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    Is it possible to change the size of plots to 20by20?
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    How can I make this active only within 1 of my 5 worlds?

    LOL'd @ illustration xD

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    I have thought about the walls problem. What you can do is say people aren't allowed to do it. Give mods tnt rights.
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    No. Minecraft loads in chunks of 16x16x128. This plugin only allows you to claim one of these chunks.

    If you use permissions, you can make it so people only have permission to make towns, claim land, etc. in 1 of your worlds.
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    First of all, excellent plugin.

    I'm also having the issue of not displaying the accurate zone name but if you /f map on, you can see the zone limits. Its a nice temporary fix until the plugin is updated to the new bukkit build.
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    Logan deBC

    I have a problem where my prefix ends up like this:

    a** Presch 6[C]<loganpresch>: textsss
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    Is there any way to stop flowing water and or lava from flowing onto factions land? Pretty annoying when people make lava mountains to get grief bases ><
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    @Brettflan There are no errors ect. But there is definitely an issue with claiming land. I built a base and claimed all the land and had some people test it and they could sometimes destroy stuff and sometimes not. An example would be they say it won't let them destroy stone and then they come back 2 minutes later and they can? No errors but it's really buggy.
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    The problem with the the territory ownership being reported incorrectly as you walk around appears to be cause by a bug in RB 953 where movement events are reporting an incorrect "to" location (looks like it's pointing to the "from" location). So, a workaround fix release (tested briefly and seems to work fine in 953):

    That would take some serious work and it would result in rather odd liquid flow behavior. Best solution: make sure people know not to build anything vulnerable right at the edge of a claimed area.

    Not currently possible or planned.

    Not planned, and it would definitely take a moderate amount of work.

    Just as a reminder to everyone, from the first post:
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    love this plugin though i found a few bugs. You can only use /f autosafe around a faction you've aready created.

    Non player factions for towns
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    Just tested for that and can't duplicate it in 1.3.6. I also glanced through the associated code and can see nothing which would cause that. If you can find a way to reliably duplicate that behavior, please provide further details.

    That's part of what safe zones are for. Or war zones, if you want them to be more dangerous.
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    It works when your already in a faction but when your not in a faction and try to /f autosafe it doesn't give an error nor does it claim wilderness areas. I managed to work around it by puting myself in a faction and claiming area.

    the safe zones only claim parts of land as a safe zone but doesn't claim a plot with the town name etc etc. I wanted to create a town that isn't owned by anyone but people would know the town name when they enter the zone etc etc.

    and im on 1.3.6 as well

    Btw is there a way to charge a player x amount of money when creating a faction and x amount to claim other zones or is that not featured in this plugin.
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    Just curious about fire.
    I've got the default config setup for our factions. Players, whether factionless/enemy or anything can use flint and steel to set fire inside a faction zone.
    I haven't been able to figure out why this is, or how to fix it?
    Players have also been able to open chests in another factions zones. But they can't break blocks or open doors.


    Regarding my note above, I've sorted most of those issues out.
    Is it possible to add a note to the Faction members when someone from outside the Faction enters their zones?

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    Can I ask why you won't add more admin commands? At the moment if i need to kick someone out of a faction I have to go through the tedious process of locking factions, saving, find their entry in the players.conf file, editing it, reloading then unlocking. Considering I have to kick someone out of a faction once every 2 days, its seriously annoying.

    Found a bug - you can dupe TNT and place it in an enemy faction, even if building is disabled. The TNT also destroys chests.

    • Find any source of redstone in their base (level/pressure plate/button)
    • Place the TNT next to it
    • The TNT instantly goes off because of the redstone current
    • Factions then denies the event and gives a TNT block back to the user
    • Repeat to completely destroy an enemy base
    For some reason the tnt destroyed chests too
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    Ah, I was able to confirm that and found the bug causing it. Same thing for war zones as well. Will be fixed in the next release.

    Not planned. That could lead to message spam and the ability to abuse it; imagine a jackass rapidly crossing and re-crossing a claim boundary to spam every member of that faction with "X has entered your territory" messages.

