[SEC] BlockGreif v.2.2.0 - Block every source of Grief [1000] NOW HAS SPANISH!

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    BlockGrief - Block every source of grief
    Version 2.1.0 (Spanish: 2.2.0)

    The Spanish version is out, no update to the main English jar happened. Only translation and code changes.

    BlockGrief is guarantee protections of your server's famous buildings with all the basic sources of grief.
    These items are blocked:
    Blocked-items (open)
    Blocked-items (open)
    Blocked-items (open)

    Fire (from flint and steel)

    Lava Buckets

    Not happy? Just delete the jar file and tell us what you don't like about this plugin.

    • Protects grief from various sources.
    • Permissions support.
    • Allow what groups to do what.
    + Permissions or GroupManager
    Source code can be found on the bottom of the download page.
    Installation Guide

    Spanish .JAR

    • Added Spanish version! First plugin I've ever translated. Any spelling errors, tell me and I'll fix them. Time for French!
    • Re-added Lava bucket Events.
    • Revamped the nodes to the match the one in the code.
    Changelog (open)

    • Deleted Flint and Steel events
    • Deleted Lava Bucket events
    • Tried to fix command. Failure.

    • Release Plugin
    • Added version command
    • Blocked Lava
    • Blocked Lava Buckets
    • Blocked Flint and Steel
    • Blocked TNT

    FAQ (open)

    Q: I get a severe message that Permission is not detected, rendering it useless.
    A: This plugin is built to work with Permissions, not the default one. GroupManager is also an option.

    Q: Where are the nodes?
    A: Freaking look up in Installation guide.

    Q: Using a dev build, it says I'm running 1.0.0, why?
    A: This is not originally played to be a prank. I haven't have time to update my plugin.yml to match the version.

    Q: I get a direct link to the Github version page. Do I install the version there?
    A: Yes.

    Q: Help! I can't use the version command and my players are setting lava via a bucket and it's not deleted!
    A: This is a current bug that will be fixed in the next minor update.

    Didn't realize the title was taken, but the original plugin was inactive, so I might call this my own version

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    The other plugin was called AntiGrief, not AntiGreif ;)
  3. Yeah, you spelled the word "grief" wrong in every single instance. I know that English isn't the native language of a lot of plug-in developers, but please, PLEASE, try to use good grammar and spelling.
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    Ahh, but I might revamp the name to BlockGreif.

    @LegendarySandwich Sorry about that. English was my first language.

    Did you guys try it?
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    I'm testing the plugin as we speak. You should include the version number in the title, by the way.
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    "Greif" is not a word. "i" before "e" except after "c," my friend.
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    Latest 2 changlog entries need to be outside of a spoiler
    You also need to add you plugins version number to the title
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    Hey Captain Obvious, do you even read other replies?
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    I don't think he understood what you were saying judging by his response, so I tried to clarify. Is it so terrible to reinforce something that someone else has said? Also, if I hadn't read your post, would that make me a criminal? Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.
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    "/facepalm /facepalm"

    And that clearly is you. Yes, you are a very, very, very bad criminal.
    The original poster already responded on the comment about his misspelling:

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    I saw that, and it doesn't make sense to me. I figured he misunderstood, so I attempted to point the problem out again.
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    I see, I thought he understood, but perhaps he didn't. You are very right to think that he misunderstood, since he did not even attempt to edit the OP.
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    Please take your discussion into Private Messages, please.

    And tamera, just look under the title in the post.
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    Can you pleas add a source code pleas?

    Edit : didn't noticed that there is a source code download, sorry anout this spam
    Tell me if you want me to delete this comment :)
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    300th post

    DO NOT UPDATE, I'm working on it, just repairing some stuff.

    @beatcomet That's okay. I appreciate feedback. Just give me credit for the source.
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    Nice. You can also edit the thread title with "Thread Tools" up by "Search this thread" and "Watch Thread" in the right-hand corner above the OP.
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    I know that it's possible.
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    Yeah, we were talking about correcting where you say "greif" by changing it to "grief."
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    Thanks for that issue. I have fixed it. Now I got to start developing 2.0.0 since I'm majorily overhauling.

    NOTE: Moving lava will be blocked. If all of your incinerators is stationary, you won't have to panic of losing those.
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    Lol, you fixed one of them. "BlockGreif" still contains the misspelled form.
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    I'll fix that as soon I fix up the code, change every "AntiGreif" into "BlockGrief" and I'm trying to get the version system to work.
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    Oh, okay. Good luck!
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    Fully working at 2.0.0 with a few flaws:

    • Version command doesn't work, so I plan on finding another way to call the /blockgrief version function. It'll take awhile before I get a minor update out.
    • The source code of lava did not disappear because it's probably due to an error.
    • Flint and Steel material event removed. It's also called "Fire" event, because flint and steel triggers the block-place event.
    • Permission nodes are updated, you may or may not have to update. It worked for me for the old nodes. Please reference to the installation guide.

    • Fix the version command to work.
    • Add an event that if a lava bucket is in a player's hand and check to see if they have the node, and delete it. Whoever does NOT have a node, can grant access to that item.
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    Actually, it's: "i" before "e" except after "c", or sounding like "a" as in "neighbor" and "weigh", my friend :)
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    Hahah, I know, it's the shortened form.
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    I'm feeling a little bit sad because no one is using my plugin at all.

    If your server has this plugin, please PM me so I can come and see it live!

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    For the version command try something like this:
    PluginDescriptionFile pdfFile = plugin.getDescription();
    if(plugin.permissions.has(event.getPlayer(), "BlockGreif.version")
    event.getPlayer().sendMessage("Running BlockGreif version " + pdfFile.getVersion());
    If you need any more help, PM me. I'll be glad to help.

    On a side note, don't worry too much if people don't seem to use this plugin. It's your first plugin, and there are many other plugins that do this. It's a great job for your first one though. Once you come up with a more unique idea, you'll get many more users.
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    Thanks for the help @Taco, but I don't have it planned for do right now.
    You could help me cancel a lava bucket's dropping lava event.
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    public void onPlayerInteract(PlayerInteractEvent event)
    if(BlockGreif.Permissions != null && !BlockGreif.Permissions.has(event.getPlayer(), "BlockGreif.lava") || BlockGreif.Permissions == null && event.getPlayer().isOp()))
    if(event.getAction() == Action.RIGHT_CLICK_BLOCK && event.getItem() != null)
    if(event.getItem().getTypeId() == 327)
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    Thanks. It would be recommended if you just give me the code in PM.

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