Inactive [SEC/ADMN] LocationReport v0.1.3 - Reporting using signs [1.0.1-R1]

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    This plugin allows one to place signs in order to report places. Admins can later view a list of these and teleport to the location of these signs. Admins will also be notified when they join the server and when a new report is placed.

    Please do leave a comment if you enjoy using this plugin :).

    This plugin makes the complicated easy.
    This was created by request by @Charlie905

    Demonstration Video
    Please watch in the highest available quality for readability.

    How to use:
    You create a report by placing a signpost with [Report] on the first line.
    The second line can be used as a short comment.
    Admins use /locrep or /locationreport.

    Permission nodes:
    #Allows one to make a report sign.

    #Allows one to get a list of the reports, teleport there and remove report signs.

    * A new-age permissions plugin. PermissionsBukkit for example.

    * No configuration necessary.

    * Lightweight.
    * Notifies admins when a new report is made.
    * Non-admins can not destroy ReportSigns.
    * Permissions-based.
    * Couldn't be easier.


    <Edit by Moderator: Redacted bit url>

    Show Spoiler
    How does it help my plugin?
    Plugin-wise, in absolutely no way.

    Then why on Earth would I donate?
    Time and effort was put into this plugin. Maybe this plugin makes your life easier, gets your server more players or simply makes you and the players have a good time.
    How do I donate?
    You can donate through PayPal. If you do not have the means to do so, you can also "donate" by showing your appreciation in the form of a nice comment. These donations and comments keep me motivated. Oh, and it keeps me alive in this overpriced studentroom I live in. It means the world to me.

    Thank you for reading this.

    Version 0.1.3
    * Updated for CraftBukkit 1.0.1-R1

    Version 0.1.2
    * Updated for CraftBukkit #1542

    Version 0.1.1
    * Fix for folder not being created.

    Version 0.1
    * Initial release.

    Any feedback is more than welcome!
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    How can I express my love for you?
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  4. I'm getting the following error when placing a sign:
    Something went terribly wrong! Code 1

    The following error when breaking a sign:
    Something went terribly wrong! Code 3

    /locrep doesn't show placed signs

    Using CB #1337
    PermissionsEx 1.14
    Sign modification plugins: ColoredSigns and a custom plugin which logs sign text and scans for obscene words, etc (custom made)

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    Thanks a lot man. This is gonna be a real help when I finally get my 24/7 server up. Thanks for making it for me!

    Oh and if you want, just ask for my server IP and you can join it anytime when it's up. We're going to make you Gold VIP as well (VIP is only for friends and donators, so your lucky :) ).
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    I have been looking through my code, and I simply can not find out what is wrong with it. Both error codes correspond to an IO Exception, meaning something went wrong reading or writing the data file. I have had random errors before, but only on first launch. I believe, and hope, this is a very isolated, random error. Try deleting the LocationReport folder in your plugins folder, and restart the server (not reload).

    The sign modification plugins should not cause any problems. It may, but I do not think so, be caused by PermissionsEx. I have tested this with PermissionsBukkit.

    Tell me if the problem persists.

    Is anyone else experiencing this error too? (Besides @TowelieDOH )
  7. I noticed that it hasn't even created the folder with the configuration file :confused:.
    What should the default values and the config file name be ? (i'm gonna try creating one manually)
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    I think I know what the problem is, the folder is not being created.
    I hope the new version (0.1.1) solves the problem.

    Please tell me if it helped.
  9. I'll let you know when i restart the server because i can't do it right now :)

    It works great now.
    Thank you very much, this will save my admins a lot of work (so far they had to post in a forum thread :p)

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    Love it but can you make it they do a command like: /report <player> <reason> and it places the sign were they are standing and when an admin comes along and right clicks the sign right, it shows when report was summbited and time etc, and shows the amdin the reason in chat of cource. that would be epic :)
  11. This is amazing, I was thinking about installing some kind of Support Ticket system on my server but I cancelled my plans and installing this :D
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    The idea seems to be incredibly good! I've been looking for this. But i got a problem. I'm using permissions 3 by Yeti. My Members have the permission. But i can't make it work. I always get the Message "You don't have the permissions to do this." when i typ /locrep. I am Op and because it didnt work, i gave myself the locationreport.admin permission. Still the same. :/ What now?
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    Well ehm, this is something that has to do with the permissions plugin you are using. I am using the default way of adding permissions. I think permissions 3 by Yeti does not support this, and is, outdated because of it.

