[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    1.6.3 is now released. It has a pretty large change list, which as always I recommend reading.

    One major thing to note: economy integration is now handled through Vault instead of Register.
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    Does you add it possible to translate faction? I know it would be a great thing to do! Please!
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    Probably at some point, but it's not immediately planned. Sorry. Exporting all text is very much a major undertaking.
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    Great changes!
    Thanks a lot i love it that we can finally read all chat :)
    And thanks a lot for fixing the tnt / redstone bug!
    But does it also work for levers and such?
    Because some times you can just ("break") a block and place a lever or redstone on the other side.
    And then the door opens.

    And is it also possible to prevent users from "breaking" blocks and fast hit switches or chests to raid?
    they dont actualy break the block but due the delay they can mine 2 blocks and open chests and doors.
    I think many have requested it (me to like a half year ago)
    But maybe you can have a look into it again.
    Or maybe you can add a check if there is air between the action.
    If there is the chest open and if not they cant open it.
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    ive got an idea .... make a resource level that increases with the deaths of members of the opposite you are at war with , materals being gathered that sort of thing and depending on that lv every mincraft day the boarder for the faction regionwill expand by 1 block and the boarder will increace more or more often with more resource points .... if 2 borders want the same space and if they are not a nutral or allied faction they automatially go to war
    If they are allied then the larger facion takes the space. if 1 is a neutral and the other isnt the the 1 the other faction will take it
    Also with bypass mode on admins should be able to select 2 corners of the region they want and it claims all the area within
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    what if i want everything to be alowed to be broken and taken in claimed territory wat do i write
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    Could you possibly add a delay on /f home? To stop people from using it during battle
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    is there any permissions with this plug in?
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    No. It just magically knows exactly what you want. Take the time to read the links it tells you to before you post a stupid thing like this... Please?
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    sorry i didnt have time to read the link because i was going somewhere and i didnt want to wait and one more thing, i put the .jar in my plug ins folder but for some reason the commands dont work
    (i just started a bukkit server so i am stupid)
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    1. You should thank eXeC64 then; as noted, he's the one who contributed that feature. :)
    2. Well, it's not "fixed" perfectly, just worked around. To put it another way, the symptom is basically dealt with, while unfortunately the cause is not. The CraftBukkit team will still need to be responsible for fixing the root cause if they ever get around to it.
    3. No, the workaround is specifically to do with TNT and redstone torches, by tracking prevented placement attempts of those two items, then watching for TNT explosions in the vicinity shortly afterwards, then if such an explosion is indeed triggered, cancelling it and notifying everyone of the attempt.
    Offhand I don't see any practical way to monitor and prevent what you're describing.

    EDIT: by the way, apologies, but I no longer have the willpower to answer the same basic questions over and over and over again. So, I won't be responding to most posts from this point forward.
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    Im having a problem with just normal players being able to attack factioned players on there land. I set everything I could think of and only command I really seen other than turning pvp off for factionless was "enablePVPAgainstFactionlessInAttackersLand": true, Is there a command I can add or missing that will allow anyone not in a faction to fight players on there own faction land without being enemy's? If anyone could give me a hand i'd appericate it and thanks!!!
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    Did anyone else get the error

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    umm... Usually when I speak it says : [Owner] <RabidPigeon> <message> but after factions the colors are off and it looks like: a **TheRR [Owner] <RabidPigeon> <message> Do you know why it's like this, because its not configable... ;(
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    Can you make a region integration with WorldGuard?
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    When your claiming land if you want to use the radius feature then you have to do /f claim <faction tag> <radius> in the next version can you add it so that its just /f claim <radius>?
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    Hey. I'm having a problem with Factions + iConomy. When a player makes a new faction it wont take any money away. How can i make it work? Any help? Thanks.
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    Having the same proble. :(

    I have an idea I woud LOVE to see in this plugin. Capture points and holding of point scores. Admins can set up a sign and define a region arround there to be protected. To take the point, you simply kill all the members of the other faction, that are within the range, then, automatically, the faction with the most players within the area get the point. The leaderboard holds Best faction of the day, week, month and all time. This woud be nice to get PvP up, and more meaning of factions. This coud be another pplugin too, but as long as it makes it be with factions. :D

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    Hopefully this isn't a bug... I really need the iConomy + factions working :(
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    I'm having the same problem. :(
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    Teh Kitteh

    TNT and lava leak into claimed land if placed in unclaimed. Can that be fixed?
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    is there a way to change the limet of letters in the faction tag?
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    Can you use both Factions and Residence ? If you can is it worth doing or is it just better to use one or the other ?
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    I get the following error every time I try /f create <name>. What is the cause/fix for this?

