[SEC/ADMN] CoreProtect v2.0 - Fast Block Logging / Rollbacks / Now With Chest Rollbacks [BukkitDev]

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    And to undo a rollback, all you do is /co undo? Just to clarify. And if a player uses TNT to blow something up, will it say? Or will it just say #tnt.
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    Use the same command, but use restore instead of rollback.

    So for example, if you rolled back Notch 2 hours ("/co rollback Notch t:2h"), you could undo it by typing ("/co restore Notch t:2h") - You can also use the normal parameters, so you could only undo it in a certain radius, or only undo certain block types, etc.

    In regards to TNT, it'll show as "#tnt" - So you would roll it back by doing "/co rollback #tnt t:<time> r:<radius>".
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    Hey this is freaking amazing and all but uh how many resources does this plugin take up?? lol
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    Does it also log chest actions?
    Like if i take 1 stone and someone else take 1 cobble.
    Then i can see that like logblock does?
    And if i rollback me and not the other does it work then that it only place the stone back?

    And what about history.
    I checked and it only show the last edit.
    I would like to just get a list by date like logblock does.
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    Logging chest items isn't implemented yet.

    For viewing older edits, enable "double-click" in the configuration file. (And then double click a block!)
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    Alright thanks.
    any eta when you will be working on chestaccess features?
    and would there be any way possible to import logblock data to coreprotect?
    I'm thinking about switching but then i won't be able to rollback earlier destroying etc.
    And not sure if it would be a good idea to run both. and don't let lb store anything but only use it to check logs from history.
    Maybe any suggestions?
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    This is do Fxxxucking cool man thanks
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    Ahh ok thanks. And any way you could make it so for tnt it gives you the player that did it? instead of #tnt? Because then if someone tnt griefs you can roll it back, as well as find the culprit and ban them :p Would be quite helpful :) Same with fire, just realized that it shows up as #fire as well. Most ppl use fire and tnt to grief as well. Makes it hard to catch them if you cant see who did it. Hope you consider this in your next update :3

    P.S. I still love the plugin!! Waaaaaay better than any of the other ones out there, I'm lucky I found this.
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    Is there a way i can make it so my admins can't rollback specific people? Like me, i don't want an angry admin to roll me back and or i don't want a admin who has a person he doesn't like and just rolls him back for punishment.
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    Then that person shouldn't be an admin.


    I 2nd this.
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    Is there a way to check a RADIUS around me for changes?? Sometimes it's not always obvious and like /co rad would be handy to check for changes in say a 7 block radius.
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    Eventually. To note though, for TNT griefing, once you roll it back, you can do a block check on the TNT to see who placed it.

    Definitely something I plan on implementing in the future.
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    I keep on getting this error:

    2012-04-21 12:40:39 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    2012-04-21 12:40:39 [SEVERE] java.lang.NullPointerException
    2012-04-21 12:40:39 [SEVERE]    at com.minerealm.core.CoreProtectionFunctions.log_break(CoreProtectionFunctions.java:415)
    2012-04-21 12:40:39 [SEVERE]    at com.minerealm.core.CoreProtectionEntityListener$1BasicThread.run(CoreProtectionEntityListener.java:54)
    2012-04-21 12:40:39 [SEVERE]    at java.lang.Thread.run(Unknown Source)
    and then after it gives me that around 8 times it gives me :

    2012-04-21 12:45:20 [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    I don't know what's causing this but i just installed the plugin and it was my first time running it. I checked the config files and couldn't find anything that may be causing this.

    EDIT: It seems fixed now. It turns out i forgot to delete LogBlock. :eek:
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    They are my friends but sometimes that get pissy and rage. it'd be nice if there was that in an update
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    What version of CoreProtect were you using when you were getting that error?
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    Intelli, would it possible to say who originally placed it and say who removed it? It would really help if it is in the same text.
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    Ah ok. So if you rollback the tnt using /co rollback #tnt, it'll bring back the original tnt blocks before they were blown up? so you can check? or.
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    Can you fix it so that rollbacks don't change the & in colour codes to ? ...?

    Also, I get an error on console by coreprotect telling me that too many <something> are open (cant remember exactly) and then my server crashes. >:|

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    I've noticed (After being griefed by Avo.) that CoreProtect sometimes misses out blocks when logging them, and won't log interactions with a lockette'd door. So afer the grief I rolled back and the occasional block was missing, good job other than that. helped me alot :)
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    Hey we just got coreprotect on the server, I'm a mod, but I'm annoyed that I can't rollback tnt grief,
    since it doesnt appear to be logged. I don't know what I'm missing but I read here that it should say 'destroyed by tnt',
    I tried the /co rollback u:#tnt t:1h r:20 , but that doesnt change any blocks,
    can anyone help me?

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    It's easily possible to rollback TNT grief.
    You don't need to do the user thing at all actually, you can completely leave that out and just do
    /co rollback t:2m r:50
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    Did you disable TNT logging in the configuration file?

    Yep :)
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    thank you for the quick responses,
    a higher mod says TNT is logged, but the explosions don't seem to be,
    do you have to enable these apart?
    I'll ask the server admin if I see him anyways, he's not on that often

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    Trust me J3rkk, just mess around with it, you will figure it out. I play tricks on my friends all the time, my latest one involved TNT, and I rolled it back for him.
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    I have it for 1.2.5 and my commands dont work? Say I do /co inspect. Nothing happens it doesnt say unknown command or anything. Just blank. Pease help. BTW great plugin:)
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    Maybe you should try re-installing the plugin?
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    The only problem is that if you do not like this plugin and decide to delete it, it takes ages...
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    If your server is hosted that is, if it's on your own computer, it shouldn't take forever.
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    Ahhh well that makes sense then. I host my server, had no clue how long it takes.

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