Inactive [SEC/ADMIN] LogOres v0.7 - log ores to look for cheaters - MOVED TO [1.2.5-R4.0]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by andune, Jul 9, 2011.

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    Nice one im checking this out right now :)

    Edit -- its working great :)
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    awesome plugin!
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    First feature request for awsome plugin. Can we have ingame txt alert for any [flag] lines that occur in the log just to ops.
    It would be handy if the admin on my server that dont have console access could see flagged alerts.
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    You're my new personal GOD!

    Yeah, in-game warnings for OPs only would be fuckin' great !

    BTW: I'm running this plugin on my 400+ server (yes, you read it right, record: 472 players online). You can imagine what a hell of a nightmare is to keep track of those damn cheaters.

    I was using FoundDiamonds before, but, this plugin is WAY more advanced.

    Thank you very much again.

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    I love this plugin, but my mods can't use it, as most of them don't have access to the actual server files. Perhaps a /logores command might be useful? Something to list the few most-recent flagged attempts, in a single line format. so that lesser admins can go check them out.
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    v0.6 includes in-game warnings for mods (via permissions) and a whole lot of configuration options for controlling just how they're notified, weeding out false positives, etc. And don't forget if you ever need to tweak a config setting, you can "/lo rc" to reload the config file live, no reboot required.

    Regarding an in-game command to see recent logs, I'll think about it. That sort of access really leans more towards a database, which I've had in mind from the very start (it's architected to support that without much fuss), but I'm happy with where it's at for now. I want to let it run in the field for a bit and get some feedback on how well it's working before I think about next steps with possible in-game commands and such.

    Ps. One way to give your mods access is to run a web server on your host and just link the log files for them to access, this is what I do. May not work for everyone or every hosting situation, but works well for me.
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    Oh yes, I'd dearly love to see this switch to mysql : ) Admittedly, I've love to see most plugins switch to mysql, so perhaps I'm not a good person to ask Taking a look at the 0.6 features, the in-game notification is lovely, thank you. I think I'll probably cobble together a little cat/grep/nginx magic to give them a full list too, as you suggest. Cheers! -Dirk
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    Thank you for trying to tackle this extensive and sometimes overwhelming issue. I can vouch for AXR having failed me (though I accept the blame for trying it and possibly misusing it). I've sort of decided that since there's really no way to stop the installation or attempted use of cheats, I can really only act on those who "get greedy" with them, and tools like this should help me make those decisions easier.

    I'll give it a shot when I can :)

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    Terry Tibbs

    I'd also like to see this plugin switch to MySQL.
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    Awesome plugin! Good job man!
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    This is great! So using this on my server.
    And I think I might have a suggestion: Maybe add something to do with light level of the block that was mined? Like, some x-rayers wouldn't even bother to put torches in their caves and simply mine in pitch black.
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    I second this. Maybe you could add an option so that is logged if blocks were mined with or without a light level. That way xray-ers would stand out even more. (If possible of course)
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    Simon Welker

    Is there a possibility to set it up so that it doesn't log for a specific world (or to reduce the threshold for when logging is started)? We got a Space Realm on our server, only accessible for higher ranks, and there is so much ores in our "asteroid mines" that it will surely seem like someone cheated there.

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    REQ: Custom notify message (for Multi-Language support)
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    Hey, BigBrother is adding an api. When that comes out, could you modify this plugin to (optionally) read the existing BB log instead of keeping its own redundant log? I hate redundant log-keeping, but i'd love to use this plugin.
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    @Simon I did some quick work this morning so you can log to different files, so you can just ignore logs from worlds where cheating isn't a big deal because ores are plentiful. I'll have to add an additional option for exlcuding said worlds from the in-game notifications.

    @spunkiie hmm. The message is mostly data, formatted on the fly. Are you referring to wanting to internationalize the static text that is part of every message? There's really not too much of that.

    @fysics I use logblock myself. I considered just tying into it's API for this, but time and 'non-ore blocks' are both crucial elements of the ratio. For time, logblock logs the time logged, not the actual time of event, which when backlogged can be vastly different. For non-ore blocks, this would consist of a slow query. And, thats just logblock, I'm sure BB has it's own API and issues.

