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    Options are available which check the territory you're in and prevent specified commands in neutral or enemy territory, but not ones which look for enemies nearby, sorry.

    Something along those lines should be in 1.7.

    The source includes a lib folder. There they are.

    There is a permission for creating factions (factions.create), among our myriad permissions for basically every command.

    Sounds like what Olof was encountering on his server running 1.7. He thinks he might have fixed it. I'll upload an updated 1.7 build in just a bit when I post 1.6.4. EDIT: as a reminder, though, the 1.7 branch is still in alpha state and thus not recommended for live servers unless you really know what you're doing.

    1.6.4 should be ready in the next few hours.

    1.6.4 is now released.

    Changelog copied from our main changelog so hopefully a few more users might actually read it:
    • New command /f powerboost <p|f|player|faction> <name> <#>, which will apply a permanent power bonus/penalty to a specified player or faction. When applied to a player, it will affect their max power and min power. When applied to a faction, it will be applied to current and max power levels. Whether it is a bonus or a penalty depends on whether the number you specify is positive or negative. Any power bonus/penalty is displayed in /f power and /f who output. New permission factions.powerboost which is required to use the command. This permission is added to the factions.kit.mod permission kit. (added thanks to a donation from Kain888)
    example usage of new command:​
    /f powerboost p Player1 1.5 (give player "Player1" a bonus of 1.5 power)​
    /f powerboost f SomeFaction -6 (give faction "SomeFaction" a penalty of -6 power)​
    /f powerboost player Joe 0 (set player "Joe" back to no power bonus)​
    • Players no longer regain power while dead; you can no longer simply stay dead and delay your respawn in order to regain power.
    • Added CaptureThePoints, CombatTag, and AuthDB to our softdepend list so they can potentially catch and cancel Factions commands.
    • Updated our event handlers to use the newer Bukkit event system.
    • Fix for error when deleting a faction if Vault wasn't present.
    • Fix for slashless Factions commands not working for player in faction chat or alliance chat modes.
    • Fixed NPE in LWC features (by patrickfreed, thanks)
    • Fix for a potential NPE in FPlayer autoLeaveOnInactivityRoutine.
    • Fix for users who have Vault but don't use economy getting an NPE.
    • Workaround fix for half-step placement on existing half-steps not being prevented; it's caused by a CraftBukkit bug: https://bukkit.atlassian.net/browse/BUKKIT-646
    • Removed our TNT exploit handling code, since they did finally fix the bug in the CraftBukkit 1.1-RC1 release.
    New command:
    /f powerboost <p|f|player|faction> <name> <#> - apply permanent power bonus/penalty to specified player or faction. Requires factions.powerboost permission.
    New permission:
    factions.powerboost - allows use of the /f powerboost command; granted by default to factions.kit.mod permission kit and above

    I've added a FAQ to the first post here and the plugin description on BukkitDev which should hopefully reduce the number of commonly repeated questions at least a little bit.


    Q. I don't want all players to have all permissions which are granted by default. How can I change that?
    A. See our permissions here, in our user guide. Factions grants the factions.kit.fullplayer permission kit by default. You will likely need to deny the individual permissions already granted which you don't want those players to have. Your permission plugin of choice should provide a method to deny permissions, such as adding a "-" to the start of the permission (like "-factions.create"). Most permission plugins at this time don't seem to allow denying parent->child / kit permissions (some don't even allow granting them), so you may need to handle them individually.

    Q. I modified the configuration file conf.json manually and the configuration reset to default? What happened?
    A. This is why we recommend people not edit the file manually. Something you changed corrupted the file, which caused Factions to revert back to default values since it could not read it. If you look at your server log from when your server started up after you edited the file, you'll see an error logged from when Factions tried to load the file. You should also see a backup copy of your invalid file made as "conf.json_bad" alongside the newly defaulted conf.json (if you don't you're using an old release of Factions and need to update). You should normally be using /f config to change any configuration, as outlined in our user guide.

    Q. Chat looks messed up, with odd letters and numbers added to it, and the chat isn't colored properly. Why is this happening?
    A. At the least, you'll need to modify the chatTagInsertIndex setting to fix that (i.e. /f config chatTagInsertIndex <value>, where <value> is 0/1/2/3/etc.), but better methods are outlined in our user guide's chat configuration coverage.

    Q. Does Factions have multiworld support?
    A. Various features of Factions can be disabled in specified worlds. See our user guide. That is currently the extent of our multiworld support.

    Q. How can I get my economy plugin of choice (iConomy, BOSEconomy, EssentialsEco, whatever) working with Factions?
    A. First, you will need to install the Vault plugin on your server to interface between Factions and your economy plugin of choice. Next, you'll need to make sure economy is enabled in Factions by running the command /f config econEnabled true. You can see more information about economy integration in our user guide.

    Q. As a server owner, administrator, and/or moderator, I want to be able to bypass all faction claim protections. Is this possible?
    A. Assuming you have the factions.bypass permission, you can enable and disable admin bypass mode using the command /f bypass.

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    thats nice, but i want to remove the permissions just for this plugin. Not for all of them.
    is there a way to do that?
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    I am having a bit of trouble. I'm running PEX for my permission's including the Permission's.jar that comes with it ( from what i read is there Bridge " but i can't get factions to work. my server works fine until i add in the faction.jar file. then it disables PEX and breaks 4-5 plugin's. I'm probably doing something wrong most likely could someone give me a hand with this?
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    Are you planing on making it so factions can have longer names than 10 letters, and maybe more than one word, o at least being able to use "_" ?
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    I just added a FAQ, quoted in the post above yours there. It might have something useful in it for you.

