[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by MassiveCraft, May 29, 2011.

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    Is there any way to do safeclaim and warclaim with world edit cause my life would be sooo easier :D
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    dude the new code style on the new factions looks so pro

    cant want to see a release, im already on dev 1.7 :)

    any idea when its gonna be released ?
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    all configuration works perfect but
      "worldsIgnorePvP": [
    is not working for free world
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    Im having a problem with permissions in Factions. I am using PermissionsEX. I have a group named Visitors. here are the things i tried:
    1) gave visitors permission: factions.pariticpate
    2) gave visitors permission: -factions.participate (from what i am told, this is like negative permission, disallowing it)
    3) did not add it at all.
    No matter what my head-admin and i try to do, visitors can still use the faction plugin. the main point of my visitors is an alternative to whitelisting. all they are supposed to be able to do is build.
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    Can somebody help me with this? It is urgent and I can't get it to work
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    Is it possible to have one world with pvpclaims enable and disable them for another world...
    Like a pvp world and a buid world?
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    I just checked the code, and it looks like it's a bit bugged. For now, to fully disable faction banks, you'll need to also disable the individual options like so:
    /f config bankFactionPaysCosts false
    /f config bankFactionPaysLandCosts false

    The error is occurring due to Register failing to create a new bank account for the faction, for reasons not specified by Register (all it indicates back to Factions is whether it succeeded or failed).
    What economy plugin are you using?
    If you want a simple fix which should work, and don't mind disabling faction banks (so that individual players have to pay directly for things), run these commands:
    /f config bankEnabled false
    /f config bankFactionPaysCosts false
    /f config bankFactionPaysLandCosts false

    I'm quite frankly sick and tired of dealing with these bank related issues, particularly since I don't even use any economy plugin myself.

    If you want to simply prevent players from being able to rename their factions at all, you can deny them the factions.tag permission.

    Fair point. I'll change that.

    They do work. However, parent->child permissions do not work; you'll therefore need to grant individual permissions using GroupManager, instead of trying to use our permission kits.

    Beg pardon? The plugin should automatically download gson.jar now with version 1.6.x instead of needing you to manually download it, if that's what you're asking.

    We do see all tickets. For any suggestion tickets that haven't been closed yet, there's a possibility it will eventually be added to the plugin in some form. Posting the suggestion again here won't get it any more attention.

    Sorry, no.

    About the release, I'm waiting to hear back from Olof on the more advanced territory system he wants to use to re-implement ownership, since he completely stripped that feature out while working on 1.7. I'd prefer not to make an official release which removes a major existing feature without any sort of replacement for the functionality it provides. Particularly since I use the ownership feature on my own server.

    That setting makes Factions ignore all PvP damage in the specified world. What is the actual problem you're encountering, in detail?

    "factions.participate" is no longer a valid permission node for Factions. All permissions were re-done for 1.6.x. Please review the list of permissions in the user guide for an up-to-date list.

    Read the user guide for information on multiworld support. In short, though, to prevent claiming in a world you could set it like so:
    /f config worldsNoClaiming YourWorldNameGoesHere
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    I'm using iConomy 6. After further testing by players, for some reason the factions do have a bank that they can send money to and pay with, even though register is giving an error for creating it. Very strange.
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    That linked user guide isn't working(or just not loading on my end), so I can't get the perms in order to get the server working correctly....could someone or you just post them?
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    That one i have read - but then they can't claim at all :( I want them to have the possibility to secure their chests from griefing in the build world too...
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    here is my config:
      "worldsNoClaiming": [
      "worldsNoPowerLoss": [],
      "worldsIgnorePvP": [
      "worldsNoWildernessProtection": [
    im using bpermissions, multiworld, worldguard, worldedit, commandbook, iconomy5, register

    i cant disable ignorepvp for free world but other cfgs works fine
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    Don't know if its just me, but in 1.6.1, the colors for the safe zone, etc. don't work. I'm going back to 1.5.1 now.
    EDIT: Discovered that if you change the tag of the safe zone, the colors won't work. In 1.5.1 and in 1.6.1. Probably built in. Forget my first part ;)
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    The colors work fine for me. But is there any way to speed up the board load times? Takes about a minuet to load them on my server, which isn't really all that great when trying to reload stuff. It is by far the slowest loading plugin I have, everything else is done within 15seconds all together, this one just slows that all down.

    However, kudos for making such a stable plugin! Haven't had any issues with it. Although a cleaner configuration would be nicer maybe, or one with some comments and separation in it. I almost cried when I first opened it. Aside from those 2 things, great plugin! Can't wait to see future versions!
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    Hey recently my server has been crashed and i found the problem..

    So when the command /f list is spammed it crashes the server.

    File Sizes Below

    Board - 51KB
    Conf - 7KB
    Factions - 215KB
    Players - 880KB
    Tags - 1KB

    Please fix this :(

    For now i fixed this by making the cost to do /f list to £999999999 etc....

