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    Randy Schouten

    CustomBlockControl - Total control over block placement and breaking
    Version: v1.4.2

    Did you even want to restrict blocks that are not pre-defined in the plugin?
    Then this plugin is for you!

    Type whatever block you wish to restrict in the config file, and CustomBlockRestriction will automatically make a permission node for it.

    • Permissions enabled
    • Restrict any block and/or item you want
    • Automatically creates a permission node

    Check the new config file before switching over to v1.4!

    How to install:
    Just copy paste the contents of the .rar file to your plugins folder.

    How to use:
    Type whatever block you want in the config.yml file in the same way as they are already in there.
    That means 4 spaces, then a dash, then another space, then your block or item.

    That block will then be restricted to everyone on the server except "*" groups.
    The permissions nodes look as following:
    cbr.destroy.[config material name][config material name]
    Give the reload permission to admins and the likes to give them permission to reload.

    • v1.4.2
      • Now works again (bug fixes etc)
    • v1.4.1
      • Fixed "/cbr" giving an error
      • Fixed gold placement not detecting
    • v1.4
      • Cleaned up code to make it a lot more lightweight
      • Added the /cbr reload command
      • Added break restrictions
    • v1.3
      • Automatically reloads the config file
    • v1.2.1
      • Added lots of items for which I didn't make a simplified name
      • Fixed directory name
    • v1.2
      • Fixed additional permissions, everything should be fine now
    • v1.1
      • Fixed permissions not working correctly
    • v1.o
      • Initial release

    • Damage values
    • Crafting restriction
    • Item use restriction
    If you liked this plugin and want more plugins from me: Donate!
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    Good Plugin, Thanks for fixing permissions. Really helpful as I could not stop the use of bukets.
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    Yeah this plugin is awesome.
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    Randy Schouten

    Fixed the link, didn't work for some reason.

    Please update to v1.1 :)

    Updated to v1.2.

    Every permission should work now.

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    how do we type the material name do i type the Data value (item id [iron block = 42]). Cool plugin
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    Randy Schouten

    Just type the name of the block or item you want to stop from being placed.
    I added a code that you can do multiple options for certain blocks.

    For instance, if you want to block Lapis Lazuli, you can either type:
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    Could you make this plugin works with multiworlds =)
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    Randy Schouten

    Well, Permission works with multiworlds, so it should work with CBR as well.

    Just give the permission nodes in the other permission config file and it should work just fine.
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    That is true. my bad ^^
  10. Hi, what's with the Redstone torch, how do i add it to permissions and the config?
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    Randy Schouten

    My bad, it seems I forgot that one...

    Use "redstone_torch_off" for now, that should work.
    I will re-check the whole material list, because it seems I missed a few more...
    Come back in about 30-45 minutes, should have an update out then, if you prefer that.

    Release CBR v1.2.1
    -Added lots of items I missed while making the plugin
    -Fixed directory name (was CustomBucketRestriction, the old name) - Please make sure to copy paste the config.yml to it's new folder!

    EDIT: Uploaded wrong file, working one is up now.

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  12. Thank you very much! :D
  13. Awesome plugin!
  14. Hey randy, nice plugin :p As for your question for reloading the config, just create a function outside of on enable which loads the config. Call this function on onEnable() and when ever a player types the reload command :D
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    Randy Schouten

    Released v1.3

    The config reloads automatically now!
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    How would I do a monster spawner?
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    Randy Schouten

    "Spawner" should work :)
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    Is it possible to prevent a group to craft an item ? If not, are you able to do it ?
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    Randy Schouten

    I'll see if that's possible a bit later today.
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    Ok, thank :)
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    It would be nice if block destruction (e.g ores) was also able to be restricted.
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    Anyway to restrict items usage? For example restriction to use items pickaxes and axes?
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    818? So you put the blocks you want to restrict in the permissions? Its not clear Can you do the damage id like a certain colour wool?
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    Working on b818?
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    Randy Schouten

    v1.4 Cleaned up code to make it a lot more lightweight
    Added the /cbr reload command
    Added break restrictions

    I'll see what I can do about damage values and item usage.
    And crafting as well, but I don't think that'll be possible...
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    Iv got a idea maybe you could make a option so with permission like cbr.obey.(worldname) you could just restrict what block they cant break in that WORLD only? With a config file?
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    Randy Schouten

    This plugin uses Permissions, and you can set permissions per world, so it basically does that already. :p
    Or I misunderstand you...
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    Weltall 7

    this plugin doesn't want to work for me... :(
    it throws an exception when it's loaded by craftbukkit:
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    Randy Schouten

    That's probably because the "destroy" branch is empty / doesn't exist, correct?
    I've learned a few new things to prevent errors like this, but type something random in the empty branch for now. (Still do it in the correct way tho.)
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    Weltall 7

    Thank you, my config.yml file was empty, which was the problem :rolleyes:
    sorry for annoying you uselessly ;)

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