    Hmm. We do actually have PEx integration code, come to think of it, and it might have broken at some point. If so, sorry about that. I'm going to go ahead and strip out all of our extra permission plugin code so that we only interface with the built-in Bukkit "superperms" system. I think it's been sufficient time that all modern permission plugins interface with superperms at this point.

    I might be making another release soonish since it seems like the Essentials 2.8 branch has broken our chat integration with EssentialsChat. I'm looking into that now.

    /f config factionTagLengthMax <some_length_value_such_as_default_of_10>
    As for more than one word or the possibility of funky characters, considering the fact that all commands which require a faction tag (there are a lot of them) would require that extra crap as well, it's not happening. Similarly, that's why faction tags are limited to 10 characters long by default; typing in a long faction tag in all commands related to that faction would be a pain.

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    Brettflan please read my message a page back.
    Having some fatal errors with the new factions.
    And also a good suggestions someone else posted.
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    How do i bypass others locked land if I am server owner?
    I need to know.
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    Hello dear developers of Factions plugin .
    I'm wondering, if it's possible, or able in nearest time for You, to put into Factions some extra stuff like skills.
    I mean, if there would be skills into Your plugin, users of it may create and allocate custom skills to custom factions...
    By skills I meant:
    -some changes in items in minecraft (for some items, to deal damage like sword and when fighting with it may grove some skills, like critical strikes or maybe even adding to them skills like enchants. With more level better enchant add to weapons, and to block enchanting for enchant tables.)
    -maybe even some custom craft skilling for custom factions...

    If it's possible I'd be happy for that, and if you agree I can pay, maybe not so big money but always some.

    And correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen plugin for server offering stuffs like that, if I missed something link me please.
    Or maybe some other person here of you wants to help me with making maybe separated plugin from factions, but compatible with it.
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    The error you reported on the last page? It's one of those that should be fixed in the new 1.6.4 release posted above. I didn't answer it on the last page because it had been reported several times and already noted and fixed for the (then) upcoming release (which is now out).

    I suppose I should add /f bypass to the FAQ.

    Not really feasible, sorry.
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    Maybe you can direct me somewhere where i could get help with this stuff?
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    okey thanks!
    And what about the suggestion?
    Will you think about adding this?

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    /f bypass is a good way and what i use on my server to bypass things like land/chests when checking on people

    Also now my question:

    Is there a way to make it to where certain ranks can not create factions or if there is a way to disable certain commands for ranks?

    I dont have factions permissions for some ranks but everyone can still by pass it and for some reason I can not seem to find a way to isolate it.

    Also is there a way to add something that says you have to say have 3 people sign your roster before your faction is created? or is there something like that already? OR a way to add it into the configuration file.

    Trying to keep factions from being spammed and having a required amount of members before you can technically create it in a sense.
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    Does factions have a chat? I don't see anything in the config to turn chat off but I get double post in my chat box and one is [FACTION TAG][WORLD]<username> message Would that be factions doing this? and if so how do i disable it?
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    So.. outa date? Um.. Tags are not being shown when people type.. And other people can Break other factions placed blocks/already placed blocks. Can anyone help me with these issues?
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    I found something interesting f claim radius = [number] is pretty much a kill switch itself just add 2000 or more can easily crash a server I do hope you will fix this.
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    It's a big forum. Maybe the Plugin Requests board?

    Not currently planned, sorry. That's not to say it will absolutely never happen, but there you have it.

    1. Read FAQ.
    2. Not currently available or planned, sorry.

    Are you using a chat plugin of some sort? Which one?

    Hmm, it could indeed potentially be used as an exploit attempt to overload the server. I'll lock it down a bit tighter in the next release.

    A note on the EssentialsChat 1.8 integration problem: I've pinpointed the cause of the problem. I'm currently talking with the Essentials team about whether they're willing to revert the change which is causing it (auto-replacement of unrecognized curly braces with square braces in the chat format setting, converting "{FACTION}"->"[FACTION]") or whether I'll need to make a slightly crufty update to handle it.
  17. the last update its not compatible with factions dynmap...so im gonna keep the old one till some1 fix this =/
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    Is there a way i can set the owner of faction in game?
    To give someone the faction?
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    Teh Kitteh

    Does this mean no more TNT Cannon's destroying claimed land?
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    any chance this will become compatible with residence so that players can edit land in their residence even if it is the faction safezone?
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    Teh Kitteh

    Its /f admin name, and in 1.7 its /f owner name
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    When anyone uses factions (On all 4 of my servers), it dosent run the command and distributes the following error in the logs.


    Factions version is 1.6.4

    Using the latest RB build of bukkit.
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    enchanted bow,can make damage in safezone.It's possibile fix this?
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    There anyway I can make it so all players in the game can attack on any faction land regardless if there set to war? The players without factions are just getting /f claimed on and cannot attack back at all so it leaves for a very unfair and unbalanced pvp system here =/. Anyways was wondering if it is possible to make it default for every player in or out of a faction that's not allied to attack on all faction land thanks!!!​
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    Placing redstone torch/current near/on tnt still triggers it on enemy land. Anyone still got this problem (changelog says it's fixed)?
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    So users are able to do /f home when they enter my territory, how do i stop this? in my config i have this.

      "actionDeniedPainAmount": 1,
      "permanentFactionMemberDenyCommands": [],
      "territoryNeutralDenyCommands": [
      "territoryEnemyDenyCommands": [
      "territoryShieldFactor": 0.3,
  27. well in my server i dont see the faction name infront of my name...why?
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    You need Spout, err Vault, well.. get them both. it'll work.
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    is there a way to make this happen:
    Two factions - sentinel and forsaken.
    The ones in forsaken faction automatically are placed in the permission group called forsaken, and the ones in sentinel faction are automatically placed in the permission group called sentinel.

    Im using permissionsex
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    I don't think so.

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