Inactive [SEC/ADMN] Limited Creative v1.2.3b - Sep. Inventory, Creative Regions, Restrictions [1.2.5-R1.0]

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    Limited Creative - Seperated Inventory, Creative Regions, Restrictions (drop/pvp/...)
    Version: 1.2.3-beta

    This plugin gives you 3 main features to prevent creative players to destroy your economy/the fun of other players.

    Main Features (all optional):
    • Individual inventories per game mode (survival/creative)
    • Limit actions in creative mode (drop items, pvp, blace/break blacklist, ...)
    • WorldGuard Region-Support to allow creative in selected areas!
    Download and more info on DevBukkit

    News (full changelog per releases):
    • 2012/04/13: Beta release for 1.2 releases of WorldGuard
    • 2012/03/16: Minor release bugfixes
    • 2012/03/02: Tagged as first and last 1.1 release
    • 2012/02/26: Small bugfixes
    • 2012/02/25: Support for Survival-Areas in creative-worlds, performance improvement, and more
    • 2012/02/10: Fixed piston bypass (using multiple blocks xD)
    • 2012/02/03: Fixed piston bypass
    • 2012/02/01: Major issue fixed
    • 2012/01/30: 1.1-R3: Looking into Issues (Debug-Mode)
    • 2012/01/27: Beta-Release for Bukkit Recommended Build 1.1-R1
    • 2012/01/24: First Beta-Release with all mayor features
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    This looks good, I'll test it out tomorrow [redflower] I like the drop items feature.
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    Update: New Beta-Release for Bukkit RB
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    tijn verweij

    This is awesome.
    Can you also make something like you can only use creative flying but not item spawning or block destroying?
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    Well, the new version 0.9.1 (as approved by bukkit) has the option to blacklist any item/block to use/break (blacklist: '*'). But i think you shouldn't abuse this plugin to let people fly. Aren't there enough plugins that allow people to fly?
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    Definitely would be better and a huge help to my server if this works opposite with the world being creative and the flags being survival. :D thanks in advance if you add this option!
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    Awesome plugin, thanks!
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    Is there any sense of updating this thread, if it doesn't get in to the Plugin Releases-Forum?
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    Oh but it does!
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    How can i do this with your plugin?

    I need a region for my "builders" group. Inside this region they should be in creative mode and have an other inventory. When they leave this region, they should automaticly change to survival. when they enter this region there status should change to creative. I tried for about an hour now. Doesnt work. This should only affect certain people.

    can you help me? :/
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    Update please
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    You describe exactly what the plugin does:

    BTW: This thread isn't for support. Use the bukkit-dev-page and create tickets or look for contact.
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    does this plugin allow ops to do everything without putting in permissions?
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    Awesome plugin using this now on my server, also there is a typo in the Main Features
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    Hello! this is the plugin what i need! But when i intalled it, with bukkit 1.2.5 R.1.0 and R.1.3 does not work, gives me this error.

    Please can u help me? i already updated worldguard and worldedit. Thanks
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    You have to use the latest Beta for 1.2.5. Not the latest release (v1.0.1), because this doesn't support current worldguard.
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    Thanks i will update this!

    Hello! I am using this right now, i fixed that problem but i maybe found a bug ingame or is a conf issue.

    I was create a certain region with flag /region flag stuff gamemode creative
    Then i added 4 people as owner of the region. At this point everything works fine
    But when thoes guys Quit or close the game, and he comes back, that guy have creative mode in entire world, and loss the previous inventory, I am using Multiinv too.

    maybe is a bad configuration or bad argument ingame, can u help me whit this?

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    how to get rid of that retarted "weakness" bubbles. Players who use this creative -> they have those bubbles coming out. For example when u eat rotten flesh and get the "poisoning" :E FIX PLEASE or MAKE CONFIG TO EITHER WANT IT OR NOT
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    is the world type automatic detectet or manual

    world 1 Survival
    Pixelart Creative
    Stargate Survival

    i must configurate or detectet the plugin automaticly?
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    First of all; nice job, it's very useful.
    But, is it possible to exempt someone from these restrictions?

    - Export
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    LC does support automatic detection of GameMode per World with "MultiVerse", but not with the plugin "Multiworld" or any other. There is no way of manual configuration for those other plugins.

    There are permissions you can use (if enabled in config).

    By the Way
    Use Ticket-System on DevBukkit-Site
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    Please can you see this? thanks
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    anybody home?
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    if you place things in ctrative and destroy theme in survayvel you stll get stuff cane you turn thate off?
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    Yes i have found a way around this, Well it's not exacly what you want but its simalar. If you don't want people such as your admins spawning diamond blocks for example and placing them then you could use the blacklist place diamondblock in this plugin, then what you could also do is go to essentials config. and go to the spawn item blaclist then disable it there. Or in essentials you could make it so they can't destroy certian blocks.
    Also another good method would be to get honeypot ( trap blocks ) or just to get worldgaurd and worldgaurd the area.
    I would reccomend any of them but you should have some kind of rollback plugin just incase something gets broke that you don't want, I use hawk eye, but there are some other good ones out there.
    Hope this helped,
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    Id like to see a video on it before I committed to using it. Sounds awesome though I was wondering if allowing some players to use creative would be a bad idea but with this I suppose I could handle it better. So ya anyone who has mastered this plugin and could post a video maybe of the admin side and the effected player side...not trying to sound all beggar lol.
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    When will it be updated to 1.3.1 ? currently causes errors.
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    im using 1.3.1 bukkit dev build and 1.3.1 limited creative , but it seems like i dont have permissions to use any of the commands even though im OP and also the players with the rights to use it , doesnt work.
    I use bpermissions & the donator rank BUILDER has been always able to use lc creative and lc survival commands , but now suddently they dont? wtf
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