[SEC/ADMN] CoreProtect v2.0 - Fast Block Logging / Rollbacks / Now With Chest Rollbacks [BukkitDev]

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    Hmm, well, that wouldn't really work for the current inspector - would have to rewrite a bunch of code.

    I definitely agree though that I should implement something like that. Which of the following would you prefer?

    • A. Left click a block with the inspector enabled for standard information. Then type a command (ex: "/co data") to pull all recent data for that block.
    • B. Left click a block with the inspector enabled for standard information. Click it a second time to pull all recent data. (A bit messy if you accidentally double click)
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    Either works, just anything to see more then just the last block change, although the 2nd one seems like a neat way to handle it.
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    1 thing I did not get : How does it prevent grief ? :confused: There is a protection system I missed ?
    Cause Rolling back , Ok , but preventing grief is better no ? Like put up a simple :
    Only {Player} Can build/destroy in This zone .
    If you could do that :p ! Thanks !
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    Also, think you could change how left clicking ontop of a block works? At the moment it's imposible to check a block on the floor without having to break a block beside it. Instead of left clicking a block to check above it, could you make it check the block your clicking like it does when you click the side of a block?
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    That would be towny, residence, or precious stones.

    I really like the idea of B for more ease of use, maybe configurable between A and B?

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    Well , Thank You Sir , I will take note of that .
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    I'll probably just go with B, but make it optional in the configuration file.
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    Hello first i wanna say this plugin is amazing and runs very smooth without lagging when rolling back or looking up with inspector. Many thanks to the creator for that. But the only problem i have is that everyone can use all the commands and no perm nodes are setup yet. I use pex and i saw more people having problems with it. Can u please take a look to fix your plugin so it will work with pex. Hope u can do it.
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    Hey so I read everything about the plugin, and it is PERFECT. I just have a quick question: Is this plugin ready for the 1.2.3? Thanks for answering =)
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    Yep, it works with 1.2.3
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    Man this plugin is the best! I would be happy to help you test new versions! please keep this plugin updating for new versions of Minecraft! ;) [diamond]
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    There is a problem, when I do a rollback it says that it completed successflully but the blocks are not rolled back.
    Please help I really want to use the plugin!
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    1. What version of CraftBukkit are you using?
    2. What version of CoreProtect are you using?
    3. What is the data that the Core Inspector returns when checking the area you want to rollback?
    4. What is the exact command you are using to attempt the rollback?

    Assuming you're entering the players name correctly, you're probably not specifying a time far enough back.
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    Would it be possible to add worldedit logging/rollback? (Not an absolute requirement, it'd just be really helpful)
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    This is pretty incredible, Awesome work!
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    Seems promising :D
    Will defiantly try it!
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    Any plans for logging chest access like LogBlock? Or did I miss that when reading...? (it's late) :]
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    You can log who accessed a chest by setting "player-interact" to "true" in the configuration file at "/plugins/CoreData/config.yml".

    To note though, it only currently tracks who opened a chest - items taken from a chest, etc, aren't tracked currently.
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    Had an issue today, on 1.2.4 so I know it's not updated for it, but the blocktracking went completely gay and didn't record anything, also the griefers used Pistons to circumvent blocktracking and regions, is it possible to track piston moves from the player who placed the piston?
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    This works with craftbukkit 1.2.4
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    Any errors? In regards to pistons, it's on the to-do.

    Indeed. :]
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    Yeah i have a problem/error. this plugins isnt working with PermissionsEx. Everyone is able to use the rollback function. With or without perm nodes. And why is the plugin not running on ops-only?? Please update.
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    That's an issue with PermissionsEx. By default, only OPs can use the commands.
    You may find the information here useful: http://dev.bukkit.org/server-mods/permissionsex/forum/33696-permissions-giving-nodes-people-shouldnt-have/

    Edit: I found a workaround for the PEX issue. I'll integrate it in 1.30

    Version 1.30 is now available

    • Fixed invalid characters on signs corrupting all logged sign data for that chunk.
    • Fixed permissions issue with PEX.
    • Added it so you can't start multiple rollbacks at the same time.
    • Added ability to track blocks moved by pistons.
    • Added ability to show all block log history for a block by double clicking the block. (Must be enabled in the config file)

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    does this work for 1.2.4?
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    Is this plugin recording lava placement by a player ?
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    Yep, unless you've disabled it in the configuration.

    Version 1.31
    • Fixed an error that occurred when dynamically generating additional worlds on the fly.

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    I've been testing this plugin and it's been working out great. I have a question and a feature I'd like to add.

    1. With your own plugin, do you suggest MySQL or the default method you use?
    2. Is it possible you can add the wand to a block by default without having to type /co inspect? Example, just binding this with a tool/stick and right clicking will only show the history of the block. This helps on large servers, such as mines when we have 40+ users asking for help - time to check a grief is little. I know this can use up resources though, so perhaps you can add it as an option in the config?
    3. By the way, why haven't you move this to bukkitdev? It would be hard for others to find this plugin since I only search the bukkitdev plugins now. I only found this from a comment from another plugin.

    Thank you. I hope you'll keep up with this plugin for some time now. I wish you put up a donation link so I could donate :)
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    logblock won't be updated.. hawkeye is too weird for me.. tested this for like 10 minutes.. and i must say.. i'm in love
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    I get:

    [SEVERE] Got an exception when breaking a block!
    [SEVERE] null
    1.2.4 Recommended Bukkit Build
    Latest release of this.

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