[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    What I nice plugin!

    Could you add a new /f info command.
    So you can set a longer description/info about a faction, besides the small description when entering the area.
    People could write more detailed information about faction there, etc.

    Would be nice =)

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    How do you set Pvp In enemy territory to true? and what is it called for I cannot find the line of code for PvP in other factions to being true?

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    new one: Yeah, that's an oversight. I'll add it to the list of stuff to fix.
    old one: The redstone torch placement event is cancelled by Factions. If it still triggers redstone power, that's a Bukkit bug which I can do nothing about.

    Update your CraftBukkit, it needs to at least be RB 1000 (though you should probably be using the newer RB 1060).

    Huh? If faction are considered enemies (/f enemy [otherFaction]), PvP is possible in enemy territory. You do decreased damage, it does work.

    What problem are you having with downloading it from GitHub?

    Without more info (such as an error message, preferably one sent to the console or error log if there is one), no.

    Hmm. Not a bad idea. I'll toss it in the "maybe some day" pile. It would practically require database support, so I'm not in a hurry here.

    There are 4 configuration options starting with "worlds". The user guide might be of assistance.

    There is /f who [name] to get various info, though long detailed descriptions aren't currently possible or planned.
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    hi, i have Authme on my server, normaly, when ppl connect on the server, they need to do /login to connect and we CANT talk. Whit Faction, i have a problem, member can talk whitout doing /login. ill like to know if there a way to fix this probleme, if yes answer me, if not i will delete the plugin Faction.

    thanks you.
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    It sounds like AuthMe is loading after Factions in your case, and the relation-colored faction tags added to chat by necessity prevent any later plugins from altering or cancelling chat events. The solution would be to add AuthMe to the softdepend list. I'll add that in the next release.
    In the meantime, try this. Open the Factions.jar file in 7-Zip, WinZip, WinRAR, or some other archive handling software. Extract plugin.yml, and open it in a text editor (Notepad, or whatever). Under "softdepend:", add a new line (mind the spacing which needs to be exact):
      - AuthMe
    Save that file and stick it back in Factions.jar, overwriting the original.
    That should take care of it.
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    When I try to attack someone in their territory it only says "Can't hurt USER in their own territory"

    how do I set it off?
    so I can attack someone in their territory?

    Even if they're an enemy it still won't work...
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    You get that message if they're neutral. You need to declare their faction as an enemy (/f enemy [theirFactionTag]), you can hurt them in their own territory then. Unless you've set "territoryShieldFactor" too high, anyway. That value defaults to 0.3, which is effectively 30% less damage (70% gets through). If you have it at 0.5 or higher and they are wearing armor, you'll definitely have trouble hurting them. If it's at 0.7 or higher, you might have trouble doing any damage to them even if they're wearing no armor.
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    I downloaded factions, Put it in my Plugin directory, It works fine, But,
    I can't edit the Confs or what ever the name was >.>

    I stop the server, edit the confs in the Factions folder and when i start the server i get this:

    [INFO] [Factions v1.4.7] iConomy hook available, but disabled ("econIConomyEnabled": false).
    Even though in the Confs i have
    The Iconomy Eco on: Enabled

    The confs just re sets to default.
    Why is it doing this
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    Thank you for your answer about that bug :)
    Now I have to tell you that I admire your patience with ppl that asking (always answered) questions before searching :) .. this laziness blowing my mind
    so again thak you for so much fun gave us by your plugin :)
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    is there any way to block "non-slashed" commands? I have installed Jail plugin which has configurable list of blocked commands for jailed players but only commands with / are recognized. Any ideas?
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    Could you, at least, add some ingame statistics? :)
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    READ before asking!!! please

    what do you mean? /f who <tag> isn't enough?
    or you mean ane ladder ?
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    Yeah, now i feel offended. I'm pretty sure that i know by heart all the documentation for Factions. I searched many keywords in this thread, especially "jail", "slash", "command". Please don't trat me like a troll.
    Maybe i just missed some important info in one of hundreds post above...
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    Yes ladder. Who has the most land? Who has the most wealth? Most diamonds combined.. etc.
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    When i reload my server, My factions config doesn't update/load.
    For instance factionTagLengthMin": 3 i changed it to factionTagLengthMin": 1, but when i reload the server, it doesn't take effect in-game and when i open up the config it still says factionTagLengthMin": 3.

    Is this a bug or is there an 'reloading' command?
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    Can i select safe area whit a wand or something like that ?
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    /f reload *[file] – Reload all data from disk, or only data in specific files (available files: board, conf, factions, players)

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    Unfortunately, it did not work. Can you send me the file faction.jar ?
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    Hello !

    I'm creating a PVP server and I installed your plug-in. I'm the op of the server and I tried to do /f create King but "they" told me that I lack the permissions to create a fonction. I also tried /factions.participate !

    Thanks :)
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    hey, Im trying to get this plugin to work but no one has permission to do anything besides me. im using group manager and have added "factions" and "factions.participate" to their permissions. does anyone know why this is happening?
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    can you add ranks to the plugin so players can see what rank there are on :D
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    /f config allowNoSlashCommand false

    I answered basically the same question recently, probably the last page. I'll let you find it.

    outi covered the /f reload command, but I'd also like to add that the /f config [setting] [value] command is also your friend since it changes the setting directly for you and doesn't need a reload of any sort. In your case, it would have been /f config factionTagLengthMin 1 (note that capitalization of the setting name can be ignored if you like). That's of course all covered on the configuration page of the user guide.

    That's not really feasible since it needs to be chunks of 16x16 blocks. You can use /f autosafe and just walk around to claim safe zone chunks, though, or (very very very carefully) specify a radius when using /f safe. For example, /f safe 1 is a 3x3 area centered on the chunk you're standing in, /f safe 2 is a 5x5 area, and so forth).

    Here, available temporarily (just 1.4.7 with that added AuthMe softdepend): http://wimbli.com/minecraft/Factions.jar

    You should probably be using a permission plugin of some sort, but if you truly are an Op (listed in Ops.txt on the server) and you're using at least CraftBukkit RB 1000 on the server, you will be able to use all Factions commands.
    "factions" is not one of the permission nodes. "factions.participate" should allow them to join and take part, and you might want to also add "factions.create" as well. You might double-check the permissions documented in the user guide.

    Ranking by what measure? Anyway, I've already answered regarding statistics above and on the last page.
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    When I restart the server, all of the territories, factions, everything is reset. It really bugs me because I can't go and do some simple config changes without having to go back into the game and reclaim territories and make factions again. Can I get any help? Or is it supposed to be that way? (I doubt it)
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    How do i kick a Faction admin and make me and admin also im an admin of the server
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    Omfg.... don't work... OMG..
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    Look again. You see where it recommends using /f config instead if you still have trouble editing the file? Go on, have a look. It gives plenty of detail on using it.

    Can you paste the startup info from Factions when you started the server up? It should be in your server.log file. That would shed more light on whether it couldn't write the files to disk, or whether it had trouble loading them.

    If you have "factions.disband" permission, you should be able to kick him (/f kick) or disband his faction (/f disband). Setting yourself as admin of another faction is not yet possible.

    Details, details. What problem are you having exactly? Alternately, you could just go ahead and delete Factions like you offered to do earlier.
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    Great plugin! But I have to say that this thread is a nightmare to read.

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