[SEC/ADMN] CoreProtect v2.0 - Fast Block Logging / Rollbacks / Now With Chest Rollbacks [BukkitDev]

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    CoreProtect 1.52 is now available.

    • Added support for missing WorldEdit commands, brush types and added super pickaxe logging.
    • Fixed it so mobs no longer cause errors to trigger when changing blocks in a new unvisited world.
    • Fixed InventoryClickEvent null pointer errors and negative seek offset rollback errors.

    All known bugs related to WorldEdit have been fixed. Also, remember, if you find a bug, you need to report it for it to be fixed.
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    Tekkit Pipes dont rollback very well but I don't know anything that can be done about that, They turn into ID166 which corrupts maps.
  3. I've just updated from 1.42 to 1.52 and I get:

    09:16:11 [INFO] [CoreProtect] Enabling CoreProtect v1.52
    09:16:16 [INFO] CoreProtect version 1.52 is enabled!
    09:16:16 [INFO] [CoreProtect] Using file based data storage.
    09:16:16 [INFO] [CoreProtect] Invalid license. Commands disabled.
    What's all that about licences? How do I obtain a valid one?

    [Edit] I've just tried 1.53 and get the same message. Anyone got any idea what is going on?
  4. i keep getting this error spammed, but i cannot find the source of it
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event InventoryClickEvent to CoreProtect
    [SEVERE] Could not pass event InventoryClickEvent to CoreProtec

    I run a tekkit server and im using V1.52
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    Tekkit users need to disable item logging currently.

    Working on fixing it though for Tekkit users.
  6. how can i disable that? im looking through the config and dont see anything similar, is it player-interact? i think that was deny on default.
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    Hi I love your plugin always use it but one of my mebers got griefed and i couldn't tell who ate cake and who broke paintings, ty for your plugin
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    The only thing to make this plugin 100% perfect is a command to undo rollback if you mess up. /co undo maybe
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    Things I would like to see
    • Recorded chat and commands used (possibly in a way to see conversations)
    • a search function similar to Hawkeye's which would allow you to tp to any action the player made
    • the ability to make rollbacks in a world edit area
    If you included these along with your current list of features you would IMHO be the best anti-grief plugin out there, due mainly to the ability you have to log and rollback WE, and the fluid flow trace back.
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    Amazing plugin! Way better than HawkEye.
    2 things I'd like to see:
    • If you inspect a block, you can see all the results instead of the latest one.
    • A search command.
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    It seems ever since the update when I try to do //stack with world edit my server lags out.

    This has only happen since I updated this plugin but I cant say its this plugin thats doing it for sure.
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    When ever i log something it says "No block was placed/removed on this location
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    I use chatlogger and serverlogsaver. Excellent tools to keep track of the users. Serverlog saver keeps everything that you see in the server gui window. Chatlogger gives me the hidden stuff. I have gone back to them soooo often. :)

    World edit is now supported. I tested it myself only yesterday. I'm pretty happy with this mod now. :D - except the bit where I can't tap air to find out if there was a block there before. This makes it hard when they dismantle something and leave no blocks left. :( But, generally people know if they have had their house go missing. LOL
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    Awesome, Thank you!
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    This plugin is awesome!
    BUT I would like to have the possibility to see not only the last person that broke/placed the block.
    Like the old LogBlock, you see the "history" of the block.

    Tell me if you don't understand. ~3751_Creator
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    The problem with that, would be the database would become huge! Can you imagine it. I've been running a server for only a few months, and my database server folder is already 2gb. No. I'd be happy to just have the block below inherit the information from the one above, so that I can see who broke the block above. That would be good enough for me. :)
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    It already does show the complete history. Double click instead of single. Also, clicking on the top of a block does show the information for the block that was above it...?
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    OH.MY.GOD!! You guys are GODS!!! I think I'm in love! Why didn't I know about this before!?!

    The history goes right back to when I installed its. :D *dances off merrily*
    And it works a treat! Instead of just spending $20 and buying the wool block, they stole it. *sigh* But now I know who.. mwaa ha ha ha
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    i have a question how do u check when someone placed/took something in a chest?
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    i dont know how to use this

    # If enabled, double clicking a block with the inspector enabled will pull
    # all recent logged block data for that block in the form of a list.
    double-click: false

    it doesn't mean like this?
    some place all recent logged block data
    [7/19/2012 19:2,43]dnnani has destroyed a sand here
    [7/19/2012 19:2,42]dnnani has placed a cobblestone here
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    Works fine for me!
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    CoreProtect v1.53 is now available

    • Improved chest logging for Tekkit servers.
    • Fixed it so client mods can no longer interfere with chest logging.
    • Made it so the purge command now also purges logged chest data.

    This actually makes huge improvements to how chest logging functions, and it's highly recommended to upgrade to v1.53 if you use chest logging. Older versions can result in incorrect chest data being logged.
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    OMG OMG, I LOVE THIS PLUGIN!!!! My server has been grief free ever since I installed it!!!

    Thank you SOOOOOOOO Much!!!
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    it don't work for tnt u.u
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    Please. I need multi-blockbreak/place log. I can't searching who break the block when someone replace it.
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    too view block history you double click fast on the side of the block. This shows all events related to that block.
    If the log is too big to fit in the chat, just scroll up :p
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    joshua katz

    I would like the source code of this plugin as it is needed for plugins to be posted on bukkit forums :p

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