIN_ONLY is on)
    • towny.wild.*: User is able to build/destroy in wild regardless if the config says no.
    • towny.wild.build
    • towny.wild.destroy
    • towny.wild.switch
    • towny.wild.item_use
    • towny.wild.block.[block id] : User is able to edit [block id] in the wild.
    • towny.spawntp :Use /town spawn when allow_town_spawn=false
    • towny.publicspawntp : Use "/town spawn [town]" (teleport to other towns) when allow_town_spawn_travel=false.

    All versions .64 and after will require iConomy 5.0 and higher. When making this initial transition it is HEAVILY advised that you back up your h2 and MySQL database's. I tested as well as i could with various functionality within Towny and it seemed to be working as expected. Also note that a ton of plugins that use iConomy are still broken, so unless they ALL work i wouldnt suggest updating. You've been warned. Dont cry if something bad happens and you dont have a backup of your iConomy database ...
      • Essentials 2.2
      • Permissions 2.7.4(DO NOT USE 3.X!)
      • iConomy 5.01
    • (JAR ONLY) Latest Build(.68) HERE
    • V.61

    • Fix /towny top money from crashing towny
    • Investigate potential issues with build/destroy permissions.

    • /town spawn will not charge players
    • DO NOT GIVE PLAYERS TOWNY.WILD.* permissions. Give players permissions by editing your config file by editing these. If players have wild permissions they can do funny business to get permission to build in other peoples towns.
    • Some people are reporting a lot of [SEVERE] warnings related to Player_Item and Player_Move, i believe these are being triggered by other mods. If you are having this issue please list your other plugins.

    Version .68
    • Compiled for CB818 (Minecraft 1.6.6)
    • Disabled town renaming (finally)
    • Do not use Permissions 3.0.x with Towny yet, there are still some MAJOR issues with the rework they are doing and a ton of people are nerd raging on their thread. I couldnt even get it to create my config or default files they were always blank, and i guess a ton of other people are having the same issues. Still didnt work when following instructions on how to make the file yourself. Because 2.7.4 works perfectly fine with CB818 im not in a rush to upgrade until they figure out their issues. Sorry if this causes plugin conflicts if some require Permissions 3.x but i doubt it will as not many mods are moving to it in its badly broken state. Because Towny is so heavily dependent on a lot of Permissions nodes being read properly i decided to stick with 2.7.4 for now. Ill work on a 3.x permissions build as soon as i feel its functioning properly.
    Version .66
    • Compiled for CB766
    • Players no longer need to /town set spawn, when a player does /town spawn they automatically go back to their town. Need to figure out how to re-implement the essentials teleport timer cooldown they changed their API
    Version .64
    Version .63
    • Really fixed /town spawn!
    Version .62
    • First Official Release by Fuzze!
    • Fixed /town spawn INVESTIGATING
    • Fixed /towny map
    • Verified all permissions are working properly. I ran it on my test server and tested resident build/destroy/switch and outsider build/destroy/switch by using /town set perm and turning them on and off and trying them out. ALL the permissions acted as they should. This should put to rest a lot of bugs people are having with people building. This doesnt mean Towny is using the default_town_build=false config lines properly for new towns, thats next. It does mean if your mayor sets the options manually it works.
    Version .061R6
    • Disabled /towny top money for towns/nations until able to fix bug related to null iConomy accounts, I have a feeling its related to iConomy databases that were SQLite and transitioned to H2 like my own. It *should* work fine for Residents, so far i havent seen null resident returns.
    Version 0.61R5

    • Updated to work with CB670
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    First @Shade now this. Its time to crack my knuckles and start a custom towns plugin that hooks worldguard and worldedit. Our server has been talking about it for a long time. Guess its just time to DO.
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    use /ta givebonus [town] <then how many blocks you want to give the town>

    the more people you get in a town the more blocks you get.
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    lol, now i feel stupid :)
  5. I went to build this but it claims to require questioner.jar?
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    use questioner=false in the config of towny
  7. Thanks, but I'm talking about compiling the source, not using in game
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    oh, otherwise idk XD
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    can i use GroupManager with this one? :O
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    Its unfortunate that a plugin this has been abandoned twice now =( Hopefully someone will pick it up and give it the love it deserves lol.
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    I got a $50 donation to whomever continues the work on Towny.

    And I had a recent and sudden issue arise.
    I have all the permissions setup alright but when my players use /town spawn it wont allow them to. It says it is forbidden.

    My mods who have towny.admin cant even teleport. and i DO have the settings set to FALSE as stated in the original post.

    Anyone, ideas?
  12. No matter, ignore my previous post. I found the source to Questioner.
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    Unofficial Towny 0.69

    I just took the code that was sitting in the repo and rebuilt the plugin. The only thing jumping out of me is the ichat fix. I'll look into permissions 3.x right now
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    If you need any help, somewhere to test this / help finding issues, let me know!

    Also there is an issue where certain flags aren't working properly. I'm sure your already aware =)
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    Do you mind reposting or linking to those posts? 36 pages is a lot for me to go through
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    i know one problem, fix pvp.
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    I know one way to fix that problem, Remove pvp!
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    well, that's a good idea, but i kinda liked not having pvp in town. but pvp in the wilderness
    i wonder if there's a plugin for that.
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    Unofficial Towny 0.70

    Permissions 3.x support. There is a change in Towny/settings/config.properties. There is now a Permissions2 and Permissions3 setting. Set Permissions2 to true is you are using Permissions 2.x (or groupmanager bridge), Set permissions2 to false and Permissions3 to true if you are using permissions 3. If both are set to true then only permissions2 will be used.

    The old permissions tag is depreciated and can be removed.

    I did some quick testing with permissions3 to verify that it works but I did not check every possible node.

    Possible todo list:
    Big fix up the wazzoo!
    Switch database to SQL
    Switch config to yaml (yes?no?)
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    how come i cant build in the wilderness and how do i fix it?
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    look at one of my previous posts, i think about 2-3 pages back
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    i need the towns to be charged by the nation. So: town has to pay x percent of the income it has.

    since i cant use /n set taxes how to do it? :D


    EDIT! /n set taxes [money] is working. BUT! does it charge towns or players? Oo
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    i know that towny works with iconomy but does it work with essentials built in economy
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    From my looking back through the pages and pages on this thread the main issues I can find that some users are having are this.

    • Flags not working properly, whether that be PvP / Build / Itemuse They seem iffy
    • Users were asking for multiple word town names
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    Nations charge towns, towns charge players

    It does not work with essentials built in economy

    I'm still digging around the source figuring out the flag check system. What I've found so far looks fine. I think this will require specific use cases: what were the flags set to, what are the permission nodes set to, etc.
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    yeah, i think we also need more permission nodes too. never hurt to have too many. like different level of ops
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    Part of the problem is there are two permission systems trying to work side by side, towny's own internal system and Permissions. I'm very tempted to reorganize it one way or the other
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    make permissions the main ruler, but still have the functionality of towny.
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    sorry but i cant find it D:
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    this is the area you need to work on


    and you need to also use permissions too.
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