    I'm not a permissions expert, but have you had the same problem with any other plugin?
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    No. This is the first time, and there are about 45 plugins installed.
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    This is a great plugin for my staff members so that members can place the signs and the grief with asap.

    However, i have noticed a problem, Our location report appears to say that there is a report when there isnt (when you tp to it you just drop from sky level and fall to your death there is no sign there). Is there anyway that you can clear all of the reports so that the plugin doesnt show any?

    keep up the good work though!
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    Hey there, glad you like the plugin.
    This sign is probably in the list because there was once in fact a sign, however it got destroyed somehow. What one can do, is place a new sign at this location and then destroy this.
    An easier option is just to remove the storage file, locationreport.txt (in plugins/LocationReport).
    You could also just remove the folder LocationReport.

    Whichever works for you :)
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    This does not work with groupmanager essentials, I make a small donation so you can drink a Coke while reading this, anyway I think is very good idea plugin, so I never lose hope, thank you.
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    Hey there, thank you kindly for your donation. It has inspired me to do just that, see the spoiler below. Anyway, I have looked into Groupmanager Essentials, I believe you can make it work by getting EssentialsGroupBridge.jar which you can find here. Do tell me if it works :)

    Show Spoiler

    Pardon the bad quality and dirty screen.
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    Its plugins like this that are off the chain man, I love it, just make it to where you can make a report on the wall e.g. Sign on a wall/block instead of it having to be standalone sign, Enjoy some $$ Ive sent :p My PP Email Has something to do with Snip3r and Gmail ;) lol
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    Hey there, thank you!

    The reason I left this out, is because it tends to be glitchy when people remove the block behind the sign (removing the sign itself too). The teleport sometimes ended up inside the block, and most importantly, if a sign is somehow removed without actually "removing" the reportsign, it is hard to clean up. With signposts it's just a matter of placing a sign at the original place and removing it.
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    I guess i didnt think of that ( then again i didnt think much more of than what i wanted lol) But keep working on this or something similar because I love things that make reporting griefing alot easier, better than logging in as the owner and everyone bombs you with reports/questions :p
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    Updated for CraftBukkit #1542.
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    Updated for CraftBukkit 1.0.1-R1
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    Wow! I can see this being extremely helpful.

    Ideas as you continue your development...

    Config that allows you to adjust how far back from the sign you are when you tp, so you can see sign

    Another sign type called "Show" that allows players to set a sign to show off their build. Keeping track of 2 where you need to deal with something a player reported and one you can look at to see the awesome new builds.

    Very nice work!
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    Dead link..
    Can you reupload please ?
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    The link seems to be working on my end :x
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    Yes, now it works. x)
    Thank you for this plugin. ;)
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    I found a Bug: Always when I destroy a Report sign and logout and login it says theres a new Report. But when I type in /locrep then there stands nothing...
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    Hey there,

    This is due to a sign being removed in a non-legal way. For example, the block beneath the sign got destroyed, or a creeper/TNT blew up the sign. There are a few things you can do:

    - Remove locationreport.txt in plugins/LocationReport (Only do this when you are sure there are no real reports).
    - Type /locrep 1 to teleport to the location where the sign once was, at this location, place an empty sign and destroy it.

    I will probably add in a command later to flush all the storage, so admins can clear the list when there are no "real" reports.
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    As with alot of other plugins, this one breaks upon Bukkti 1.1 R5 and Up. Please update when you have time! Thanks for this great plugin!

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