    Also anti spam plugins don't stop command spam -.- (as far as i know)
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    Please add a section in the config for automatic faction disbanding:
    for example:
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    Sorry about that and thanks, it's good to know that you use the ticket system!
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    Two questions. :)

    1. Is there a way you can implement (with Spout I suppose) the way that people using Spoutcraft see tag of person on TAB screen? Would be really cool! :)

    2. Now more tricky question, is there any way you can implement option that enables you to assign more power to specific faction? What I mean is, let's say we have faction XYZ with cap of power 40 (because they have 4 members, each gives 10), can you by command manually add/subtract it? So I can give this one faction - XYZ (for various purposes) 1 power and their max is now 41, even though they have still 4 members? And additional power is assigned to faction itself, not to the members (and gets lost when disbanding).

    If you would be so kind to implement that 2nd one it would be great. Also I would gladly donate. :) Well after seeing your effort and support of plugin I was thinking about donating anyway, therefore to be fully sincere I will probably do it anyway, but that would be nice feature. ^^
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    Is it possible to enable factions on just certain worlds?
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    shame that it would be soo cool any chance of it being integrated into factions
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    @MassiveCraft @Olof Larsson I'm wondering if it's possible to turn on Friendly Fire inside the faction? Also, would it be possible to have a Faction still be considered offline and cannot be killed or get killed in PvP if they don't have x amount of players online?
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    Maybe it was briefly down. It's up now. If you can't see it there, check our changelog. The entire new permission list is in the release notes there as well.

    Sorry, you can only enable or disable all claiming for any particular world. I'm not sure what sort of system you're envisioning, but nothing like that is currently planned.

    I still don't understand what problem you are having. Please provide more details about the actual problem itself. "i cant disable ignorepvp for free world" doesn't make sense to me. It sounds like you're saying you can't remove the world from that setting, but that doesn't really make sense. Details and clarity are needed. What are you doing? What are you expecting to happen, that does not seem to be happening correctly?

    1. The more players it has to store information for, the slower it will load. People kicked by the "autoLeaveAfterDaysOfInactivity" setting will also be removed, so if you set that to a really long interval it will cause further slowdown. There will be further improvement in future releases.
    2. More info on the various settings is available on the Configuration page of the user guide.

    @House1234 Similar to above, it's down to the number of stored players. Further improvement may also be done for commands that need to look up player info like that.
    By the way, if anyone is spamming that command deliberately knowing that it causes problems on your server, personally, I'd ban them.

    @BooGaLoo90 Factions are only disbanded automatically when they have no more members.

    1. That would probably make their name too long in the listing. I'd considered maybe changing the color of their name based on relation anyway, but that would be likely to conflict with other plugins which do the same based on user group.
    2. Well, you can already set a permanent power level for any faction using /f permanentpower. Not exactly what you're after, but similar.

    Various features can be disabled on specific worlds. Read the user guide.

    1. Should be possible in a future release.
    2. Not currently planned.
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    An issue with us smaller and less active servers is that 1 faction could have 6 people online and the other would only have 2. The "still considered offline and no PvP allowed" makes it possible to balance the wars between these low players vs high players factions.
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    Idk if this a problem with anyone else but when i put the things i want in the config folder and i restart the server it all reloads to regular factors. Plz fix and respond
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    I say the ignorepvp setting do not work another world.

    my plugins: multiworld, bpermissions, commandbook, factions, xauth, worldguard, worldedit, falsebook, iconomy

    and i cant use /f safe /f war command

    what does not understand ?
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    are you trying to make safe zones and things like that?
    the command is /f claim safezon eand /f claim warzone
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    Couple issues.
    a) How can I disable mobs inside faction land.
    b) I had to set full permissions: http://pastebin.com/GSbQnWxz
    because your factions.kit.BLAH didnt work..

    Also: Ingame the name is THIS:
    **NerdHerd [Owner] Sayshal: MESSAGE
    How can I get it to be...
    [**NerdHerd] [Owner] Sayshal: MESSAGE

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    ok, i just downloaded factions and whenever i say something in my server i get this


    why does it say what i said 2x?

    and when i create a faction it says:

    <**[My faction] brettsalyer>- hi

    any help?
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    But then a couple of factions which each have 2 players online who want to fight won't be able to. Generally speaking, it's a difficult matter trying to balance things while not causing more problems or opening up new exploits with any given "fix".

    Read the Configuration page of the user guide, which covers that sort of problem.

    I've tested it myself and have also looked through the related code and found no problems. So, without more info than "it doesn't work" I can't help you. Tell me what you're expecting it to do, and what it's doing or not doing for you. I'm getting the distinct impression that you just don't understand what it's supposed to do (namely, have Factions completely ignore PvP damage in the specified world).

    A. Not currently possible expect with Peaceful factions through a setting. However, it should be possible in a future release.
    B. The kits are there, though many permission plugins apparently don't properly support (or just have problems with) parent->child superperm permissions.

    Depends on what chat plugin you're using. The Configuration page of the user guide covers how Factions handles chat on its end.

    I'd guess you have some other chat plugin which is ignoring or changing the "cancelled" status of chat events for whatever reason.
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    hey your plugin is epic i just have some ideas for the plugin can you add a chest protector kinda like lokkete search it up in the pluggins so people cant just join your faction just to steal your stuff and can you also add a jail system where you can jail ur faction members for like griefing in your faction base or stealing faction items but you only can jail ppl in your faction. i hope you take time to read my ideas and add them to the pluggin buy thx in advance :)

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