Inactive [SEC/Admn]IpLock -- passwordprotect or mark playernames, linked to an ip, as safe[V 0.5][1.3.2]

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    problem is i use this for setting passwords and logging in, lock xauth, i could not take off the setpassword and login function of my server :(
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    Well the other IpLock plugin is actually for IP. This one is for password setting. I just did a video about the other one and will be posting hopefully soon so you can see how the other one works. I like the other better because t uses IPs and DYNs to prevent hacking of player accounts.
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    Keep the good work up! I want this to be updated too! :)
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    iplock does the same. it locks an account to 1 ip AND makes a password system if they dont want a locked account.
    thats why i like it.
    however i might change to using crazylogin, so then i might get it.
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    Well if your interested here is a video I did of it.
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    well, i am interested, as iplock has some major errors and isnt seeming to be updated.
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    This is much better then IpLock and is easier to use. The developer and I have been talking about it all day.
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    didnt no there was another but i still like this one "IpLock" version bc me n my friends dont have any issues logging in.

    for me on my server....

    i logged into my profile on my laptop, i cant move bc i need to enter my pswd, i login and save my login credeantials on that pc ip, i login from another pc on the same network n asks me to login with pswd. i can login typeing it in, if entered wrong i get booted off the server. and u cant move the screen or move ur body untill u login under my server.

    idk y u pple r having problems besides the point of shutting ur server down u get a small iplock error up2date thing but booting it up i get no errors whats so ever.

    so i guess im lucky error free on on booting up my server.

    that IPLock version is more secure than this one bc of the lack of MAC from your computer/router thing and making it more secured but other than that, im good of where im at. :)
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    how can i make it when they login they spawn at spawn?
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    Problem, for some reason, players can access the commands for the factions plugin even before they login. This is a bad thing because they can just login into the account of the admin of factions and disband their factions even even without loggin in.
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    Please update his plugin Stg...If you do, im willing to donate :D
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    Please, sgt, i will donate if you update the plugin :D
  14. I just finished a part of the big update I am doing. A friend of mine is teaching me sql, so I might change to sql in the future. For now I have added the /reset <Player> command and added permissions :D

    Version 0.5 has been released :D

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  15. I just updated it
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  17. I already had this plugin for a while, but just wanted to say thats it's working great! :D
  18. Hey there Sgt Tailor,

    I cannot reach the IpLock page on Bukkit dev for almost a week now. From the activity and posts there were before I can't imagine you'd just quit it.

    Can you look into this or get back to me if you actually did quit it? In that case I would unfortunately have to move on to another plugin :'(.

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    I have contacted both the developers of the plugin and according to them, bukkit had the plugin removed. Runemoro has provided me with a link where he will post the most updated version of iplock here. However, the latest build of iplock 1.1 hasen't been released yet since the lastest isn't compatible with 1.5.1 yet. Sgt aka Sw123 in bukkit dev said that he is still trying to get Iplock back on bukkit and its possible it could take a while since Runemoro hasen't replied to my messages anymore.

    I would like to change plugins however, doing so will reset all the passwords of players and other people might be able to login as other members.
  20. Thanks for the heads up mikeyriver.

    I'm still waiting for the bukkit page but I am guessing it will never happen. The version on the page you recommended shows up as 1.0 instead of the 1.1 that it states on the 'latest' page.

    Maybe it is time for another plugin. Does anyone know a good one to replace this? Is the IPLock (almost the same name xD) any good?

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    As LockIP is gone, I moved to Authme reloaded with this method:

    1. be sure login commands are logged in server.log
    2. grep command server.log|grep login >pass.txt
    3. Import pass.txt into excel, delimit is space, remove useless columns (leave only name and password)
    4. create pivot table name, Row Labels: Name, password, Values: Count of password
    5. on top of pivot chart (beside password) select Value filters->Top10, use Top 1
    6. report layout is tabular form, all totals to off on top menu), copy to new workbook, sort by name, remove passwords without name
    7. convert all names to lowercase, add middle column wih = and export as txt, it should look like
    8. handle it like rakamak password file (steps to convert described ion authme page)

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