Inactive [SEC] bProtect v0.1 - Easy block protection and management for OPs (MySQL) [1.2.5-R4.0]

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    bProtect - Easy block protection and management for OPs
    Version: 0.1


    bProtect is a advanced and easy protection management for users. The name is short for Block Protect. It isn't the most original name.

    The plugin works by when a user types /bp (command toggle off and on) whatever block they place will be protected.

    I have also coded the function to blacklist certain blocks that you don't want protected and just placed. OR you can add only certain blocks you would like protected or just ALL to make all blocks protected. But if you have blocks still in the blacklist. They still won't be ignored.

    Only the owner of the block or admin can break it and will alert you when you have placed a protected block or broken one.

    Admins have special functions such as typing /bp_findblocks [radius] [owner] and will show a count of blocks within that radius by the owner or just /bp_findblocks [radius] and will show a count of blocks which are protected in that area by anyone

    Another function is /bp_delprotection [radius] [owner] and will delete any protection blocks have within that radius by the owner or same as the top by just /bp_delprotection [radius] and will remove the protection by anyone. The delprotection does not remove the actual block!

    Admins also have /bp_inspect and right clicking any block will tell you the owner of that block

    • bProtect must use MySQL or a mysql storage engine (you can even use a free mysql db host)
    • Only OP's have access to admin functions
    • Calculating the radius, etc is on a separate thread to prevent lag.
    • You must use the configuration file included. It does not generate one!
    • Users can protect their own placed blocks
    • Administrators/OPs have commands to prevent protection griefing (read up top ^)
    • Administrators/OPs also get a wand.
    • This also works for placing dirt and when grass grows on it, inside the database, the type or material will update
    • Multi-world support
    • If you have added buckets in the blacklist. It will stop them from placing buckets to be protected (if that makes sense)

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    How to install

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    • Look up how to install MySQL databases (
    • This is the database!
      CREATE TABLE IF NOT EXISTS `protected_blocks` (
        `material` varchar(20) NOT NULL,
        `placed_by` varchar(100) NOT NULL,
        `x` int(11) NOT NULL,
        `y` int(11) NOT NULL,
        `z` int(11) NOT NULL,
        `world` varchar(50) NOT NULL
    • Edit your configuration!

    In-game shots

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    1. 0.1 - Released!
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    Not bad, is there a way to add people to break your blocks?
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    No but you're my second person who has said that. I'll implement it in future if I get more requests like you have done!

    Sorry for the double post but it's confirmed and working at and works with 1.2.5-R4.0 :)

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    Please remove changelog from spoiler and add non mediafire DL link.
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    Okay I'm awaiting my bukkitdev approval then I'll upload it there. :)
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    chaseoes Retired Staff

    I'm pretty bPluginName's are taken by someone else..
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    You sure? It's short for blockProtect
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    Great plugin. Will use.
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    Can you do /bp and then make a giant world edit flatland?

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