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    BlockTowers - Block 1x1 towers:
    Version: v0.2
    This plugin block making towers 1x1.
    When tower reaches max height (10 blocks default), will be auto removed and player get a kick.
    When tower reaches max height (10 blocks default), it will be auto removed and player will be kicked (configurable).

    Like it:

    Side view:


    Top view:


    • Block 1x1 towers (height configurable)
    • Auto-remove tower (it's safe!)
    • Teleport player to the ground
    • Kick player
    • Block only: dirt, cobblestone, sand, gravel, wood
    • Check block around tower (3/4 blocks must be air!)
    • Permissions
    • Punishments (kick, ban, slay, clear inv/slot)
    • Warning message
    • kyku.tower - allow to make towers
    Configuration (plugins/Wieza/config.yml):
    Block Towers:
        Warning message: '[WARNING] Dont make towers 1x1!' #warning chat message
        Auto remove: true #auto remove tower when it reaches max height
        Max height: 10 #punish player when the tower is higher than 10 blocks
        Warning: 6 #show warning message in chat when the tower is highter than 6 blocks
        Allow admins to build towers: true #it use permissions
        Teleport: true #good if auto remove is turned on
        Block all blocktype: false #block all types of blocks
        Block only blocktypes: 1,3,4,5,12,13, #ID of blocks ("," must be at end)
                Message: Dont make towers 1x1! #chat message
                Kick reason: Dont make towers 1x1! #kick message
            Kick: true #kick player
            Ban: false #ban player
            Slay: false #kill player
            Message: false #chat message (red)
            Clear inventory: false #remove all items (in inventory)
            Remove items in hand: false #remove all items (in hand)
    Download: (0.2 - NEW) (0.1 - OLD)
    Source Code in jar file (0.2)

    • Configuration (punishments, height, materials, etc.)

    Version 0.2
    • Config
    • Punishments
    Version 0.1
    • First release
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    any updates/alternatives?
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    The download link is broken, I'm getting a 404 page not found
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    Please upload the files again >.<
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    I wish I could download this.... Stupid how people manage to allow Great plugins links to go down >_<


    Account info.
    kyku was last seen:
    Dec 14, 2011
    Bye bye plugin.
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    Nice job, however I will not use as it is unfair to players, What if they are building a house or somthing other higher than 10 blocks, Or stuck in a hole and trying to get out?
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    download link not working:'(
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    Can you update it to version 1.3.2 ?

    P.S. I bad know English

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