    From the description, that's a CraftBukkit bug which I can't address. The block placement is cancelled, if CraftBukkit then acts otherwise it's all their fault. ;)
    Sounds much like the bug they had related to cancelled placement of redstone torches and redstone wire still briefly powering adjacent squares (opening doors and what-not).
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    Oh. Thats a shame. So its recommended to stay on 1.6 version, because everyone will use this bug :(
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    Tags and colors don't work? Using permissions, bukkit 953
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    Not a bug, a shortcoming. Whenever they make piston events monitorable and cancellable, I'll take another look at it and see if there's a feasible solution. Until then, nothing much I can do.

    Tested, works fine. Unless you're using a chat plugin which does local/channel chat, which has been covered over and over and over again.

    By the way, we should have full integration with EssentialsChat eventually. I've already done the integration for it and it's been committed to the dev branch source. It'll probably be a while before it makes it into the release branch, though.
    Other chat plugins are also welcome to hook into the functions provided by Factions for displaying faction tags.
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    Great plugin. Thanks for your work.

    I just had a player report that he was able to access an offline faction's burning furnace. I checked the furnace and it was accessible while burning but not after it stopped burning. Not sure if this was the intended functionality.
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    I get this error when I try to add factions participate and factions create
    help please >.<
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    Brettflan can u implement iConomy support to add a cost on faction creation? :D
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    This has been asked often and the answer is "not currently planned"
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    I currently have safezonedenyusage set to true, however players are still able to access chests? I haven't tested it with any other items though. Any ideas? I'm using the latest versions of Factions and CraftBukkit.
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    Hmm, not intended. After a little thought, I expect adding "BURNING_FURNACE" to your "territoryProtectedMaterials" and "territoryProtectedMaterialsWhenOffline" lists will take care of it. Can you test that for me? If so, I'll add that to the default configuration.

    That's a problem with Permissions; please post in their thread.

    "DenyUsage" is for preventing items in the player's inventory from being used, such as buckets and flint&steel. See the associated conf.json options. Doors and such are on the "ProtectedMaterials" list. Why would you want to prevent players from using doors and chests in a safe zone?
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    Is it possible for some admin friendly Commands like.
    -Being able to teleport to someone faction Home.
    -Being able to kick a single person out of a faction (Alt accounts)
    -Forcing a player to join a faction.
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    still got a problem with an echo so when i say HI my chat says
    Pirate robo hi
    robo hi
    i do not use a prefixer
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    can you implement faction mod and leader are the only person allowed to build in the territory? because sometimes some new invited members are not trust worthy and allowed them to grief the faction territory.
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    I think you missed my post on the previous page
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    Ok I seem to have a small problem, did a small keyword search and didn't come up with anything but here it goes.

    After updating to 1.7.2 factions was still working as intended, once other plugins started being released as a CB for 1.7.2, I started updating. Now the problem I have is the faction tag will not show, I have deleted the plugin and re-installed, but to no avail.

    The factiontag=true is set that way, but could it be another plugin that somehow when updated, overrides it? All in all the factions STILL work, it's just the chat tag that isn't "showing".

    BTW It's 1.7.2 RB #953.
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    I want to thank you for this great plugin, and especially for open sourcing it. This is great!

    Anyway, Perhaps you remember me messaging you a few weeks ago about factions source.
    I did download and put a mod in. There are now new options "territoryPainBuild" and "territoryPainBuildWhenOffline" that allow a middle ground between denybuild and freebuild in faction territory. If you place or destroy a block in enemy territory, you take 1/2 heart of damage. This is a simple change, but I wondered if you would like to incorporate it? I've been running it for weeks on my server, and my players love it!

    The other addition I wanted to add was automatic permission adding. Each of my main factions has specific powers, and I want players to get those powers when they join the faction, rather than adding them manually. I want to have it check for a Permissions group with the same name as the Faction tag, and add them to that group. I'll do this as soon as I have the time and figure out how. The permissions API does not seem to allow adding players to a group! If you are interested in including this, I'll add config options for it when I get there.

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