Inactive [SEC] CreeperHeal v4.13 - Repair Creeper damage, the natural way! [1.2.5]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by Nitnelave, Jun 21, 2011.

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    The project in now on BukkitDev! Go there to find all the news, downloads, error reporting, and everything else!
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    Can I use this to completely stop Creepers, TNT and flint and steel
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    Better than that, Creepers do explode, but the damage is replaced after a while (a few minutes). You can use it to stop your player from placing/detonating TNT or using flint and steel with the grief control feature.
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    We actually have a really interesting problem with the latest CreeperHeal build. Weve done multiple tests to figure out if this plugin has any issues with any of our other plugins, but it dosent. What the problem is that we have, is that when we have your plugin installed, it draw so hard on the ram and cpu that it actually can cause up to a 5 second lag spike every few seconds. It does the same with plugins in or without. Im not sure if this is an issue in your code where perhaps there is a memory leak, or compatibility with bukkit. My server really enjoys your plugin, and we hope you can get it working again soon. :D
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    Yeah, I am aware of thiz bug, and will try to find its source. I didn't really notice the lag, because I have a crappy computer, and it lags even with the previous versions... Please send me your config, so I can see whether it is related to certain parameters.
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    This is a Great Plugin for a Survivor Server, keeping the fear of the SSSSSssssss without destroying the server,

    Thanks alot,

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