Inactive [SEC] Deadbolt 2.1 - Modular sign-based container, door, trapdoor protection [1.1-R6]

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    The leader in modular sign based block protection
    *No databases. In-game signs only.​
    *Super permissions support ONLY.​
    *Protects any type of furnace, dispenser, chest, door, or trapdoor​
    *Broadcast specific admin actions to those with ""​
    *Denies explosions, pistons, and redstone from circumventing protection​
    *Timed doors, [Timer:#], that toggle after a certain delay​
    *Server-wide protected blocks, use [Everyone] on line 3 or 4​
    *Compatible with Lockette​
    *Modular plugin hooking system, add your own easily​
    *Localization support​
    As this is a Lockette-type plugin, also similar to Alerter or BlockLock, things may seem similar. This plugin was originally created as a continuation of Lockette by Acru to add trapdoor support and other recent developments. Portions of this project were reverse engineered from Lockette and the original idea for a sign-based locking system still belongs with Acru. Credit where credit is due. As this only supports super permissions, if you need a plugin that is more backwards compatible with older configurations, you may want to look at Lockette.

    If you have another plugin such as Cenotaph or ChestShop3 that you have integrated with Lockette and would rather use Deadbolt instead, I have created a LocketteSimulator that will allow you to use Deadbolt instead.

    Check GitHub for the most recent files, there is a slight delay in getting files posted to DevBukkit authorized by the staff.
    DeadboltBridge is a new system designed to incorporate your favorite plugin directly into Deadbolt.​
    To create your own or to view Deadbolt's static API, head over to​
    Currently available for download: here
    Worried about the long plugin names polluting your /plugins list? Give PluginList a try!​
    Have a completed localization? Drop me a link to it and Ill add it to the repository.​
    Once added, it is available for automatic downloading by changing the "language" setting in config.yml.​
    Visit github and open an issue.​
    Alternatively, try and find me at

    If youve paid any attention to the Lockette thread, this was born out of my effort there.
    The next step is to bother all the other authors and get incorporated there.

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    Awesome! :D
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    Well the best thing is since its modular I generally dont have to get bothered to add in hooks for whatever.

    Im quickly getting a bad taste for what graphic designers go through. Making a logo that just -works- is hard :p I probably spent half an hour looking for a font, ended up using the '28 days later' one.
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    Hey now, it sounds like you are putting down the months of work that I put into the project, getting an alternative to LWC going in the first place~ ^.^;;
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    Donald Scott

    If I have ChestShop3 am I to use both the simulator AND main plugin?
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    Acrobot has been contacted, however in the meantime yes, use the simulator and the main plugin.
    ChestShop still only has support for lockette, so the simulator will redirect to deadbolt.

    If you dont want the 'lockette' part shown in your /plugins or any of the bridges, try looking at
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    Missing plugin version number in thread title. See me.
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    @daemitus I really, really like the look of the towny bridge you've got there. Any chance you could add an option to deny chest claiming in the Towny Wilderness?
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    I could probably add a similar system that works on claiming a block with a sign.
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    You want to join the towny IRC for a minute?
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    If you can post it here before I find it on the towny pages, sure.
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    Nice ;D
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    Add a config so we can choose that only persons can lock doors and not chests :O
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    Will do
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    Maybe another option to limit the locked chests and stuff, 2 per person or something like that :O!
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    That was one of the original limitations from the original lockette. If you want to count how many a person has, you have to track it per person. That means databases. The goal is to keep it all ingame on signs. However making a bridge that keeps track of how many a person has, so that its optional may be doable.
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    Hmm maybe someone can do it, or I might try make a bridge like that. Daem, how about we add an onBlockClaim event, could that work?
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    Ive already got one in the works in the onSignUpdate

    Now that ive stopped trying to care about maven, canProtect is in the bridge. Called during onSignUpdate, which is called anytime you finish placing a sign with [private].

    As such, the towny bridge will have "deadbolt.towny.wild.denyall"
    Give a user that, and they cant protect in the wild. Its a little backwards from the usual connotation in that giving permission takes away an ability, but I want it to be an optional thing, rather than a permission you have to remember to give.

    Now to work on the request for doors only/chests only/etc.

    Wait, why do I need to do this. I already have the following permissions:

    Cant you just, not give it to people?

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    can you add into the config a option to turn off notify chest/door owner about a moderator accessing thier stuff?
    We dont always want them to know =P
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    Dont give them the broadcast permission. If you have it, you see it.
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    Dev build has a fix for timer:0 not working while timer doors always is on.

    Finally got caught up on my furnace plugin too, woo.
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    Only permission i gave them was deadbolt.user.*
    didnt think that included broadcast?, or maybe it was a coincidence that he thought i was there?, idk, lol
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            description: Receives all notifications of admin overrides
            default: true
    Notice the default:true. that means its given by default to everyone. You may want to try opening the .jar with winzip or whichever, and modifying the plugin.yml so that it says false, or giving your members "-deadbolt.broadcast.*" So they dont get it.'

    Maybe I should set that to false by default. Theres arguments for both ways.
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    id go with false by default, otherwise having a permission for it is almost pointless. As people dont usually expect to have to subtract a feature from the start. But thanks for the info, ill try editing it

    i used 7zip and tried modifying the plugin.yml to false.. and then all i got was errors, and wouldnt load the plugin..
    so... it apparently didnt like that

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    ill change the default to op. In the meantime, I should have a new build out in a day or two
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    Liam Allan

    So we have another plugin that's been made, Again.
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    This plugin is a replacement for the community-hit Lockette, started while the Lockette Dev was MIA.

    It does everything that Lockette did, transition is seamless for admins changing over AND he's managed to add support for plugins like Towny which Lockette never had. One of your plugins is called BlockLog ferchrisake, why are you even making your comment?
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    Blame the other one not being updated until after I had finished reworking things.
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    Notice one of his plugins is a container-locking plugin? Doesn't help anyone running Lockette because it doesn't use signs. Deadbolt is just what the Lockette-using community needs.
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    1.2 is out.
    Timer:0 issue fixed.
    Connected doors only require 1 sign, regardless of the amount now. Make a giant line of doors all day long.
    Same for trapdoors. Your multihatch trapdoors now work awesomely.
    Broadcast perm now defaults to op, as requested.
    Messages clarified a bit, due to the coloring options from 1.1

    Towny bridge now has a +TownName+ +NationName+ for Assistant/Mayor only usage.

    Introduced a small bug with 1.2 that lets you add trapdoors to other protected trapdoors without it checking. You cant use it after placing it if you dont own it, but it should be fixed in a day or two when I get a second to push an update.

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