[SEC/ADMN/CHAT]SimpleAlert v1.1 [1.1-R4]

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    Download : BukkitDev

    What it does SimpleAlert?
    SimpleAlert sends a broadcast message on the server ,if a player interacted with lava/water bucket.

    -No config


    - /tp-a
    - /simplealert

    Permissions :
    - simplealert.log (log only the player with the permissions)
    - simplealert.view
    - simplealert.tpa
    - simplealert.simplealert

    Changelog :
    Version 1.2:
    Add new command :
    - /tp-a (Teleport the player to last log)
    - /simplealert (info/help)
    New permissions:
    - simplealert.tpa
    - simplealert.simplealert

    Version 1.1 :
    Add permissions : simplealert.view
    (Add this permissions for view log in the chat)

    Version 1.0 : First Release
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    MRI not all plugins have to be released, but if you choose to release this one I suggest you fix up the grammar in the actual plugin and update to R7

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