[SEC/FUN] Factions 2.0.0 - Guilds, War and user-controlled antigrief [BukkitDev]

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    Okay, then you shouldn't have problems with /login anymore


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    Is there any way to disable Factions in certain worlds if you only want it on one world?
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    If you disable claiming in that world (option at the very end of.1.6.9 conf.json) there isn't a world specofic faction feature anymore... Actually there will be only the chat tag remaining for the player in the non-factions world
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    Okay thanks.
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    Gameplay question:
    With the default config, is there such a thing as an impenetrable base (while under claim)?

    I designed this base thinking no one could get in:


    From sky limit to bedrock, the walls are coated with a two block thick flow of water:


    The walls extend to the edge of a 3x3 chunk area which is all under our claim.
    I tested the wall against tnt and creeper explosions which did no harm to it, as expected.

    But somehow someone was able to break this hole in it [outlined in yellow], get into our base, and steal our item frames (including one containing a beacon) - all while the area explained was under our claim:


    Server plugins include: WorldBorder, GroupManager, WorldEdit, SimpleSpawn, and Factions (default config)
    Sabotage is out of the question.

    What exactly can one do inside another's territory?
    In another attempt, someone was able to push blocks onto our territory:
    (the territory begins where the water begins)

    I'm not sure what's going on here, as we are not allowed to push blocks into other's territory using pistons but somehow someone managed to do that.
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    I have a idea for your plugin.

    Can you add it that we can give ppls certain permission so one person has like 15 Claimpower max, another one 10?

    @ Theneweasy, your base is easily raidable, because your claim begins only at the water.
    People can build a piston there to stop water and place tnt and boom its open i guess :D
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    Yeah, so I'm wondering is it some sort of exploit that lets you push blocks using pistons into others' territory?
    To get things straight, the plugin is indeed trying to halt this kind of behavior, correct?
  8. I've been doing that since... 1.1 I think. xD good times literly taking the blocks away from peoples bases xD
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    Having trouble with the commands, /f peaceful to be exact- In the user-guide it says its still there, but in the /f help is says its not. Help?
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    Dev Bukkit page told me to post here for now. So, I just wanted to know if Withers destroy safe zones? I don't really wanna find out myself. :eek: That could be a disaster.
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    is the
    is there a way to have factions only work in a set amount of land... like the owner of the server makes a glass dome and factions only work int that area??
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    Would it be possible to set a grace period for factions? Like for a specified time, new factions can't be attacked or made your enemy?
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    Hello, I have a problem....I create a faction and near faction name are some letters ex: "a **Alliance r"
    Can you integrate faction with worldguard like you could use the wand to claim the land?(so you can have just how much land needed?)
    Thanks :D
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    I have a server that runs many different things, including Factions.
    I want the staff and donaters to have prefixes based on what rank they are, but Factions cancels out other prefixes.
    How can I enable it so it won't do so?
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    Hello! Could someone help me? I want to do so, that normal player has to pay 2000 for creating faction(done), but VIP(group) doesn't have to pay anything? When I set the cost of faction creating, everyone has to pay. How to solve it?
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    actually, i've observed another similar problem. When Factions is running it breaks EssentialsChat's coloring. I've tried other color plugins like Colors, and got that weird double chat, but at least one of them had the color. I don't know what factions has done, but I can't use the latest version because of this.

    Version of Factions, from September. For v1.3.2 of Minecraft doesn't break the chat color. So I will be switching to an older version of Factions untill you can fix this color problem.

    I take what i said above about it working with older version of Factions... it doesnt.
    it seems to work on my 1.4.5 server with plugins from 1.3.2, but not on another with plugins for 1.4.5 and the server is 1.4.5.

    I'll see if i can pinpoint the problem and find a temporary fix.

    I've fixed the problem. apparently the server had a really old version of EssentialsChat.

    The versions i have are:
    Factions v1.6.9.1
    and I'm not sure what version of EssentialsChat I put on. all I know is its from August 9th.

    This is rule my rule about updating, If there are no new features and nothing is broken in the current version, why bother updating?
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    your plug is wonderfull.

    Is it possible to add a feature :
    I want to define an objet (e.g. stick) used to claim land when used instead of /f claim command
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    If you have Worldedit installed, there is a function called PowerTool that lets you bind commands to items. So for this you would type /pt f claim
    while holding a stick and it will bind that command for you. To stop the command, just type /pt again while holding the stick. Hope this helps :)
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    Yes thank you for the response, I dident know that.
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    I fixed my previous problem with Colorme. I just had to get the newest version. :D

    I am running Survival Games on the same server as factions. Everything has been working fine, except that because of peaceful factions not taking damage or whatever, people in certain factions cant hurt each other in SG. Any way to overall disable factions per world?
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    I have noticed that there are bugs with double doors protected by Deadbolt, or lockette, or similar plugins. When you click to open the door, deadbolt allows you to open it, causing the second door to auto-open aswell, but factions stops you from opening it, causing the first door to close, while the other remains open. Also, Iron doors with [Everyone] on it, will allow everyone to use them, even people outside your faction. I know Lockette is not open source, but Deadbolt is, so maybe you can integrate with it, so you need both factions and deadbolt to allow you to open doors
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    The devs can easily find out about the lockette API by e.g decompiling,however as a protection plugin lockette should have a public API
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    I searched the posts and can't find an answer to my problem. Faction chat doesn't work. I type: /f chat and it just says "Strange argument 'chat'. Use the command like this: /f". The faction tags work when people talk. I have had this issue for a few weeks. I use the help command and nothing about chat shows up in there. Here is my config file: http://esrock.net/factionconfig.txt

    I am using factions 1.7.9beta with CB 1.4.5 R0.2

    Thanks for any help you can offer.
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    Hello, I am using Factions and AuthMe plugin.
    The feuture in AuthMe:
    allowChat: false
    when i am having
    "chatTagEnabled": true,
    Thay can talk when thay suposed to do /login, Plz help!
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    That's why I said use deadbolt, because it is open source.
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    how can i set up pvp so that it allows even factionmembers to fight. Faction members not being able to fight renders my battle sphere useless.
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    i dont understand you. but you can override everything in factions.conf

    like friendlyfire true
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    How do i make it so that when a play trys to edit the terrain it will say, [Faction] Does not allow you to edit their land.

    ALSO: Is there a way to Claim faction safezone/warzone with worldedit or something so i can get the exact zones i need
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    WorldEdit, you can't do this with Factions itself
    Nope, you'd have to get the chunk numbers your selection is in and then insert them into board.json => not really possible atm
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    I had posted this on dev bukkit, but I will post it here hoping for a response.

    I would love it if there was a command to give power to a player. I have used "/f powerboost~", and it doesn't serve what I need. A simple command such as: "/f addpow <player> <#>" would be awesome.
    EDIT: I was also hoping that you could block creeper explosion damage inside a faction territory. We have had some issues of people luring creepers to break into a faction and destroy their chests for loot.

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