Inactive [SEC] BlockControl Control TNT, Water, Fire lava and more! + multiworld item blacklist [1.3 R0.1]

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    This plugin was workig great but today for some resone it is stoping me from crafting and i am op.
    funny thing is my friend can craft in the world witch is ok, everyone should be able to craft.

    I also cant pick anything up like, stones wood ect, ect please help how can i get crafting working again ? :-(

    permitions.yml is:
    default: true
    - parachute.reloadcmd
    - parachute.enable
    - parachute.freefallHelmet
    - parachute.useByClicking
    - fishpeople.infiniteair
    - fishpeople.invinciblehelmet
    - BlockControl.water
    - BlockControl.tnt

    BlockControl.yml is:
    broadcast message: true
    use op perms: false
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    Hmm... what version are you using... also, I think I know why it is doing it :D. I'll give you a fix in a bit.
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    I just deoped myself and now it works
    so it only stops me from crafting when im op
    can this be fixed ?
    apart from that I love this plugin.

    Also inBlockControl.yml

    it did have

    broadcast message: true
    use op perms: false
    - 10
    - 43

    what is 10 and 43 and should i put this back in ?

    Thanks J & R
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    10 and 43 are blocked crafting/pickup id's :).
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    can op use crafting and pick when ...use op perms is true ?
    broadcast message: true
    use op perms: false
    - 10
    - 43
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    Yes they can :).
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    could you please add a version that stops spread of lava, i already have a mineTNT plugin, that means tnt only kills stone and i tried 10000 TNT and server does not lag at all! my users reported perfect speed!
    that means i would like to sort out lava, so could you stop lava spreading....
    wait, ill take a screenshot.

    one lava, results in this..... 2012-05-15_08.55.34.png 2012-05-15_08.55.38.png []

    could lava be stationary like the top picture, and keep being stationary, as i have had people make massive lava flows in high places, meaning it all flows down, and i could not clear it up, and needed new map. that also means it has to be op-proof as OP can do everything, it means that even if you cant place it, they just use worldedit!
    i am looking for a good lava plugin that means that everyone can be safe from lava, and if OPs greif, it should be easier to tidy up!! my server is not massive! if they did 80 blocks lava server crashes, that can be a saviour :)

    my OPs are inexperienced, and often make 500000 tnt, or replace 5000 air with lava, but they learn fast.... it happens often enough though, and its bad for my players.

    can lava just stay like this, and not flow? View attachment 9655

    please quote this post, so it shows up in my alerts, as when i find a good plugin, i can never find it again!
    can i turn tnt placing on? tnt will only kill stone for me anyway.

    bad luck! i dont have worldguard, try using izone, it is very good! :D

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    Ok, I'm going to ask that you stop spamming the thread... and just make one post. You can block users from using lava bucket with permissions. As for lavaspread... I really can't stop global lavaspread with a tremendous amount of lag and a lot of glutting. I would recommend that you use permissions for world edit, and be careful who you op.

    Speaking of updates.. A new version of blockcontrol will be releasing soon! Some really great features, so keep your eyes peeled :).
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    ok, and it would not let me do one post, as it would not let me chat under the pictures, forcing me to do 2, ok... thats bad, do you know anywhere that has it? i very much need it!

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    How do i make so that people on my server can only make use flint and steel and not fire charges because doing BlockControl. fire allows them to be able to use both but i don't want that.

    Please Help.
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    It is just, that is the perm :).
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    yes but that perm lets them use fire charges too. Fire charges can be used at spawn if it is protected and my spawn is made of wool lol.
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    Well, why would you let your users use flint & steel, but not fire charge?
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    Because you can use fire charges to set spawn on fire even if it is claimed as a safezone, and this is not just my server it has happened to a different server i played on, but flint and steel doesn't work at spawn so that's alright. I think its a glitch but you can do it on every server.
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    When you say safezone... what do you mean by safezone?
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    I am using kittysmite Link:

    When someone hits the cats and dogs they get hit bye lightning unfortunaly if the cats or dogs are in a wooden house the lighting sets fire to the house and the fire spreds .

    Is ther anyway you can stop this bye adding somthing to your BlockControl but still have kittysmite injure the player trying to kill the pets.

    I hope you can help.

    All the best J & R
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    Hmm, I might be adding a fire-spread prottection :).

    Also, guys I apologize to the fullest extent for not updating, I have been incredibly busy with so many things
    The first chance I get, I will update BlockControl!!
  20. I updated to the latest version, and it prevented players from picking up any items. It flooded chat with "playername tried to pick up cobblestone"
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    In the config set op permissions to true :).
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    Hi have you added a fire spread prottection now ? if yes do i have to redownload ?

    I gave a friend gamemode control and he droped a lohen egg in the normal world. The lohen came out and started throwing fire and the fire spead and burnt the house down is ther any way of stoping this.

    I tryed blocking the egg id 383:61 but this dident work either .

    Would be great if you could help

    All the best Jack.
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    Ahh, sorry I didn't add damagevalue support :(. That is in next update, and I am really sorry, I have exams and stuff, so I will be getting it done soon :).
  24. Did you add it so that fire spread can be turned off?
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    It has not been updated yet, so much wrk to do, and so little time xD

    BTW, updated for 3.0 :D.
  26. Man if you have all the permissions for 1 group like i have you cant pick any items :X can you help me out how to fix that orr do something ? :X
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    Can you Make it Just LAva and TNT
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    it is only 1.2.4 i need 1.2.5
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    Can you possibly add in the ore's?
    14(gold), 15(iron), 16(coal), 21(lapis), 56(diamond), 73(redstone), 74 (glowing redstone)

    As well as the 2 new blocks (that I want control over)
    123 (Emerald Ore) and 130 (Ender Chest)

    The last to aren't anywhere near important at the moment as bukkit still has the code freeze and probably won't have a release for 1.3 for awhile after it's released. But the first one's I would like sometime in the future as I have mod's and admin's that I don't want being able to place that stuff.


    The 1.2.4 is the version of the plugin...not the Minecraft Version support...

    This works on 1.2.5 but BLOCK CONTROL (the plugin) is ONLY v1.2.4

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    hi, can you make a function which enables the old infinite fire spread, please?
    Me and my friends want to make a apocalypse server where natural disasters should be everyday life [tnt]:rolleyes:

    thx [sheep]

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