    17:27:34 [SEVERE] Could not pass event org.bukkit.event.player.PlayerCommandPrep
    rocessEvent to Factions
    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: net.milkbowl.vault.economy.Economy.has(Ljava/lang/S
            at com.massivecraft.factions.integration.Econ.modifyMoney(Econ.java:231)
            at com.massivecraft.factions.cmd.FCommand.payForCommand(FCommand.java:32
            at com.massivecraft.factions.cmd.CmdCreate.perform(CmdCreate.java:59)
            at com.massivecraft.factions.zcore.MCommand.execute(MCommand.java:126)
            at com.massivecraft.factions.cmd.FCommand.execute(FCommand.java:59)
            at com.massivecraft.factions.zcore.MCommand.execute(MCommand.java:116)
            at com.massivecraft.factions.cmd.FCommand.execute(FCommand.java:59)
            at com.massivecraft.factions.zcore.MCommand.execute(MCommand.java:131)
            at com.massivecraft.factions.zcore.MPlugin.handleCommand(MPlugin.java:20
            at com.massivecraft.factions.P.handleCommand(P.java:180)
            at com.massivecraft.factions.zcore.MPlugin.handleCommand(MPlugin.java:21
            at com.massivecraft.factions.zcore.MPluginSecretPlayerListener.onPlayerC
            at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader$5.execute(JavaPluginLoader.ja
            at org.bukkit.plugin.RegisteredListener.callEvent(RegisteredListener.jav
            at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.callEvent(SimplePluginManager.j
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.handleCommand(NetServerHandler.
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.chat(NetServerHandler.java:737)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:725)
            at net.minecraft.server.Packet3Chat.handle(Packet3Chat.java:33)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkManager.b(NetworkManager.java:226)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetServerHandler.a(NetServerHandler.java:100)
            at net.minecraft.server.NetworkListenThread.a(SourceFile:108)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.w(MinecraftServer.java:536)
            at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:434)
            at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:465)
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    Yes, the option is in config.
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    Is it possible to have both Factions AND Towny? I like having towns and I also like the idea of guild and whatnot.
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    whenever i try to use autoclaim it tells me i need to be a moderator. i am OP so i thought that was weird but i did the mod command to my name and that still didn't work. i then downloaded PermissionsEx and made an admins group with me in it then added the '*' to get all permissions. that didn't work either so i manually added the node in the group and removed the '*'. still didn't work. i am using the latest 1.1 build for bukkit. and i restarted the server after trying all of these things.
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    hello, sorry to bother you guys, I was wondering if there was a way to turn off people claiming other people's land when they are at low power? if so, whats it's name in the config?

    Thankyou for your time ^^
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    Sorry, but there isn't. They will need to declare the faction as enemy in order to be able to hurt them.

    Based on the error, it looks like you do have Vault installed for economy integration. Can you paste the full startup log so I can see where Vault is loading as well (before or after, the version, etc.)?

    Lava: unlikely. Prevention of TNT damage across claim lines is more server-intensive than our current system, but I believe it is implemented in the 1.7 branch by Olof. It probably won't show up in a 1.6.x release.

    Do you have the Vault plugin installed for economy integration instead of Register?

    If you need to bypass normal restrictions, use /f bypass.

