[SEC/FIX] FireControl 1.11 - Control Spreading, Punching Out, Rain, Lightning, Lava and Damage [740]

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    Controls fire spreading, destroying blocks, extinguishing by punching, rain and snow putting out fire and damage to players - control the fire and stop the griefing.

    Attention: The RainPutsOut and SnowPutsOut feature cause a very strange, inexplainable bug in Craftbukkit that makes snow appear in biomes it should not, even though the plugin never changes a block to snow.
    Turn both options to "off" until the next version to fix this issue.

    Version: 1.11

    Only works with Craftbukkit build [733 - 740].
    Supports Permissions v2.7 (Phoenix).
    Please give me feedback, ask any questions you like and/or provide suggestions!
    Thank you!

    (functions can be individually turned on and off)
    • Stop fire spreading (even with the new way fire spreads)
    • Disable blocks being destroyed from fire
    • Disable fire from lightning
    • Disable fire from lava
    • Enable punching out fire in SMP
    • Prevent fire damage to players
    • Make rain and/or snow extinguish fire
    • In-game toggling of features
    • Permissions support
    Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file)

    This plugin will create a FireControl folder in your plugins folder with two files in it:​
    FireControl.properties, which will contain the default settings of every feature and can either be changed directly by altering the file or through console or in-game commands.​
    RainPassThrough.txt, which contains all materials that rain can pass through to extinguish fire. This file can only be changed manually by just opening the file and adding/removing materials.​

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    /FireControl on it's own will list all functions and if they are enabled or disabled.​
    /FireControl [Function] will show the status of the named function,​
    /FireControl [Function] true will enable the function and​
    /FireControl [Function] false will disable it.​

    [Function] can be:​
    FireSpread - if disabled fire will not spread (default: disabled)​
    FireDestroyBlocks - if disabled blocks will not be destroyed by fire (default: disabled)​
    PunchOutFire - enables or disables players to punch out fire like in SSP (default: enabled)​
    FireDamage - enables or disables damage dealt by fire (default: enabled)​
    LavaFire - if disabled lava will not cause fire (default: disabled)​
    LightningFire - if disabled lightning will not cause fire (default: disabled)​
    RainPutsOut - if enabled rain will put out fires (default: disabled)​
    SnowPutsOut - if enabled snow will put out fires (default: disabled)​
    NetherrackException - if enabled rain/snow won't extinguish netherrack (default: enabled)​
    reload - reloads the files in the FireControl folder (e.g. after altering them)​
    version - displays the current version​

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    /fc for /FireControl
    Spread or sp for FireSpread
    Destroy or fd for FireDestroyBlocks
    Punch or p for PunchOutFire
    Damage or dmg for FireDamage
    Lava or lv for LavaFire
    Lightning or ln for LightningFire
    Rain or r for RainPutsOut
    Snow or sn for SnowPutsOut
    Netherrack or n for NetherrackException
    ver for version
    on or enable for true
    off or disable for false

    RainPassThrough file:
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    The RainPassThrough.txt file specifies which blocks rain can pass through to extinguish fires.​
    The default materials are air, fire, snow (not snow blocks), wall signs, buttons, levers, water and lava.
    You can for example add leaves to make rain extinguish fires even on the bottom of trees.​
    A list of all materials is in the Bukkit documentation.​
    Please note that changes will not be visible in the rain or snow itself, but they will affect fire being extinguished or not.​

    When Permissions is not used the plugin will default to ops.​
    Then everyone can run /FireControl to see the status of functions, but only ops can use any arguments.​
    Permission nodes are:​
    firecontrol.check for the /FireControl command alone and​
    firecontrol.command for any arguments.​

    Rain and/or snow will extinguish fires (if enabled) once a storm starts and it will put out any fires that players try to start in the rain. You as a player might see fires far away being still on in the rain, but they will be extinguished once you get close. This has to do with performance, I didn't want to check 81 chunks per player all the time.​
    While it is possible to disable FireDestroyBlocks and enable FireSpread, it is not advised to do so as it will just make the fire move around erratically. Especially on smaller burns the plugin will make it go out after a while, but a forest fire might create lots of lag on your server since the fire will keep spreading without losing flammable material.​
    Also thanks very much to Samkio and his Tutorial, it really helped me a lot understanding how to make a plugin.​

