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    How do I turn off the ability to use "f claim" instead of /f claim,

    What i mean any command with just "f" can and how do we remove it? I check the configs for it, nothing..

    Using Command iConomy to charge user's to use certain commands, however they can by-pass it with just "f xx"
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    It should work fine with 935, though I haven't tested it yet. What is with Essentials? You tell me. I'm not aware of any problems between Essentials and version 1.3.2 of Factions.

    "allowNoSlashCommand" in conf.json.
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    I've been using your plugin since 1.3 and I love it, however, I have one suggestion that I believe would improve it.

    I'm the leader of a pretty big faction on the server that I am admin on. One thing I wanted was the ability to set permissions on certain ranks of my members. I don't like the fact that I can only make them one mod level and they get almost all admin powers.



    This plugin has the commands available to make ranks and set permissions in game. Adding it to the faction plugin would make it have more depth.

    The source code is given for that plugin. I don't know anything about java or CraftBukkit Codding, but I'm certain that will make it easier on you.

    /team rankflag <ranknumber> <kick/teamchat/rankedit/invite/promote> <true/false> Sets the permissions for a specified rank.
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    I know this build is not promoted for use with 935 yet but...
    players can not claim land unless they already had land claimed when the
    "claims must be connect" is set to true

    no errors in console to report
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    Not currently planned, sorry.

    Sounds like you're running Factions 1.3.1 and need to update to 1.3.2, since that was a bug fixed by it (as noted in the the changelog in the first post).
    I've just tested it alongside the latest Essentials (2.3.6) in RB 935 and it seems to be working fine. I also checked for the reported bug of faction build protection not working in the Nether, and it worked fine for me (stopped me from destroying blocks and placing them in land controlled by another faction in the Nether).
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    Is it possible to teleport to each others factions? This option should of course only be available to staff.
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    Kevin Forte

    So this is probably the one of the most innovative plugins I've seen so far, but one question: Is it MultiVerse capable? i.e. Can I have this be enabled in only one world?
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    Thank you for helping me with noslashcommand, I appreciate it.

    I got another small question, .. For faction PvP, do you have to declare war, constantly? Or is it how you wanted it to be ally, neutral or enemy. Only than can you PvP in certain factions.

    I suppose it make's sense.
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    As a work around, what if there would be an admin permission node , like factions.adminclaim, where an admin could claim a chunk for a faction. like "f claim factionname"
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    Brett, is there a way players can claim other faction territories ? Im missing this part

    Lets supose a faction declares a war against another faction and kill theyr members several times, letting them with no Power

    how can those players grief/destroy that other faction territory ? Is this something about the WarZones ? I didnt understood how┬┤s that.

    Thanx for the help !
  11. @Brettflan Hey! I can't wait to test this plugin, but I need something first, could you please add Multiworld support? I have a world dedicated to PvP/Factions. :D Thanks!
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    Not currently possible or planned.

    I'll post back some time tomorrow when I have time for it. Answering mostly the same questions over and over again does get a bit tiresome, though. Any of you other helpful folk who know your way around the plugin care to field some of these?
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    Sean H. Jans

    I keep getting the message "Can't attack ____ in their own territory." World PvP allowed everywhere is what is desired though every time I change the config file (tested and is valid) it reverts back to default and says it could not load in console. Please help!
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    Did you read the "ABOUT" or "USERGUIDE?" Your asking question's that are self explanatory.
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    hi several of my players want to have a war, now since most of us dont want to have a war and infact like to mine and build and hunt mobs i have decided to install multiverse and create a war world, where pvp is aloud where griefing is just war, where stealing is permited A lawless world

    this plugin would compliment that perfectly BUT i have some questions

    1) can it be set so it only effects worldB and has no effect on worldA ? (we use permissions 3.0 so im guessing if i dont give users the permissions on worldA but do on worldB, then its all golden, but want to find out before i make such a drastic change to the server)
    2) does this use lots of cpu time etc?
    3) any known plugin conflicts ?
    4) would this broadcast messages to players when they are in worldA or can we fully contain it in worldB
    5) does this make changes to the permission files?

    thanks in advance
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    Sean H. Jans

    Yeah, I read them numerous times, tried numerous tactics to fix this problem and it is not fixed. Instead of being an ass, help.
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    Pretty straight forward, why would you want others attacking inside one's faction, if they are neutral, and not at war, or declared an enemy.
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    Sean H. Jans

    The server calls for all pvp all the time at any location.
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    Doesn't work like that, sadly, otherwise the that would defeat the purpose of allies/neutral/enemies
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    Kevin Forte

    I absolutely love this plugin, is it possible to have it only enabled (chat tags visible, commands usable, etc.) on certain worlds?
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    brett im sorry if im bothering you, but could you explain a little about war zones ? Theyr just free pvp zones in case everywhere else is protected ?
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    I hope this hasn't already been asked yet, but would it be possible to make it so in the config file you can make it so that admins/mods have more power based on rank, or also based on maybe if you completely demolish a faction in war, your faction gets that faction's power?
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    I asked this in many many many pages back, I think.

    If I recall it's a warzone-monsters/creeperdamage/etc place to fight, pvp, and it cannot be claimed.

    So, I believe anyone can fight in it.
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    Honestly i favor this over towny. Factions is more "noob" friendly. so i dont have 500 people asking me how to make a faction. Theres only like 50.
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    First Thanks for your awesome plugin.
    I want to translate plugin to Turkish. Can i translate? If I can, how?
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    Great plugin, just one small suggestion: could we get a command allowing a player to see their current power level (or am i missing a command somewhere?), would be very useful to have around, especially since we have it set so power is only regained while online.
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    You are absolutely right... 'doh! Sorry to bug ya, i shoulda known better :p
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    i cant seam to be able to change any data in the factions folder it always goes back to its previous state
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    Could OPs give others power? even through they have their maximum? <--- request.
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    can you give us a new function for setting up "war points for factions" (like /f home) i will build up a warzone for the fractions's to destroy each other and dont have to use any portals or transportation/teleportation.

    war will be intensive on this zone

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