[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    Hi, I am trying to get Scavenger to properly support Factions and 1.8.0 and I am running into some difficultly. Is this supposed to work on both versions? If there is a better way to do this please let me know.

    FPlayer fplayer = com.massivecraft.factions.FPlayers.i.get(p);
    if (fplayer.getRelationToLocation().name().equals("ENEMY")) {
      Scavenger.get().logDebug("Player '" + p.getName() + "' is inside enemy territory!");
      Scavenger.get().message(p, Scavenger.getSConfig().msgInsideEnemyFaction());
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    paul orchard

    I have what seems to be a novel idea for the factions plugin.

    I hope that developers will read this and give me more than enough info as to why it will or won't work.

    The meat of it is this, I would like for money to be withdrawn from faction banks to maintain the current claimed land.

    1. Players must support their faction bank to make sure it has enough $ to maintain its land claims
    2. Faction land is taxed from earliest claim to latest
    3. If there is not enough money in the faction bank to pay the tax for that claim then it is unclaimed.
    There are numerous other ideas but that is the meat of it.
    I figure the factions plugin already has a timer that ticks for player power to return, and a timer for when faction memebers have not been on and an automatic faction disband, so in my limited programming mind you have many functions already in place.

    This hopefully stimulates the in game economy and has players engaging in more useful activities than power leveling gear and running around griefing. I'd like to balance so that players begin to craft potions to maintain the high costs of their factions using our own economy setup.

    *in a perfect world I'd love to write a plugin that attributes costs to items and essentially has a tax for owning those items on faction controlled land. I figure if an anvil has a quantifier for the xp cost of fixing an item then there is an ingame value set for items however how one gets that function to run outside an anvil is beyond my expertise.
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    yeah I'm getting that as well
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    Hi :) At first I want to say 'sorry' for any mistakes, but my English isn't perfect. I want players to pay $ for claims and I have a litle problem. Can I set something like that:
    1. claim : 100$
    2. claim : 100$*1,1=110$
    3. claim : 110$*1,15=126,5$
    4. claim : 126,5$*1,2=151,8$
    5. claim : 151,8$*1,25=189,75$ etc. ?

    I've read that I can only set prizes like these:
    1. claim: 100$
    2. claim: 100$+50%*100$=150$
    3. claim: 150$+50%*100$=200$
    4. claim: 200$+50%*100$=250$
    5. claim: 250$+50%*100$=300$

    I hope that I've written it understandable. I'll be grateful if someone helps me. :)
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    You can use /f autoclaim safezone and walk around in the area

    You are chaning that in the config..
    Im not 100% sure as I changed it for a while ago but if you find this in the config.. set it to false
    "chatTagEnabled": false,

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    as a dev i have a idea is there a way to get what factions players are in and see if two are enemy and stuff?
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    Does anyone know how to make it so both factions have to declare war before they are "enemies"?
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    I don't think you can config that. But if possible Let me know xD
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    Is there a way to negate all factions commands/interactions in a specified world? we are wanting only one world having factions, and want to know if we can also not have faction chat/info messages show up in this one world.

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    Is it possible to make it so that players can join 2 AND ONLY 2 factions? I want this because a server that I am admin on wants to make 4 big factions, but allow players to make their own personal factions while still being in that big faction. Is this configurable?
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    Good job with the plugin! Lovin' it! XD
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    Ok, seriously, don't quote a massive wall of text.

    OT: Does FPlayer.getLastStoodAt() return their current location? I have a FPlayer object & want to get the FLocation that corresponds with their location.
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    So I seem to have an unusual problem. I have a multiverse server and on one of the worlds I want to put Factions on it. However in the chat the Faction tag carries over to all worlds. I use worldchannels. How do I prevent the faction tag going to other worlds and stay in the Factions world? Please do not suggest Herochat. herochat does not work.
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    Hello, please know anyone how I can config factions as player who had -10 power get automatically ban on 10 + minutes ?

    Sorry for bad spelling :/
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    Hi There,

    Is there a way outside of safe zones to set 'npc factions' and force the power they have so i can claim an area for it as an admin without having loads of fake members?
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    i have just installd factions and wanted to claim my city/castle but i claimd the wals that are around my city/castle but when i look to dynmap is shows that every thing inside my city/castle is claimd but thats not thrue i only claimd the wals hou can i claim a circle but let dynmap show the inside of the circle unclaimd
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    Hello, i have a question, can you add more admin zones like a Adventure area? With no block breaking no pvp and yet damage and mob spawning? I already used safezone-warzone-wilderness for other things.
    Would like to know if this possible!

    -TheTinySpider (Please tag me if you have a awnser)
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    is it possible use world edit/guard to set safezones? is that part of the plugin? if that isn't part of the plugin, can u add it? i really need to set big areas for safezones, and flying around takes way to long, and i always miss some spots in the middle....thanks!
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    f autoclaim <radius> bam.
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    lol i did that like 3 hours b4 i saw this, but i still kinda want to use the world guard, region selection thing....
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    I'm not sure about your policy on this, but I have some suggestions.
    Iron Golems and Snow Golems should keep track of the faction that the person who built them is in.
    And if they see a member of an enemied (or neutral?) faction, they will attack them on sight.

    If this is not possible, perhaps they just attack the enemies(or neutral factions) of the faction that the person who built them was in at the moment they were built.

    Secondly, I would like to propose another rank; CoAdmin.
    By doing /f coadmin [name], one would be promoted to a rank with all of the perms of admin, with the exception of being able to kick admins. This is for factions like mine which have shared ownership f their factions and would like the second leader to be 'official.'

    Many thanks for your time. Just a humble suggestion passing along.

    This sounds like the Towny plugin, if you're interested. But I do like this idea.
    So long as it is a toggleable option. I personally would not use this.

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    I use factions for my server so that I simply let them do there own way but I got a question and that is: Is it possible to make the max power system that it also react on kill/death percentage so that a one man faction can still be more powerfull than a faction with for example 3 man . The problem is that now people can easy claim others land because they let more people in there faction. This problem is really irritating me because know a faction with much people is 2 times as strong (they can claim more land & got a bigger army) please help me
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    Lol! nice plugin:D
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    I'm wanting to protect an area as a safezone. How do I do this using worldedit and worldguard?
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    I have recently gotten Survivalgames for my server.

    Factions is interfereing with this, not letting players of the same faction hurt each other, or allies hurt each other.

    I need a way to disable this in the world I am using to host the hunger games.
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    When will the 1.5 update for Factions be coming out? My server is a factions server, so I was just wondering.
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    In the factions config

    There is something like

      "worldsNoClaiming": [
      "worldsNoPowerLoss": [],
      "worldsIgnorePvP": [],
      "worldsNoWildernessProtection": []
    WorldsNoClaiming = The world factions cannot be claimed it.
    Everything else is self explained.
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    Um, how can i get rid of this, there was a A and R at the end of the faction tag

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    In game you need to type the command /f config chatTagInsertIndex 0

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