[SEC/ADMN] CoreProtect v2.0 - Fast Block Logging / Rollbacks / Now With Chest Rollbacks [BukkitDev]

Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Releases' started by Intelli, Mar 9, 2012.

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    I would love world edit logging :D
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    Super plugin ! Why you don't make an option who permits to choose which block you want to log ? Like dirt, cobble, stone. It could be make the data lighten :)
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    Is there any ETA on the next update?
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  5. I added the MySQL data and I put in the log in and everything, but it's still creating flat files. Is there a way to stop the flat files and just do the database?

    Also, anyway to log blocks that are world edit?
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    Hello , I have got a problem , when I put /core , i put the minecraft /core <Parameters>
    Help me please ( I'm Spanish! My english is regular xD )
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    When you type "/co version" in-game, does it say you're logging to MySQL or File Based Storage?

    Also, world edit isn't currently supported.
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    I really enjoy this plugin, it's exactly was I was looking for but i've got a problem:
    I destroyed a block & then put on an other one and when i'm inspecting it, it tells me that "No block was removed at this location." So a griefer can replace a block by an other and disapears like nothing happened?

    And i've got 2 suggestions:

    - Could u add a shortcut to /co inspect ? Like /co or /co i (Or something like this?)
    - Could u add a SQL support, then we can keep our logs for a long time? Haven't seen you've already added one.
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    Is this plugin has limit of loggining?
    I can't get logs of some blocks.
    And will you some day add feature to log commands, chat and same things?
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    You can type /co i - It even says on the commands page.
  11. It says I am using flat files, but yet, I enabled MySQL in the config.
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    Hey, i love this plugin of yours! It's the best plugin i have ever acrossed ! ;D But one this that i wish to have, that i think other's will agree with me in :) When we inspect, and se whos placed the block, and he has griefed a big area and if someone others have build after he had griefed, their work will be deleted... And that's quite annoying...

    So if you could add a command that rollsback blocks, and more...(if you can) so if you know that one specific player has griefed, and want to rollback what HE has done, and not EVERYTHING... That would be great, and if that was added, this would be the best plugin i have :D

    Example if i want to rollback the blocks and stuffs Ziitoz have griefed for like 1 hour ago.

    Example command: /co rollback Ziitoz t:1h

    That is an easy command and very good when you can rollback something on a specific player :D

    Hope you answer quick :)
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    OMG I LOVE YOU THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I NEED. Please keep updating, I would love to see this a become poplular and reliable!
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    1.The Inspect only shows latest
    please fix
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    How did you get nocheatplus? Did someone on your server come and say for your to test it?

  16. You can already go to the area and type

    /co rollback u:nameofuser t:1h r:5

    The "r:5" defines radius around you, which is 5 blocks. This plugin is already powerful.
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    I think you need to expand on the whole chest protection. Players need to know who stole from them.. obviously they're going to check their chest, so they will always be the last to use it..
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    Request: Make it easier to figured out who blew up tnt when all that's left is the explosion holes.
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    so restore and rollback are the same? I notice it doesnt have an co undo command how do I undo soemthing I rolled back by mistake? like a simple way
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    rollback is to remove, restore is to undo something you rolled back.
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    I highly recommend this plugin to any Minecraft server, its fucking awesome.
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    There's only one problem I have with this plugin. Certain things aren't linked to a player and there's no way for me to find out who did it.
    For example if someone lights a fire to my wooden house, it'll say #fire removed the block. What I want to be able to do is either A) be able to search w/in a radius (that i specify) what changes were made to blocks in that radius or B) have fire/tnt/etc linked to players.

    So for example lets say joebob lit a fire to my house: we as players could type /co check(idk what you'd put) r:20 and that would tell me every change made in this 20 block radius and hopefully it would say joebob used flint here at such and such time.

    I hope this makes sense.

    Edit: Another problem i ran into is when i rolled back everything (including tnt) it wasn't telling me WHO placed the tnt :x
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    Omfg, i love you man and this plugin! ;D <3
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    double click the block if you have that enabled in your config file

    Same problem for me, incredible CPU usage which will crash and lag the server a lot.
    The developer should really take a look at this because it's annoying.
    I love this plugin but it doesn't run stable

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    Come at me bro! ;) This the most awesome plgin I've ever seen!!! Stupid No_Grief with it's only op permission.. :D Thanks a lot!
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    My server has this installed along with 40+ plugins and 20+ players and I only get around 13% CPU

    Plugin works fine for me (in reply to above posts)
  27. I have been using Coreprotect for about 4 months now. This is a fantastic plugin, It would not be coreprotect will lag your server or rise it up to 13% or whatever your says. It would be the other plugins that are doing it. Coreprotect is very well with the CPU and RAM.

    BTW, I have 22 plugins on my server, including CoreProtect.

    Could be your other plugins like I said that is making your CPU higher.
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    This is SUCH a good plugin, but I have some requests before I leave hawkeye.
    You need a way to search, like search for edits from a player.
    More actions, Chat, Chest Items, Furnace Items, I think you already log signs but if not.
    You should have avents allowed in rollbacks etc.
    /co rollback t:10m a:block-place,block-burn
    A way to teleport to searched items.
    World edit selections, like /co rollback t:10m we
    And the most annoying thing, I have having to use /co i, maybe the choice i nthe config for a toolblock, like how all the other logging plugins have.

    If you already have these forgive me as I was playing with it for about 10 minutes, and its rollbacks beat hawkeye AND logblock, I really want to see the future of this plugin. I placed lava and water all over, watching the nasty lava and water spew out cobble, stone, and obsidian, then did a 10 minute rollback. All was clear. Hawkeye and logblock would leave the cobble and obsidian. It also is VERY fast with its MySQL proccessing.

    Honestly, if you could get chestaccess, a toolblock, and a way to search and teleport to actions, and accessible events, and world edit selection support, I will use this.
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    Can you please add it on BukkitDev?
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    what do I need to do to make it rollback signs too? with all the text on them

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