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    I can´t use economy i have the plugins: Factions,Essentials,Heroes,Groupmanager,Register And it doesn´t work Why?

    "baseCommandAliases": [
    "allowNoSlashCommand": true,
    "colorMember": "GREEN",
    "colorAlly": "LIGHT_PURPLE",
    "colorNeutral": "WHITE",
    "colorEnemy": "RED",
    "colorPeaceful": "GOLD",
    "colorWar": "DARK_RED",
    "powerPlayerMax": 10.0,
    "powerPlayerMin": -10.0,
    "powerPerMinute": 0.2,
    "powerPerDeath": 4.0,
    "powerRegenOffline": false,
    "powerOfflineLossPerDay": 0.0,
    "powerOfflineLossLimit": 0.0,
    "powerFactionMax": 0.0,
    "prefixAdmin": "**",
    "prefixMod": "*",
    "factionTagLengthMin": 3,
    "factionTagLengthMax": 10,
    "factionTagForceUpperCase": false,
    "newFactionsDefaultOpen": false,
    "newPlayerStartingFactionID": "0",
    "showMapFactionKey": true,
    "showNeutralFactionsOnMap": true,
    "showEnemyFactionsOnMap": true,
    "canLeaveWithNegativePower": true,
    "factionOnlyChat": true,
    "chatTagEnabled": true,
    "chatTagRelationColored": true,
    "chatTagReplaceString": "{FACTION}",
    "chatTagInsertAfterString": "",
    "chatTagInsertBeforeString": "",
    "chatTagInsertIndex": 1,
    "chatTagPadBefore": false,
    "chatTagPadAfter": true,
    "chatTagFormat": "%s§f",
    "factionChatFormat": "%s:§f %s",
    "allianceChatFormat": "§d%s:§f %s",
    "autoLeaveAfterDaysOfInactivity": 10.0,
    "worldGuardChecking": false,
    "logFactionCreate": true,
    "logFactionDisband": true,
    "logFactionJoin": true,
    "logFactionKick": true,
    "logFactionLeave": true,
    "logLandClaims": true,
    "logLandUnclaims": true,
    "logMoneyTransactions": true,
    "homesEnabled": true,
    "homesMustBeInClaimedTerritory": true,
    "homesTeleportToOnDeath": true,
    "homesRespawnFromNoPowerLossWorlds": true,
    "homesTeleportCommandEnabled": true,
    "homesTeleportCommandSmokeEffectEnabled": true,
    "homesTeleportCommandSmokeEffectThickness": 3.0,
    "homesTeleportAllowedFromEnemyTerritory": true,
    "homesTeleportAllowedFromDifferentWorld": true,
    "homesTeleportAllowedEnemyDistance": 32.0,
    "homesTeleportIgnoreEnemiesIfInOwnTerritory": true,
    "disablePVPBetweenNeutralFactions": false,
    "disablePVPForFactionlessPlayers": false,
    "enablePVPAgainstFactionlessInAttackersLand": false,
    "noPVPDamageToOthersForXSecondsAfterLogin": 3,
    "peacefulTerritoryDisablePVP": true,
    "peacefulTerritoryDisableMonsters": false,
    "peacefulMembersDisablePowerLoss": true,
    "claimsMustBeConnected": false,
    "claimsCanBeUnconnectedIfOwnedByOtherFaction": true,
    "claimsRequireMinFactionMembers": 1,
    "considerFactionsReallyOfflineAfterXMinutes": 0.0,
    "actionDeniedPainAmount": 1,
    "territoryNeutralDenyCommands": [],
    "territoryEnemyDenyCommands": [
    "territoryShieldFactor": 0.3,
    "territoryDenyBuild": true,
    "territoryDenyBuildWhenOffline": true,
    "territoryPainBuild": false,
    "territoryPainBuildWhenOffline": false,
    "territoryDenyUseage": true,
    "territoryEnemyDenyBuild": true,
    "territoryEnemyDenyBuildWhenOffline": true,
    "territoryEnemyPainBuild": false,
    "territoryEnemyPainBuildWhenOffline": false,
    "territoryEnemyDenyUseage": true,
    "territoryEnemyProtectMaterials": true,
    "territoryAllyDenyBuild": true,
    "territoryAllyDenyBuildWhenOffline": true,
    "territoryAllyPainBuild": false,
    "territoryAllyPainBuildWhenOffline": false,
    "territoryAllyDenyUseage": true,
    "territoryAllyProtectMaterials": true,
    "territoryBlockCreepers": false,
    "territoryBlockCreepersWhenOffline": false,
    "territoryBlockFireballs": false,
    "territoryBlockFireballsWhenOffline": false,
    "territoryBlockTNT": false,
    "territoryBlockTNTWhenOffline": false,
    "territoryDenyEndermanBlocks": true,
    "territoryDenyEndermanBlocksWhenOffline": true,
    "safeZoneDenyBuild": true,
    "safeZoneDenyUseage": true,
    "safeZoneBlockTNT": true,
    "safeZonePreventAllDamageToPlayers": false,
    "safeZoneDenyEndermanBlocks": true,
    "warZoneDenyBuild": true,
    "warZoneDenyUseage": true,
    "warZoneBlockCreepers": false,
    "warZoneBlockFireballs": false,
    "warZoneBlockTNT": true,
    "warZonePowerLoss": true,
    "warZoneFriendlyFire": false,
    "warZoneDenyEndermanBlocks": true,
    "wildernessDenyBuild": false,
