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    MCBC (Minecraft Blockchanger) - The Simplest of Simple in Editing your world!
    Version: 1.5

    Moved To BukkitDev
    Come on now, join the party!
    MCBC BukkitDev Page

    Everything is there you cant get updates here anymore it will always be on bukkitDev!
    It was a lot easier to move then some people say it is!
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    Downloading now! Will give you some feedback!
    EDIT: You should make a DropBox account, and upload them there. People usually need WGET downloads.

    Nice work! Hope to see more awesome plugins from you!
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    Oh dont you worry about that I will be making more! :D
    I have a few ideas I want to get started on Ill let you know ok Random!
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    yeah you should make a Dropbox account. WGET-able links are needed by a lot of people (including me) , plus it doesn't spam you with adds.
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    I have Dropbox I just like mediafire because it tells me how many DL's I have! :D
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    Get with the times and use BukkitDev. It gives you wgetable download links and a download counter for each file.

    Anyway, what makes this so "extremely lightweight", and how does it compare to WorldEdit in general? Which features are you leaving out and why?
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    Add more than just the simple
    if (plugin.enabled(event.getPlayer()))
    Try to add like Radius and a wand tool maybe even a House Builder for a command, those are just some small ideas for ya! Good luck! Keep it up
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    Ok well I have only just started Java so Im a bit of a noob with it so I just started off with that and thank you for the ideas but I will probably need some help... or atleast some tutorials, send me anything u can find that would help me with his ideas if you want
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    Hey man good job so far Skype me emericask8ur
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    it isnt worldedit... :mad:
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    Download link don't work D; Please fix.
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    @NubbCraft can you describe exactly what is happening, If I don't know what the issue is I cant really fix it...
    @jkllo It's not exactly a world edit, its for of a quick way to place and replace blocks.
    (Example)"Oops I placed a a block on top of a something and i don't want it there, I know I'll use MCBC and change and delete with /bc 0 by hitting it!"
    Its not hard to use very user friendly I'm adding something really simple to it right now so people can type /hpc for hit and place check, might not though because when you think about it they can just hit something and if they didnt want that to happen then they can just fix it with the plugin! :D
    Anyways I have passed 300 downloads :D thanks guys and I'll fix the DL problem once you let me know.
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    does this work just like the actual world edit plugin?
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    No, and if you read the description you would know that... :D
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    Jok3r you should add fixwater it gonna be great ^^
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    Maybe if your title didn't insinuate that it's anything like worldedit people will stop asking, because it's not even close. Sounds to me like you're just trying to ride some coattails.
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    Um no its a simple worldedit and people would know that if they read the description...
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    I would totally download if it had the ability to put say balls, or disks of blocks. then I could use it as an epic terra-forming plugin! I know it's a lot to ask, but can you do it?
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    I only started learning Java 3 weeks ago so if anyone would be willing to help add this and have their name credited please contact me! :D
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    i started learning Java.... about a year from now. XD
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    Why havent you developed anything yet?
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    wheres the download?
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    On bukkitDev if you werent reading... :p
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    please update this plugin to correct version 1.1-r4 of craftbukkit
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    There is only one permission and I dont think I have this plugin anymore but Ill see it wasnt to hard I could just remake it... :p But Ill see if I have it! :)

    EDIT: LoL nope lost it in the format...
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    it wont let me goto because it says i have to log in and i do but it says rong pasword or username....please help me.

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    does this work ?
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    Does this work ?
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