Inactive [SEC] AreaGuard v2.2 - Players work for tokens, then they claim areas to themself. [1.2.5-R2.0]

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What do you think about this plugin?

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    Okay, I finally returned to developing AreaGuard, and I started it's refactorization process. I will focus on making code more readable, improving performance and code extensibility, removing redundancy, making translations support, including requested features (the good ones) and making bug fixes.

    Sorry for that break in developement, but I needed a vacation too. :p But now I'm back and I'll do my best to improve my plugins. :)

    Information about AreaGuard 2.3 progress of work
    • I refactored all classes except main, which I'm refactoring now.
    • I made a translations engine, now I'm rewriting the whole code to use it.
    • I made a function displaying flag state in corresponding colour. This will be important for flags displaying, when I'll make an API.

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    Information about AreaGuard 2.3 progress of work
    • I'm almost done with refactoring configuration handler.
    • I also made some performance improvements in file-handling code.
    • I'm not sure what you guys prefer, so I made a pool to gather more opinions. It's about having descriptions of each value in data files ("value : this is something, bla bla bla."). That solution probably makes such files more understandable, but also highly increases their size and decreases clearness. It's also slower to read such form of data files into the memory. So I'll probably stay with unexplained data files and explanation on the AreaGuard BukkitDev ([here]), but I want to know what you, users, think about it. So, please, answer the pool, here it is: [click].
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    Information about AreaGuard 2.3 progress of work
    • I'm done with refactoring configuration handler.
    • I'm done with refactoring data files reader.
    • I made a lot of performance updates.
    • I changed data structure, in which tokens information is stored, to increase performance.
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    Information about AreaGuard 2.3 progress of work
    • I'm almost done with refactoring area check function. This will highly increase AreaGuard performance. :)
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    Please add every command to have own perrmission :( I want to change the player commands..

    + add a command for admin when maked a protected area to can use command like a -

    /ag vert

    Will be more easy to protect the full house and the ground below..

    + Remove this stupid counting.. I cant move a plots if they are not 20block one by one...
    Add it to config. To can choose
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    Hm, but adding permissions for each command will slow it down. :( What exactly you want to do? Maybe I'll manage to do it somehow.

    How /ag vert should work? I don't understand it. There's /ag expand command already, if you mean resizing selection .

    Which counting :O? There's no limitations of size, unless you set it up manually in config. And even then, admin is not limites by them.
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    Hey Fifi, I use this plugin for my server and depend on it. I was wondering if you are working on updating it? Because it's an amazing plugin I'd love to be able to continue using.
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    I'm currently working on refactored and updated version, so it will probably be avaiable soon. ;)
  9. I have the same fault. I'm running vault and iconomy. everything seems ok except i can't buy anything.

    I've tried Vault on and off, both get the same result..

    10 : Minimal area width.
    10 : Minimal area length.
    5 : Minimal area height.
    500 : Minimal area cost.
    0 : Amount of tokens granted for one experience point.
    0 : Amount of exp needed to increase level by 1, or 0 for standard Minecraft level behaviour (default).
    0 : If ignition other than caused by flint and steel or fire charge is denied? (1 = true, 0 = false, default 1)
    1 : If explosions are globally denied? (1 = true, 0 = false, default 1)
    0 : If PVP, monster spawning and monster damage are denied in areas? (1 = true, 0 = false, default 0)
    0 : If PVP is denied outside of areas (if not, it just don't affect settings)? (1 = true, 0 = false, default 0) [use it when you want to allow PVP in, and deny outside of areas, allowing it only in chosen "PVP arenas"]
    100 : Maximal area width (0 = unlimited).
    100 : Maximal area length (0 = unlimited).
    100 : Maximal area height (0 = unlimited).
    0 : Maximal area cost (0 = unlimited).
    1 : If enchanting should charge player (1 = yes, 0 = no, default 1).
    0 : Amount of tokens earned for one economy coin (0 = indirect Vault economy disabled, more than 0 = indirect Vault economy enabled; default 0).
    1 : Cost of protecting one block (0 = direct Vault economy integration disabled, more than 0 = tokens system disabled and replaced by buying protection for money, default 0)?
    0 : If Vault permissions are enabled (1 = yes, 0 = no, default 0).
    0 : If AreaGuard is denied from sending usage statistics via PluginMetrics (1 = yes, 0 = no, default 0).
    269 : Selection tool item ID (default 269 = wooden shovel).
    287 : Information tool item ID (default 287 = string).

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    I'm still not sure, but somebody told me on BukkitDev about possible reason, so I guess I will be able to fix it in next release. :)
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    I'm very interested in this mod. A feature I would like to have on my server is being able to purchase land to build on. I have a few questions as to what can be done.
    1. Can players trade owner ship of this property to some one else IE sell the house/land
    2. Can I set areas that are not buy able?
    3. It looks like I can set the height and depth allowed is this true?
    4. Do areas have memory? If a player is banned or stops playing can I Quickly Delete the contents of an area to return it to normal?

    I want my players to start off living off the initial main town where they would fight monsters and make money selling treasures they find. After a few hours of saving money players can spend money on land outside the walls of the castle to build a house in. Players CAN NOT destroy any blocks in the world. Wood is gathered from a refilling chest at a lumber mill and stone in a query.

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