    "wildernessDenyUseage": false,
    "wildernessBlockCreepers": false,
    "wildernessBlockFireballs": false,
    "wildernessBlockTNT": false,
    "wildernessPowerLoss": true,
    "wildernessDenyEndermanBlocks": false,
    "ownedAreasEnabled": true,
    "ownedAreasLimitPerFaction": 0,
    "ownedAreasModeratorsCanSet": false,
    "ownedAreaModeratorsBypass": true,
    "ownedAreaDenyBuild": true,
    "ownedAreaPainBuild": false,
    "ownedAreaProtectMaterials": true,
    "ownedAreaDenyUseage": true,
    "ownedLandMessage": "Owner(s): ",
    "publicLandMessage": "Public faction land.",
    "ownedMessageOnBorder": true,
    "ownedMessageInsideTerritory": true,
    "ownedMessageByChunk": false,
    "pistonProtectionThroughDenyBuild": true,
    "territoryProtectedMaterials": [
    "territoryDenyUseageMaterials": [
    "territoryProtectedMaterialsWhenOffline": [
    "territoryDenyUseageMaterialsWhenOffline": [
    "spoutFactionTagsOverNames": true,
    "spoutFactionTitlesOverNames": true,
    "spoutFactionAdminCapes": true,
    "spoutFactionModeratorCapes": true,
    "spoutTerritoryDisplayPosition": 3,
    "spoutTerritoryDisplaySize": 1.0,
    "spoutTerritoryDisplayShowDescription": true,
    "spoutTerritoryOwnersShow": true,
    "spoutTerritoryNoticeShow": true,
    "spoutTerritoryNoticeTop": 40,
    "spoutTerritoryNoticeShowDescription": false,
    "spoutTerritoryNoticeSize": 1.5,
    "spoutTerritoryNoticeLeaveAfterSeconds": 2.0,
    "capeAlly": "https://github.com/MassiveCraft/Factions/raw/master/capes/ally.png",
    "capeEnemy": "https://github.com/MassiveCraft/Factions/raw/master/capes/enemy.png",
    "capeMember": "https://github.com/MassiveCraft/Factions/raw/master/capes/member.png",
    "capeNeutral": "https://github.com/MassiveCraft/Factions/raw/master/capes/neutral.png",
    "capePeaceful": "https://github.com/MassiveCraft/Factions/raw/master/capes/peaceful.png",
    "econEnabled": true,
    "econUniverseAccount": "",
    "econCostClaimWilderness": 30.0,
    "econCostClaimFromFactionBonus": 30.0,
    "econClaimAdditionalMultiplier": 0.5,
    "econClaimRefundMultiplier": 0.7,
    "econCostCreate": 100.0,
    "econCostOwner": 15.0,
    "econCostSethome": 30.0,
    "econCostJoin": 0.0,
    "econCostLeave": 0.0,
    "econCostKick": 0.0,
    "econCostInvite": 0.0,
    "econCostHome": 0.0,
    "econCostTag": 0.0,
    "econCostDesc": 0.0,
    "econCostTitle": 0.0,
    "econCostList": 0.0,
    "econCostMap": 0.0,
    "econCostPower": 0.0,
    "econCostShow": 0.0,
    "econCostOpen": 0.0,
    "econCostAlly": 0.0,
    "econCostEnemy": 0.0,
    "econCostNeutral": 0.0,
    "econCostNoBoom": 0.0,
    "bankEnabled": true,
    "bankMembersCanWithdraw": false,
    "bankFactionPaysCosts": true,
    "bankFactionPaysLandCosts": true,
    "worldsNoClaiming": [],
    "worldsNoPowerLoss": [],
    "worldsIgnorePvP": [],
    "worldsNoWildernessProtection": []
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    when using multiple worlds is it possible to set certain worlds as safe zones?
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    Great! New version! Sadly, the repository is for 1.7 version, which is half-done. Ive gotta integrate AuthDB into factions (Right now players are still able to execute faction cmds before logging in), but unable to do so, as for I cant properly decompile your plugin. (Netbeans gives me different errors at different parts of code after decompiling with javadecompile). The economy not working is a very big problem too (ill try to recompile with latest bukkit though).
    Awaitong for fixes ;D
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    Interesting, we updated from 1.6.1 to 1.6.2 and all the claimed lands have been wiped...
    Also, /f doesnt work anymore for some reason
    Also, downgraded back and the claimed lands are gone...
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    could i suggest a faction level feature in the new version? :)
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    Anyone ? Any suggestions ? If i upgrade to iconomy 6 then i wont be able to use Votifier
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    @Massimo1993 Read the userguide carefully regarding how Factions handles chat, those settings in particular.
    @Gritania Read the link above. In your case, you at the very least need to change “chatTagInsertIndex” to something else.