    To Do:
    • Receive feedback
    • Add an option that players can't light each other on fire
    • 1.11 - Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file)
      • Fixed strange bug with snow appearing in wrong biomes or not...
      • Rewrote some rain stuff for more performance
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    • 1.1 - Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file)
      • Added seperate parameters for spreading, lava and lightning
      • Added rain and snow extinguishing fire
      • Added version and reload command
      • Fixed error with version command
      • Changed how permissions are handled
    • 1.0 - Download (JAR file) | Source (ZIP file)
      • Initial release (for [684] and [714])
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    I thought I did, at least it was working before.
    I changed the code that checks for biomes, but it seems the biome bug has nothing to do with biomes which makes it even weirder.
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    Didn't check how you make the extinquishing of fire by rain/snow work, but maybe that's the root of the problem? At least that's the only thing I can think of that does make sense in some way. :eek:
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    I'm still getting snow in biomes where it's not supposed to be. Is there any way to reverse this?! I keep thawing it but it comes back.​
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    Switch off RainPutsOutFire and SnowPutsOutFire until I find a fix for this. I really don't know why it does this.
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    Thanks for your plugin.

    Could you add a extinguish command like "/stopfire", please ? No plugin does it...

    Thank you.

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    What should that command do? You already can punch out fire.
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    Yes but if I want to let fire speading for example and I burn some trees and suddenly a wooden house placed next to, start to burn... A command like that immediately stops fire (all fires on the world ?).

    I like fire, I don't want to deactivate it. But it's dangerous and an express command like that will be cool.

    I hope I was understandable.


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    Oh yeah, that'd definitely be possible.
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    Update to latest build?
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    Works on latest build, no updates needed.
    However I don't know if there are any bugs because I did not yet test it extensively, but from what I've seen there's no problem.
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    Fantastic !!!

    Thanks you very much.

  13. Any news on multiworld support?
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    I am rewriting things, world related configs will be possible through them.
    Right now it supports multiworlds already, just not with different configurations :p
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    @askmeaboutlo0m Please do something about the snow. I did not know about this bug and I nearly went crazy trying to figure out which plugin it was. Two hours down the drain.
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    I am rewriting the whole thing, but performance is an issue right now.
    Didn't I put a warning one the front page?
    //No, I didn't put a warning up. Now I did though, sorry.
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    Max Black

    I love the idea of this. I hope you could add a feature to list a set of blocks I would want to be destroyed by fire. Say wood slabs, or wood stairs. It would fix a part of Minecraft that has been bugging me for quiet a while.
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    Maybe that will work but I have to see how the fire physics work first.

    //Kind of running into problems with rain in next version, it works fine if I use a local server, but totally lags out online one. Gotta somehow find a different way to do it.
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    does this work on 818?
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    Yes it does.
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    If you use flint + steel to place fire somewhere, the fire burns forever. It doesn't destroy the block anymore and it stays
    on any material (note: I didn't thoroughly test this. But it seems like it.). These seem to be the only bugs with 860.
    Hope you can fix that soon (and the snow thing :D).
  22. Does it work on 860?
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    thank you, you enabled me to finally ditch worldgaurd and free my RAM
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    Thanks this is great i just had someone do some extreme greifing on my server now they wont be able to anymore.
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    does this work with 1.7.2 ?
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    I am also interested in whether or not this works on b953/MC 1.7.2... and if it works with 860 you should probably update the header :)
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    Please don't let this plugin die!
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    Does this plugin work with build 1000?
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    Does this plugin work on CB build 1000/MC 1.7.3? if it doesn't work i'd like to know so i can look for an alt plugin, if it does i'd like to know so i can stop looking for an alt plugin.
    Or also i'll dl worldguard.
    Lets wait and see.

    P.S: English is not my native language.
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    @ 4 above posts. Try it yourself. Ima try it it and see if it works.

    @Everyone It works fine!

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    It works, but it doesn't support the new permissionsbukkit. Which would be a nice thing to add to the TODO list.

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