Inactive [SEC/Admn]IpLock -- passwordprotect or mark playernames, linked to an ip, as safe[V 0.5][1.3.2]

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  1. NEVER put the thread to sleep!!!! NEVER. But why do you need that code?
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    :O Why not? I thought it only sleeps the particular execution of that one event handling code.

    I don't know, somebody asked for solution to block unnamed players because they can still spawn animals or something like that. I'm not using it (I never had any user without name on my server :confused:), it's written here from scratch, without Eclipse, I just put it there to help him.
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    When is this gonna be updated. Its still such a hassle to reset passwords manually. I have been waiting for awile.
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    I need automatic /safeip after login :( Many of my players don't know about it or are too lazy.
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    I am starting to think this plugin is dead. The author has said there will be an update soon in a few days/few weeks several times now and both of those time frames have come and gone. I sent a message on the 21st of april regarding an update and he said in a week or the week after which at best would have been the 10th or 11th.

    If something has happened that halted progress that is fine but at least an update on progress or whether or not the plugin is in fact going to be updated would be greatly appreciated.
  6. I am sorry to say that I have not worked on IpLock for a long time now. I have been working on several other plugins. I am going to finish the plugin I am working on right now THIS weekend (the plugin is a hunger games plugin). I will put the finishing touches on IpLock that following week and update it.

    I will try to keep you guys up to date.
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    Thank you Sgt_Tailor. Didn't mean to be mean about it, but it is very much an "unfinished and unpolished" plugin and it desperately needs a few functions to really be well... functional. Such as the ability to clear/reset/change passwords in the database. That is pretty much hands down the most important needed feature of all I think. As it stands right now you have to manually take the person out then do a reload or restart to get it to accept the changes (In fact I think it has to be a full restart)
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    To reset sb password you just need to kick him and delete his two lines of ips file. Or maybe you are talking about in-game solution?

    I really need automatic /safeip after login :( I don't want to bother my users with /login, but many of them probably never used /safeip, even if they can (you know, lack of messages-reading, lazyness, etc.).
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    Unfortunately no that doesn't actually work. Altering the file does absolutely nothing during runtime, I don't think the plugin actually "sees" the changes to the file until you reload or restart. (Generally restart cause I don't think reload works properly half the time)

    So yeah that's why that's desperately needed. The automatic safeip after login would be handy but I can't really see that being overly important. Basically you just need to tell your players to stop being lazy ;)
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    Hm, it's strange, it worked for me (but only for deletion of passwords).

    True, but you know how nooby can players be :D And I don't want them to go because "I have to login every time :[ khfnnn" xD
  11. I will try get the password reset thing done as soon as possible :D
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    Btw. IpLocks spams terribly on login and reload. Is the source code avaiable somewhere? I can help fixing it if you are out of time.
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    I have the same problem when I Stop the server.
    I didn't understand the technic to solve this problem:
    [SEVERE] Error occurred while disabling IpLock v0.4 (Is it up to date?)
        at iplock.iplock.onDisable(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.disablePlugin(
        at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.disablePlugins(
        at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.CraftServer.disablePlugins(
        at net.minecraft.server.MinecraftServer.stop(
    Thank you

    PS: without this s*** problem, this plugin is magic ;)
    (quick, quick, an Update please ^^)
  14. This error is NOT a thing you have to worry about. I will fix it in the update I am releasing as soon as possible.
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    It's probably an innocent spam-bug, which affects only performance and do not have any impact on security. Just guessing, but I didn't noticed any irrational IpLock behaviour caused by this.
    Buy anyway it's irritating :p
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    Ok thanks for your answers.
    I'm a little maniac, and I don't like the problems !
  17. It will slightly effect the performance when the server stops/restarts. It will be fixed.
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    Yup, but to be honest it may took... 1/2 cycles? Hihi, almost none. ^^ The biggest problem with it is spam, but it's also rather aestetic thing ;)
  19. I know, that is why I am fixing it :L
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    can you maybe add an option for anonymous proxy players to be kicked or not able to login/register?
    it would really help me out since some people joined my server and started spamming.
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    That sort of thing would be best done via a different plugin entirely. To do that would add a layer of complexity that simply doesn't suit this plugin. There are only so many ways you can stop proxies and they're never 100%.
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    can you make /lockip for all users because that command can only be used by op
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    Hey I made a Dutch Translation of it but in-game it's says: null ?!
    Can u help please?
    I give u a TXT note of it because I can't send a notepad file.

    I hope somebody can help me.

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    Hello could you please make it so you can allow Players to Chat even if they are not logged in.
    Its so annoying.
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    I love this plugin! but please make it so u can view there passwords, i've had alot of people that like my server but forget theres... So please make it so you can view this
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    You can just delete forgotten ones from the configuration file. :)
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    Omg thank you!!!
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    ok ty
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    This plugin looks really cool, but would it be possible to make the admin able to change someone's password? If someone forgets it or someone finds it out, three isn't really anything you can do right now, as I understand it. Thank you.

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