    You clearly have "homesTeleportCommandSmokeEffectEnabled" enabled. Based on the error, I'm guessing you were using /f home in one world while the faction home is in another world? It looks like it, in which case we'll need to fix that.

    This is you, right? Please continue over there.

    What shows up at the start of your server log regarding Register where it shows plugins loading?

    I don't know. For starters, can you provide more details than "it doesn't work"? Do you get a message? What shows up in the server log?

    I've just created a 1.6.x branch which is up-to-date with the changes in 1.6.2, so you should be able to reference that.

    We support disabling certain Factions features in specific worlds, but we have no way of making a "safezone world". In a future release you might be able to use the returning radius claim method to claim a massive safezone, but I'm not sure how well that would work.

    There should have been something output to your server log/console when you started it up. That info would be useful for determining what went wrong. Almost certainly a messed up JSON file, probably from being manually edited.

    You'd have to provide more details for that to make any sense.
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    Brettflan, when i start the server, i get this message:
    20.12 17:27:36 [Server] INFO [Register] Payment method found (iConomy version: 5)
    I dont get any errors, regarding the loading of plugins.
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    Regarding faction levels,

    I was thinking maybe factions could have a leveling-system based on 'x'
    where 'x' could be like:
    -total player / mob kills by all members of the faction
    -total blocks broken?
    -amount of seeds farmed?

    This would then give factions a level which then gives them benefits such as:
    -/f tpall -teleports all faction members to leader (so they could raid all at once)
    - more power/capacity
    - faction bank money interest rate

    I think this would be a really great improvement.
    But this might be too complicated to do.
    How about it? :D

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    @Brettflan can you make a NO DELOG system?, there is a plugin that if you delog you get replaced by a NPC temporary, I think you can add this to Factions, if someone is X blocks near to an enemy or is being atacked, if he delogs he get an NPC with the same LIFE, if the NPC gets killed he drops the inventory of the guy... when the guy logs in he lose his inventory and is set to die. THIS would make PvP factions really more awesome, I hate people just delog :/
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    @migsthegod - good idea!
    i think about Faction leveling but little in diffirent way.

    in iConomy add new parameter
    "econUpgreadeFaction" : example 5000
    "econUpgreadeFactionMultiplier": 0.5 (next level of upgreade)

    When leader spend money on upgreade "FORTYFICATION",
    Hi can take bonus to faction for any upgreade (bonuses can stack)
    example bonuses:
    : +0.1 to territoryShieldFactor
    : negative aura -1 HP to enemy on XX second when hi is on faction territory
    : +1 Str to hit enemy or mobs on territory
    : add 50% more Faction Power to Claim additional teritory
    : can set local faction parameters for his faction, like:
    its a good way to more expand and improvment this (now) very good plugin (is my favored).

