[SEC/ADMN] CoreProtect v2.0 - Fast Block Logging / Rollbacks / Now With Chest Rollbacks [BukkitDev]

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    Hey, the server admin checked and it says # Log explosions, such as TNT and Creepers.
    We have Worldguard too, and he toggled tnt allowed there too (we thought maybe this could be an issue)
    but still it doesnt log any tnt explosions,
    I tried it at a test server, with about the same plugins as the one we have this issue on, and there we get the logs,
    tnt rollback is no problem,
    Could this have anything to do with the fact that creepers don't damage any solid blocks on our server?
    that this plugin interferes with the tnt logs,

    we'll look further into that,
    I'll post it if I got an update,

    grtz, J3rkk
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    It logs TNT for me, maybe message me with your server IP and I'll look at it?
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    Will this rollback a redstone torch placed on the ground?
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    Love how detailed the results are!
    Can you make the inspecting a bit more flexible like using World Edit selections. Or a command that will return every block change in a straight line in the direction your looking at that stops at a max limit of blocks inspected or on the first non air block, and specify if the line should be in direction your looking at or straight under your feet if flying. Another idea is a fixed parameter instant search for common cases, just typing /co pgrief will immediately perform a search at a fixed predefined radius, which will search for the most common player type of grief the #fire, #tnt, #lava_bucket and #environment at the same time in this 1 command and maybe without the need of time parameter? Same for a mob /co mgrief for #creeper, #enderman and #enderdragon.
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    How exactly does chestlogging work? Becuase i tested it out on a chest several people have opened, but it says no player interactions. What am i doing wrong?
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    Core Protect never did this to me before, But I've had it for a few weeks, and just today almost every time I checked a block with core protect enabled, It spammed the whole screed *[CoreProtect] No block was changed* Or something like that. Please Help?
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    This plugin is really great. So far, I'm liking it more than LogBlock, BigBrother, and especially Guardian (which was very slow and a non-viable choice for usage in the week I was using it). It's better than LogBlock and Guardian because you can restore rollbacks in the event that they are misused, which is a feature that I really missed from the days of BigBrother. All of the other extras (like signs being effected by rollbacks) and the fact that it is actively developed give it an edge over BigBrother. If you're looking for an anti-grief mod, look no further. This is the best there is.

    One thing I have to ask, though: do you think you can add chest-logging in the future? The only results that come up when hitting a chest with the inspector tool are interactions made with no further elaboration on items taken/placed in the chest. Other than that, this is literally my ideal anti-grief plugin. Thanks, Intelli.
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    Is there a specific command to globally roll back all of a user's actions? Other than setting the time parameter to something ridiculously high.
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    Enable player-interactions in the config file.

    Have you added any new plugins or made any changes to your server?

    Chest logging is definitely on the to-do list.

    Nope, the time parameter is required for all rollbacks.
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    If you're open to suggestions I'd really love to see to be able to check logs within a certain radius. I remember that being in Big Brothers plugin. So basically it would print out details of block changes by any player within the given radius. I think its a really great feature to add. Way simpllier to check for mulitiple griefers at one place than just checking random blocks. eg command : /co i r:20. I'm sure I am not the only person who wants this. Kudos for you if you do it :3

    Great plugin anyhow,
    keep the great work up~
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    Nope I havent added any more plugins to the server, But it seems to have stopped now, Kind of weird, but still keeping me wondering. Otherwise its working all fine now somehow.
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    Any way you can make it so u can tell who placed lava? Rather than saying #lava? Because people are taking advantage of this and just lava griefing, and well I can roll it back but cant trace it back to the culprit. Hope you get around to this in the next update :) Same with TNT.
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    When ever i try a rollback it wont work it says did not specify a radius. Why is tghat happening
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    I LOVE THIS THING!!!! ITS SAVED ME SO MANY TIMES!!!!!!!!! version 1.2.4 did work on 1.2.5
    but could u plz log worldedit things like //set and brush? cos often things happen (like brush lava by accident) then i would like to just be able to roll it back.. i will also say, if i roll back say, 50mins and i go too far B4 it built and roll back 10 mins, it wont restore it, wich is annoying.
    just gettin 1.2.5 so i will see if any of that fixed

    whats happeneing is u have to say ./co rollback T:(time) R:(radius) so example could be /co rollback T:5m r:30

    DONT specify a username, and it will roll back all in that time and radius, so if i say co rollback T:5M R:30 it will roll evreything back in a radius of 50 to 5 mins ago!

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    Can you do this so this does something like cuboid, which then you can rollback only a selected area? The radius is great, but sometimes if there's something next to it, you don't want to roll that back too.
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    it type /co rollback u:karatyman t:5m and it wont work

    Oh its working now, i feelso dumb ive been typing /rollback ; instead of :

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    u have to spesify a radius..... /co rollback T:5M R:30

    R:is radius
    T:is time of how long ago

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    Yea, I know. But then I can't find out who did it in the first place so I can ban them..
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    Thats why you use /co inspect first.
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    plugins works now.......
    type /co inspect
    then right or left click a block, and u will see who places it!

    EDIT: u will also see who destroyed it
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    Say, is it intended that the contents and orientation of dispensers are not logged and rolled back? (And if not, can this be fixed in the next version.) :)
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    Good plugin. Good replacement for BigBrother... Better than the rest.


    Remove the left-click on top of block to see what was placed there...
    Set it so that left click gets the log of the block that is being clicked, and right clicking gets the log of the air block adjacent.

    it'll make it a bit slicker and easier to use ;)

    - Sam
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    BUG: When I roll colour signs back, it replaces the & with a ? - Can you please fix this?

    Example: &1Welcome to my server

    Would be changed after a rollback to:

    ?1Welcome to my server
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    Just two suggestions:
    -add log on chest action (item removed/added)
    -commands for find all player which change something in an area (like /bb here <range>)
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    Yea but not with TNT, water, and lava.. Just says #tnt, #lava, #water.
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    i have not tried it, but try rolling back to when TNT was placed, but not exploded, and then seeing who did it, then roll back fully
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    Got this message given to me by my server hosters after the server has been crashing a lot:

    Based on those errors, it does seem to be caused by CoreProtect. Unfortunately, this seems to be some kind of bug with the plugin, so there isn't really a fix for it unless they have updated to a newer version than 1.3.5.

    Please fix?

    Also this error was on the front page of the hosting game panel:

    The plugin, CoreProtect, has a bug that causes extremely high CPU usage which will lag your server and may even crash it. If you are using that plugin, make sure you are using at least version 1.35 to prevent this from happening.
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    Oh, I guess that explains a lot with my server too.. :/ Thought it might just be my host bein shitty, but I guess not.. or maybe both. IDK lol. Well if that's true, would be nice if the plugin could be updated so it's not using up lots of CPU. And um idk if it's cuz of MySQL for you, I'm using local.

    Ah, well for me the tnt is usually detonated after being placed.. :p

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    This what i have gathered from talking too the owner of the server I admin for:
    the plugin (possibly an older version) has created lines in some files with 2 unixtimes listed, this causes the crash,
    when we manually removed one of the times in that line it worked fine.
    we are using 1.35 now but these entries MAY have been made with an older version.
    has this been fixed in the latest version? or does it still do this sometimes?

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