    There's nothing intended to do exactly that, but you should be able to use this to accomplish the same thing: /f config powerPerDeath 0
    Then players won't lose any power when they die.
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    04:43:23 [INFO] [Minequery] Loading Minequery v1.5.
    04:43:23 [INFO] [MyHelpPages] Loading MyHelpPages v1.1.
    04:43:23 [INFO] [MyHelpPages] version 1.1 enabled
    04:43:23 [INFO] [NoCheat] Loading NoCheat v2.25.
    04:43:23 [INFO] [NoCheat] version [2.25] is enabled.
    04:43:23 [INFO] [FalseBookCore] Loading FalseBookCore v0.91alpha.
    04:43:23 [INFO] [ FalseBook Core ] using PermissionsEx for Permissions!
    04:43:23 [INFO] [ FalseBook Core ] FalseBookCore v0.91alpha by GeMo enabled!
    04:43:23 [INFO] [FalseBookExtra] Loading FalseBookExtra v0.91alpha.
    04:43:23 [INFO] [ FalseBook Extra ] FalseBookExtra v0.91alpha by GeMo enabled
    04:43:23 [INFO] [ClayGen] Loading ClayGen v1.5.2.
    04:43:23 [INFO] ClayGen version 1.5.2 is enabled!
    04:43:23 [INFO] [ColorMe] Loading ColorMe v2.4.1.
    04:43:23 [INFO] [ColorMe] v2.4.1 has been enabled.
    04:43:23 [INFO] [FalseBookBlock] Loading FalseBookBlock v0.91alpha.
    04:43:23 [INFO] [ FalseBook Block ] No Books loaded!
    04:43:23 [INFO] [ FalseBook Block ] No Cauldrons loaded!
    04:43:23 [INFO] [ FalseBook Block ] FalseBookBlock v0.91alpha by GeMo enabled
    04:43:23 [INFO] [EnderPearlDisable] Loading EnderPearlDisable v1.0.
    04:43:23 [INFO] Ender Pearl TP blocking enabled.
    04:43:23 [INFO] [ChannelChat] Loading ChannelChat v0.5.2 Beta.
    04:43:23 [INFO] ChannelChat v0.5.2 Beta enabled
    04:43:23 [INFO] [Orebfuscator] Loading Orebfuscator v1.2.9_1.
    04:43:23 [INFO] [Orebfuscator] Spout and OrebfuscatorSpoutBridge found, using Spout mode.
    04:43:24 [INFO] [Orebfuscator] Version 1.2.9_1 enabled!
    04:43:24 [INFO] [BlockCrusher] Loading BlockCrusher v1.5.
    04:43:24 [INFO] [BlockCrusher version: 1.5] - config.yml loaded.
    04:43:24 [INFO] [BlockCrusher version: 1.5] - Enabled
    04:43:24 [INFO] [Courier] Loading Courier v1.0.0.
    04:43:24 [INFO] [Courier] Courier version v1.0.0 is enabled!
    04:43:24 [INFO] [VehicleExit] Loading VehicleExit v0.1.
    04:43:24 [INFO] VehicleExit started.
    04:43:24 [INFO] [FalseBookCart] Loading FalseBookCart v0.91alpha.
    04:43:24 [INFO] FalseBookCart v0.91alpha by GeMo enabled
    04:43:24 [INFO] [WorldEdit] Loading WorldEdit v5.1.
    04:43:24 [INFO] WorldEdit 5.1 enabled.
    04:43:24 [INFO] WEPIF: Using the Bukkit Permissions API.
    04:43:24 [INFO] WEPIF: Using the Bukkit Permissions API.
    04:43:24 [INFO] [CFBanner] Loading CFBanner v1.9.3.
    04:43:24 [INFO] [CFBanner] CFBanner has been enabled!
    04:43:24 [INFO] [CFBanner] Permissions found. Using Permissions v2.7.7
    04:43:24 [INFO] [CFBanner] 1.9.3 loaded!
    04:43:24 [INFO] [IgnoreChat] Loading IgnoreChat v1.1.
    04:43:24 [INFO] [IgnoreChat] Enabled
    04:43:24 [INFO] [mcMMO] Loading mcMMO v1.2.07.
    04:43:24 [INFO] [mcMMO] PermissionsEx found, using PermissionsEx.
    04:43:24 [INFO] Loading Config File...
    04:43:26 [INFO] mcMMO version 1.2.07 is enabled!
    04:43:26 [INFO] [FalseBookIC] Loading FalseBookIC v0.91alpha.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [ FalseBook IC ] FalseBookIC v0.91alpha by GeMo enabled
    04:43:26 [INFO] [WorldGuard] Loading WorldGuard v5.4.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WEPIF: Using the Bukkit Permissions API.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world) Single session is enforced.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world) TNT ignition is PERMITTED.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world) Lighters are PERMITTED.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world) Lava fire is PERMITTED.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world) Fire spread is UNRESTRICTED.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: Loaded configuration for world 'world"
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world_nether) Single session is enforced.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world_nether) TNT ignition is PERMITTED.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world_nether) Lighters are PERMITTED.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world_nether) Lava fire is PERMITTED.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world_nether) Fire spread is UNRESTRICTED.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: Loaded configuration for world 'world_nether"
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world_the_end) Single session is enforced.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world_the_end) TNT ignition is PERMITTED.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world_the_end) Lighters are PERMITTED.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world_the_end) Lava fire is PERMITTED.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: (world_the_end) Fire spread is UNRESTRICTED.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: Loaded configuration for world 'world_the_end"
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: 3 regions loaded for 'world'
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: 0 regions loaded for 'world_nether'
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard: 0 regions loaded for 'world_the_end'
    04:43:26 [INFO] WorldGuard 5.4 enabled.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [Lumberjack] Loading Lumberjack v1.0.1v1.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [Lumberjack] version 1.0.1v1 enabled!
    04:43:26 [INFO] [PermissionsEx] Loading PermissionsEx v1.17.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [PermissionsEx] Superperms support enabled.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [PermissionsEx] v1.17 enabled
    04:43:26 [INFO] WEPIF: PermissionsEx detected! Using PermissionsEx for permissions.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [Vault][Permission] PermissionsEx hooked.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [Vault][Permission] PermissionsEx_Chat hooked.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [CombatTag] Loading CombatTag v3.5.
    04:43:26 [INFO] Reached end of stream
    04:43:26 [INFO] [CombatTag] has loaded with a tag time of 10 seconds