    And remember about:
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    Amazing Idea but the work is A LOT, it totally changes the Factions Programming system, so better ask this like for 2.0 xD
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    Here's my current conf.json.
    Im have trouble with the chat. Here is what I want
    Im using Essentials Chat

    Faction name is Nova

    Here is what shows up in chat now: aNova 5[Builder] Killer_Klownz: Ok

    (In faction)Here is what I WANT it to say: Nova [Builder] Killer_Klownz: Ok
    (Not in faction): [Builder] Killer_Klownz: Ok
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    i found some strange things!
    1. FIRST When i prepare conf.json file anytime when server is down this config is changed. Example:
    before server down:

    2. second bad thing is auto rewrite conf.json when make in him any error.
    (i forgot coma, or write bad value)
    i write :
    as you see i forgot coma after: "wildernessDenyBuild": false

    on console when i start serwer i have error:

    now i stop serwer and.... my:
    file was default setting after stop serwer !!!!!
    And i lost any my settings and i must make all from begining :( all factions, all settings all lost !!!!

    IMHO default values should be given to files:

    only if that file(s) not exist (to any file individually)!
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    How do i disable Claiming Land and setting homes? Cause i dont want people claiming land since i have a prison server
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    21.12 12:26:37 [Server] INFO [Factions v1.6.1] === ENABLE DONE (Took 131ms) ===
    21.12 12:26:37 [Server] INFO [Factions v1.6.1] NOTE: Economy is disabled. Enable in conf "econEnabled": true
    21.12 12:26:37 [Server] INFO [Factions v1.6.1] Economy integration through Register plugin successful.
    21.12 12:26:37 [Server] INFO [Factions v1.6.1] Loading board from disk
    21.12 12:26:37 [Server] INFO [Factions v1.6.1] Will use this plugin for permissions: PermissionsEx v1.17
    21.12 12:26:37 [Server] INFO [Factions v1.6.1] === ENABLE START ===

    had the same problem with 1.6.2
    in my conf i have ecoEnabled: true,

    e/ found a problem:
    if i change econenabled:true and save the file, after restarting the server its automatically back to false
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    First try stop server and next save conf.json file and run server again. Don't change any option when server runing.

    Try set permission. all info about any permission is here:
    permission to factions.claim – claim the land where you are standing
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    It is possible to disable the cape function? because i use spoutplayer and the cape functionnality of this plugin, but with faction it don't work :/
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    Okay I got it working, one problem tho. Every time i restart the server, all faction homes are reset.
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    I report it :) I lost all faction settings because i make error in config and faction rewrite all files on default.
    I w8 for repair this bug too!
    Now i always make backup factions.json and players.json files before make any changes in conf.json file. If you make something wrong always you can restore faction files :)
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    Could anyone assist me on making a delay for the /f home. It's not fun when you engage in combat and someone just /f homes just before you kill them so if you could add a dely to the teleport or warp like 5 sec's or me set it that would be great. I understand the at war and they need to run 32 blocks but you don't have time to at war the player or if you don't have permissions to set at war for your faction you're kinda screwed. Anyways if anyone could give me a hand at what would need to be added or edit for a 5 sec delay to the teleport I'd appericate it!
  24. hi can someone help me please, im having trouble since i installed the faction plugin, the chat on my console has been hiding names of the players unless they are a mod or admin inside a faction. can someone tell me if there is a way for it to show every ones names please. i noticed this because i watch the console chat and player was showing his name and rank but as soon as they joined a faction, their name stopped showing on the console.

    thanks in advance marsthegod1.
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    How do i make a price to make a faction , i use iconomy.
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    So is there no way to get economy working for factions? As register is inactive and keeps throwing errors what should us essentialseco users do when we use Vault? Could we get an update to support an ACTIVE plugin like vault and throw out register?
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    @MassiveCraft this is being spammed on my console (every some seconds)
    I changed the name of the player for [PLAYER],

    Factions: v1.6.2] Player [PLAYER] was auto-removed due to inactivity.

    The same player has been removed by inactivity like 6 times already xD, is that an error because it cannot access the file or something?
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    There is already a Ticket on BukkitDev for this issue.
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    Didn't know that, thanks for informing :), but they are getting deleted from the factions and is just the spam? or theyu are not getting deleted? :/
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    I got it also and it makes our server lag.
    It spams every x seconds

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