Inactive [SEC] AuthMe v2.5.1 - High Performance Authorization plugin [1818/1.1-R1]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by pomo4ka, Jun 19, 2011.

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    What does it do to mcmmo??
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    When someone is logging in with a cap letter and you get kicked, mcMMO creates additional record in its stats file (mcmmo.users) with the same nickname and wipes the old one.
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    How do i fix this
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    How ist the PHP code für a login system?
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    by using mysql for mcmmo
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    Hello guys, why normal players in my server are able to use /register password like ops?
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    everyone spawns beneeth the actual spawn point :(

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    have u tryed /setspawn 1
    1 is the radius, maybe could be that
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    when i set 1 behind it it says: 'spawn set for group 1'
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    mmm :(
    im using admincmd and here theres /setspawn [radius],
    maybe ure using another plugin like essencials...
    anyway that seems a problem with other plugin than authme.
    in my case authme is allowing people with same name joining on my server kicking who already is playing :(
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    i use essentials yes
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    Today, all dbs got a reset and now all my players had to register again. Do you know why?
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    Ive tested with essentials and it works fine, theres no players online being kicked because someone with same name is triyng join. It seems a problem with admincmd.

    Idk if this solve your problem, or if u have already doed...
    /setspawn <Name of Group>
    u need do this for all groups u have on permissions, theres a default group but i recomend make fro all groups and type correctly idk if this is case sensitive to prevent write like u see on permissions.
    i hope it works, with me worked fine.. but i prefer admincmd, ive alredy reported this on their thread.
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    NEVER EVER USE AUTHME WITH MYSQL (if u dont want be raped like we were today...)
    Today, my hosting provider shutdown sql for 1 hour. And guess what?
    Authme let anyone to log on anyone without password so they can grief everything. They were able to log in even as ops :(.
    Please fix it.
    Best things to do, is make Authme will save sql files to local disk drive sqlite files every x hours, and when connecting to sql fails, it will use them. Otherwise many servers can be screwed like our today :(

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    I translated it to German:



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    How i can see what password the user used?
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    One issue with authme...
    If i add my name to op list, i am kiked out if someone enter with same name.
    To solve just delete all players from op.
    Theres now other issue..
    If someone try enter with same name, the player already on server will be unable to use the console to talk or use commands.
    To solve the player need disconnect and connect again.. this is some anoying but until now i dont know any other way to fix :(
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    For me it goes with any version of the net can you give me the link plugin for 1.1 or gibs not yet.

    Bei mir geht das mit der version irgendwie net kannst du mir den plugin link für 1.1 geben oder gibs den noch nicht
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    NEED UPDATE!!! [fire]
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    Hi, how to set point to teleport player after register ... ??
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    This plugin needs to be updated! It crashes a client as soon as it joins!
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    Im using latest stable Cbukkit for 1.1 and Authme work fine.

    But problem is, when I use mysql db to store data...and db went down.. anyone can connect without password = mega grief:(
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    i love this plug in ive been using it for a long time. but ive noticed a problem that i really need fixed.
    if you die, click return to menu, rejoin server, respawn, login, you are automatically taken to where you died.

    is there a way to fix this?
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    i have the honor of take up to date this plugin, check for "AuthMe Reloaded" is only the continuation and some bug fixing of wondefull work by pomo4ka and Whoami!

    i have fixed it in my release

    i have add ForceSingleSession to little work around of this "bug"

    hope that u are glad to hear that AuthMe is not death!

    this is the last project page

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    I updated all the links, now they are leading to a new version, which is engaged in "darkwarriors", I thank him for that. Sorry, that can no longer develop plug-in.

    Theme has been updated.
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    Hi, i'm a mac and I have an issue. Whenever I take too long to log in, the Server kicks me. Is there a way to get rid of this, or at least make the time last longer? (BTW Everything else is great) THX
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    set this with major int:

    # After what time players who fail to login or register
    # should be kicked. Set to 0 to disable.
    timeout: 30

    see the whole configuration help:
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    anyone try to connect authme with wordpress?
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    There is a big bug, People are able to login as anyone with some sort of glitch.

    Playerlist for ?5mrchasez?f?f was not updated. Use a shorter displayname prefix.
    Playerlist for ?5mrchasez?f?f was not updated. Use a shorter displayname prefix.
    Playerlist for ?5mrchasez?f?f was not updated. Use a shorter displayname prefix.
    Playerlist for ?5mrchasez?f?f was not updated. Use a shorter displayname prefix.
    Playerlist for ?5mrchasez?f?f was not updated. Use a shorter displayname prefix.
    Playerlist for ?5mrchasez?f?f was not updated. Use a shorter displayname prefix.
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    seems that is a your usses nothing is change from previus version.. if player dint know the password is so strage that u can connect..

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