    04:43:26 [INFO] [OrebfuscatorSpoutBridge] Loading OrebfuscatorSpoutBridge v1.0.2.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [OrebfuscatorSpoutBridge] Spout found, using Spout.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [OrebfuscatorSpoutBridge] version 1.0.2 initialization complete!
    04:43:26 [INFO] [Permissions] Loading Permissions v2.7.7.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [PermissionsCompat] Compatibility layer enabled.
    04:43:26 [INFO] WEPIF: PermissionsEx detected! Using PermissionsEx for permissions.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [CreativeGates] Loading CreativeGates v1.3.2.
    04:43:26 [INFO] [CreativeGates v1.3.2] === ENABLE START ===
    04:43:26 [INFO] [CreativeGates v1.3.2] Will use this plugin for permissions: PermissionsEx v1.17
    04:43:26 [INFO] [CreativeGates v1.3.2] === ENABLE DONE (Took 203ms) ===
    04:43:26 [INFO] [Heroes] Loading Heroes v1.4.2-b000.
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Sorcerer
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Arcanist
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Archer
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Crusader
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Adept
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Slayer
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Woodsman
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Cleric
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Assassin
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Barbarian
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Executioner
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Stalker
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Butcher
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Warrior
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Thug
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Bruiser
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Seer
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Brawler
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Neophyte
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Default class found: Citizen
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Citizen
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Thaumaturge
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Murderer
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Necromancer
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Officer
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Summoner
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Beggar
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Human
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Merchant
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Initiate
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Beserker
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Ranger
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Paladin
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Ardent
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Apprentice
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Scout
    04:43:27 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Cadet
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Hunter
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Wizard
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Fighter
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Soothsayer
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Occultist
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Thief
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Illusionist
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Soldier
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Warden
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Magician
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Rogue
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Mage
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Guard
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Scrapper
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Vagrant
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Mystic
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] Loaded class: Warlock
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Heroes] version 1.4.2-b000 is enabled!
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Factions] Loading Factions v1.6.3.
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.3] === ENABLE START ===
    04:43:28 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.3] Will use this plugin for permissions: PermissionsEx v1.17
    04:43:29 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.3] Loading board from disk
    04:43:29 [INFO] [Factions v1.6.3] Found and will use features of Spout v701
    04:43:29 [SEVERE] Error occurred while enabling Factions v1.6.3 (Is it up to date?): null
    at com.massivecraft.factions.integration.Econ.doSetup(Econ.java:44)
    at com.massivecraft.factions.P.onEnable(P.java:98)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:231)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:1059)
    at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:253)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.loadPlugin(CraftServer.java:191)
    at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.enablePlugins(CraftServer.java:174)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.t(MinecraftServer.java:356)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:343)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.init(MinecraftServer.java:175)
    at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:407)
    at net.minecraft.server.ThreadServerApplication.run(SourceFile:465)
    04:43:29 [INFO] [BarterSigns] Loading BarterSigns v1.2.4.
    04:43:29 [INFO] BarterSigns 1.2.4 enabled.
    04:43:29 [INFO] Server permissions file permissions.yml is empty, ignoring it
    04:43:30 [INFO] Done (7.566s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    04:43:30 [INFO] [ FalseBook Block ] 0 Areas loaded.
    04:43:30 [INFO] [ FalseBook Block ] 0 Bridges successfully loaded.
    04:43:30 [INFO] [ FalseBook Block ] 0 Doors successfully loaded.
    04:43:30 [INFO] [ FalseBook Block ] 49 protected gateblocks successfully loaded.
    04:43:33 [INFO] [ FalseBook IC ] Loaded selftriggered ICs: 1 done
    04:43:33 [INFO] [ FalseBook IC ] Failed selftriggered ICs: 0 failed

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