Inactive [SEC] Canary v1.1.1 - House destruction alerts & item blacklisting [1.4.2-R0.1]

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    Download v1.1.1
    Canary is an anti-griefing admin tool. It can stop placement and destruction of certain blocks that you specify in the config and will alert you when people do so. Canary also detects if someone is breaking a home or building, and award them a griefing point. It will also log block placement and destruction of blacklisted blocks to a log.txt file.
    Note: This is my first plugin, so please be nice :/


    • Blacklist blocks for placement and destruction.
    • Alert admins on possible griefing of buildings.
    • Gives players griefing levels that are decided by how suspicious their activities are.
    • Log block placement and destroying to a log.txt file.

    • /canary: Shows all the commands for Canary.
    • /canary help <command>: Display information for the specified command.
    • /canary check <player>: Check a players griefing level.
    • /canary version: Get the version of the plugin.
    • /canary items: Get the blocked item ids from the config.

    • canary.canary Access to the /canary command.
    • canary.alert Receives alerts when people do certain things.
    • canary.bypass Bypass the block break and placement blocking.
    Example config
    • Set water bucket/ lava bucket to 1 for alert on placement.
    • Set water bucket/ lava bucket to 2 for deny placement.
    • Set water bucket/ lava bucket to 0 for nothing.
    • Deny placement:
    • - 51
    • - 7
    • Alert on placement:
    • - 4
    • - 2
    • - 46
    • Alert on breaking:
    • - 54
    • - 56
    • Deny breaking:
    • - 19
    • - 42
    • Water bucket: 2
    • Lava bucket: 1

    • Added swear filter.
    • Updated to 1.4.2.
    • Added option to disable fire spread.
    • Added option to disable explosions.
    Version 1.0.1
    • Added alerts for signs, who placed them and what they say.
    • Added optional spambot filter.
    • Fixed bypass issues.
    • Added console alerts.
    Version 1.0.0
    • Initial release.
    Canary in action [​IMG]
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    nice mod .

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