[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    Nice Plugin:D
    Add some new tools
    like Chain With Golwstone,redstone,Feather That Will Be Over power plugin!
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    You could set the faction as permanent, if nothing else. There's no way currently to exempt certain people from the auto-kick routine.

    Should normally be taken care of for Peaceful factions, and they can enable/disable TNT explosions in their territory. What problem are you having?

    Your log data appears to be reversed, but those two lines above in your log should answer you question.

    So far, only peaceful factions can optionally have mob protection in their land. I have no current plans for adding some additional method for setting it on other faction land, though.
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    My config file resets each time I restart my server. Any solutions?
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    people can grief peaceful factions. theres no errors from my console.
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    I can not get the plugins to work with a plugin called LocalChat. Can you help me with this
  6. posible implemented not drop in warzone? :D
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    How would I make it so boats can't be used in another factions land? I have added BOAT to the list but it does not seem to stop it.
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    you cant. you can even place boats in world guard regions.
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    Well that is disappointing as people use it to glitch through walls.
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    yeah.. i dont really think theres anything you can do about that.. it happens on my server all the time.

    well you havent tried. you never know until you try.

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    Is there a way of changing the name of the file, so instead of it being called factions its called Societies and instead of typing /f it is /s
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    Updated to CB1240, Factions 1240, and Spout 1240. The names of players lost their colors indicating their allied/enemy status for those who use the Spoutcraft Client.

    I'd assume it's not an error with Spout, as rolling Spout back to 1185, still gives no colors above names. Though I am a noob when it comes to all of this.

    Anyone else get this error?
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    Is there a way, when PvP within a Faction is disabled, to enable it in a certain area?

    For example, Im in Faction Dragons and I enter a said arena. Would I be able to make it so I could damage other people in the Faction Dragons within that area but outside I cannot?
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    have you tried using world guard and settnig region flag pvp to allow?
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    wont Factions just over-ride that with clan-wide Disabled?

    Havent tried it yet though.
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    can you please add support for permissionsbukkit 1.2 ? Its a popular permissions system i believe so im surprised its not in the list :( i wont be able to use this plugin without support for permissionsbukkit. It would take me too long to switch over to a different system and change all the plugins permissions around. I would greatly appreciate support for permissions bukkit ^_^

    this one: http://forums.bukkit.org/threads/ad...-groups-plugin-1240.26785/page-36#post-609096
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    Some factions are being deleted upon server restart. Anyone have any idea why?
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    Is there a way to make it so that players cant join any faction they want? So they need permissions from the faction owner to join a faction?
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    Is it possible to adjust the min power amount needed to claim a chunk?
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    Endermen are ignoring the safezone and spawning in it, bug ?
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    Could you add multiworld support ? Because I'd like to play adventure map without lose power when I die. And when I play the normal map, I can lose power when I die
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    Read the configuration page of the user manual, it addresses your problem.

    Without more info (details, details, details), I can't help you.

    What problem? Details.


    You tried adding that to "territoryDenyUseageMaterials" as well, and that didn't work either? Not sure, then.

    Not currently, no.

    War zones, and /f config warZoneFriendlyFire true.

    PermissionsBukkit works based on the built in Bukkit "superperms" permission system, which Factions does support. If you're having problems, please provide details.

    Auto-kick routine ("autoLeaveAfterDaysOfInactivity" which is normally 14 days) left the faction in question with no viable admin replacement, probably.

    /f config newFactionsDefaultOpen false, and/or have existing factions close their factions so invitation is required (/f close, then for inviting people /f invite).

    Answered in one of the other 2 places you posted your question.

    The no-spawn list wasn't updated yet to prevent new monsters from spawning in safe zones, it is updated for the next release.

    Read the user guide, it discusses the built-in multiworld support.

    The next stable release might take a little while, by the way. Olof has done some major reworking of the entire codebase to include his MassiveCraftCore, so we have some bug testing ahead. I'll probably release a beta for wider testing after we've found everything that's obvious. If so, it will definitely be a beta, though, so not really intended for live servers unless your players enjoy being guinea pigs.

    Oh, another quick by-the-way: you probably shouldn't use the new RB 1317, it has errors on shutdown. Use CB 1318 instead which fixes that. Not sure if/when they're going to update the RB status.

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    Good to know the RB made ton of exception errors on a lot of plugins tho, I think I am just going to not bother until 1.9 ;). No one is on my server right now anyway as we are working on a super duper new server for 1.9.
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    @Brettflan i take it this new Bukkit RB didn't fix the chests and doors being accessible...

    Also might i suggest this instead:
    1. Admin Command like /f addadmin Name Faction
    2. Admin Command like /f addmod Name Faction
    Note: Because if you use /f kick player it doesn't matter if their mod or admin and will not select one for you, and they will be without an Admin and or Mod, making their faction broken.
    3. Admin Command like /f addmember Name Faction
    Note: To forcefully add a person or yourself to that faction being the admin to locate their F home, keep an eye on them.

    Thanks for reading.
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    First of all, I'd like to congratulate you on creating this awesome plugin! I've really enjoyed it so far, but I have recently found a little problem: the plugin is nerfing my TNT. Is there any way I can disable it?

    Best Regards,
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    If you are in one faction then you can not write ! so the write to the whole world
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    I read the full user guide but can't seem to find info on faction max power. I have it set to 100 but even on power loss the factions are not going below 100.
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    Rofl Disney

    How come when I put this plugins .jar in my folder and type any commands for it it dosent say 'invalid command'
    and dosen't work. Nothing happens, please help!
  30. Can you make it so when a player enters a faction claimed area or wilderness it would display somewhere else on the screen? I know you can do this spout and also make an option in the config to disable the display of it in chat.

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