[SEC/ADMN] CoreProtect v2.0 - Fast Block Logging / Rollbacks / Now With Chest Rollbacks [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Intelli, Mar 9, 2012.

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    Will this ever ave a search feature? It's the only thing holding me back from updating! ie, search actions of a user, or search diamond_ore breaks?
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    yea finding the chest logging display very unhelpful the first page cant display bugger all. and players can easy take things then spam the chest with changes so i cant see who did what..
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    voxelsniper support would be awesome!
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    I have a vew suggestions that could improve this plugin. I previously used BigBrother and Hawkeye and got used to it. This is plugin is better because you don't need a MySQL database, but I miss this:
    - If someone griefed, I simply undo all his stuff, because there is no way you can be sure he only griefed in a certain area. If you could have a web interface like hawkeye has, you can check that out.
    - In the same way I could see where someone build. This way it isn't only a anti grief plugin, but also a 'spy' plugin. No more secret projects. I also use this to "check" if people grief. In Hawkeye for example I just selected 'block break' in the interface and I can see if someone broke a lot of blocks in a short period of time and I simply teleport to that spot to see if it was a grief or just his own project. I don't need to fly everywhere to check if something is griefed.
    - Since it logs so much, why not add a chat log? It saves the trouble of having a extra plugin to do that. again: not only a anti grief plugin, but also a 'spy' plugin :) .

    The suggestions are not because I think this plugin is bad. Because it isn't. It's just something I 'miss' because I was spoiled with bigbrother and hawkeye in the past ^_^.
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    I get the same, are you using SQL?
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    No source code? Could you please add it? :(
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    i get this when i try to load up your latest version disreguard the other plugsin failing they were taking out after this screenshot. i was plugin testing.
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    Our server got griefed and when I entered the rollback command [co rollback user t:10m] it says it found x files to scan but then nothing happens. am I doing something wrong?
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    Any errors in the console?

    Everyone else, looks like NoLagg is conflicting.
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    so does that mean you will fix the conflict or have you forwarded it to the author of nolagg to fix
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    Looks like it's an issue with NoLagg, not CoreProtect.

    Still need to verify that it actually is a problem with NoLagg though.
    It'd help if someone with the issue could verify if the problem goes away when disabling NoLagg ;)
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    i had no lagg and i never once had an issue with it. altho i think 1.3.1 changed that idk. but ya try removing it. btw could you help me with my issue? i posted a screeny and everything
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    I <3 Core Protect. We've been using it for several months now, and it's pretty amazing software. Thank you!
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    For some reason, I can't seem to roll stuff back. It says its scanning 9 files or so, but nothing happens. No error log either. It just doesn't do anything, and the server sees that a rollback is still going on until a server restart. And will there be a possibility of using WE selections for the radius?

    So far, loving CoreProtect on my tekkit server. Only thing I wish can be tweaked is a longer chest log =/
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    ok i tried to reproduce the error using world edit to place 94000 blocks and nolagg showed a tln error and at the end of the error core protect showed the error i did the same with nolagg removed and no error from coreprotect at all
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    Hello all
    humm maby iam not reading it but when i do /co inspect your plugins is telling me Coreprotect license expired please type /co license so i do this its loading en then its telling me unable to connect to coreprotect.net try again later.oke i did this, but is this a bug or iam i doing something wrong somewhere plz help me becouce we need to get the griefers. and wright now its not working for me .. i hope u can all help me
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    Nolagg is not the issue, i believe it's actually an issue with Bukkit 1.3.1 R 1.1 However i did remove core protect, and stacking blocks with world edit stopped crashing my server, and nolagg seems to have an issue with a vanilla auto save feature. Your plugin worked fine in R1.0....
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    plugin dont rollback burned block and tnt :(
    into config all true as default
    on server only 2 plugins authme and coreprotect.
    command /co u:user t:1d

    what wrong?
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    yo seriously, im tired of core protect not working. ever since u added tekkit support and i download it for bukkit it says what it said in the screeny unable to parse manifest for core protect..... help me out here.
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    I would really appriciate a reply here,i'm using tekkit and it seems to not rollback damage done by a destruction catalyst (i haven't tried a nuke yet but i'm guessing the same thing) could anyone tell me how i could set it to rollback the damage done by Equivelant Exchange items and if this plugin isn't for me i was looking for a pluging where you can select the spawn area like you do on World Edit and have the ability to save those blocks so if it was griefed the entire area could be reloaded as i would have saved it?
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    Hey man. Just here to say keep up the great work.

    I'm with minecraft-servers.com and I just noticed this in there news feed:


    seems your getting really popular =]
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    Please, make the possibility to purge data that is old than "x" days. For example, I want to purge data that is 2 weeks old, I type /co purge 14d or something like this. Plug-in uses a lot of disc space, you know :D
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    Awesome plugin, saved my server over 5 times :D. I would just like to have a config file with the option of disabling the use of /co purge, because if some smart hacker used forceop on my server, *&@^#ed up my worlds, and then purged my rollback data, there would me a complete disaster. I find no need for /co purge because my server runs off of a 7.5TB RAID array.
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    The Piston tracking isn't working. I'm using the latest Version
    I've set
    # Properly track blocks moved by pistons.
    pistons: true
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    Sugestion when you inspect something it should maybe show the last 10 action there not just the last.
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    I didn't see this anywhere in the thread when I was having issues, so am sharing here.

    If you are using mysql (and some hosts will require this and even move you over to it w/out your knowledge), make sure your mysql server is close to your minecraft server, preferably on the same machine/same OS install.

    I have a small virtually plug-in free server and was having all sorts of issues after my host moved coreprotect data to mysql db. Everything from running out of memory issues with 1 or 2 players on, to completely missing coreprotect data. Come to find out my host's mysql servers are on the East coast of the US and my minecraft server was on a box on the West coast.

    I have switched to a VPS so that mysql is running on localhost and everything is running so smoothly. Of course this uses up some of my VPS's RAM so I planned for that and bought a little more than I had with the previous host.

    Hope this helps someone else.
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    Coming from Hawkeye. Any chance of getting w:world or a:action ?
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    Help the plugin was working fine but now it tels me license expierd and i canot connect to the site ingame i tryed 100 time help what must i do.

    And i cant vind any informaties about /license plz help
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    Where can i find download to earlier versions?

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