    So short answer is no. If you are so tight on disk space that you can't afford a few MB for LogOres logs, then don't use this plugin.
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    Simon Welker

    Shweet! Will check out if it works for me :)
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    @Simon I've not released it yet. Not sure how much time I'll get to work on it over next few days, but next release will have that feature. :)
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    Hey Morganm, plugin works great so far. Only thing I noticed is that I can't choose where the log file ends up.
    I tried both these settings, and I moved the originally cleared oreLog.txt But it just ignores it and creates a new one.

    logFile: "/home/berta/Desktop/Server/plugins/logger/oreLog.txt"
    logFile: "/plugins/logger/oreLog.txt"

    Small bug :p But as I saw you were already working on improving the log files. So I'll wait :p Just an heads up.
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    @sukosevato Thanks for the bug report. You're correct, I saw that when I was adding log-file-per-world.

    I finished off the log-file-per-world changes (including ignore notifications from specific world) and released it as v0.6.1. I also added an option to enable light level logging, however at this time it does not appear Bukkit is reporting the right value all the time. I setup torches and often it still reports 0 light level. Sometimes it works. Anyway, you can turn it on as extra information if you like, I'll follow up with the Bukkit devs later to see if it' s a known bug or issue.
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    I tried to use this awesome plugin but it didnt really log anything for me. Didnt change the config at all
    Edit: Had running all the time but no logs appeared at all.
  23. I dont know but probably he has the same problem.
    Our 2 servers that we tested on (bukkit 953 and 823) log only following error when finding ores:

    First server:
    2011-07-13 01:22:15 [WARNING] [LogOres] Watchdog restarted dead OreLogger
    2011-07-13 01:22:15 [SEVERE] java.util.MissingFormatArgumentException: Format specifier 's'
    2011-07-13 01:22:15 [SEVERE]    at java.util.Formatter.format(Unknown Source)
    2011-07-13 01:22:15 [SEVERE]    at java.util.Formatter.format(Unknown Source)
    2011-07-13 01:22:15 [SEVERE]    at org.morganm.logores.LogOreLogger.logBlock(
    2011-07-13 01:22:15 [SEVERE]    at
    2011-07-13 01:22:15 [SEVERE]    at
    2011-07-13 01:22:15 [SEVERE]    at Source)
    Second server:
    2011-07-12 23:35:05 [WARNING] [LogOres] Watchdog restarted dead OreLogger
    2011-07-12 23:35:05 [SEVERE] java.util.MissingFormatArgumentException: Format specifier 's'
    2011-07-12 23:35:05 [SEVERE]     at java.util.Formatter.format(Unknown Source)
    2011-07-12 23:35:05 [SEVERE]     at java.util.Formatter.format(Unknown Source)
    2011-07-12 23:35:05 [SEVERE]     at org.morganm.logores.LogOreLogger.logBlock(
    2011-07-12 23:35:05 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-07-12 23:35:05 [SEVERE]     at
    2011-07-12 23:35:05 [SEVERE]     at Source)
    Also the same error on both servers

    We used the default config:
    # default 14 (gold), 15 (iron) and 56 (diamond) - MUST USE DATA VALUES
    # #
    - 14
    - 15
    - 56
    # base name of the logFile. Note ".txt" will be added automatically. Also if
    # you set logFilePerWorld to true, ".world" will be added before ".txt" as
    # well.
    logFile: "plugins/LogOres/oreLog"
    logFilePerWorld: false
    logLightLevel: false
    # this weeds out false positives as a result of really close ores
    minDistance: 6
    # This defines the maximum number of blocks that can be mined before we don't consider
    # the next ore to be part of a "cave" system. Just sets a sane upper limit on this check.
    maxCaveBlocks: 50
      # Ratio for flagging: any ratio less than this value will be flagged with "flagged" in the log
      # file for easy searching, and a series of flagged entries from the same player likely
      # indicates a wall hack/texture pack cheat being used.  Set here in config so you can tune
      # it to your needs, I generally find this value to be reasonable.
      ratio: 250
      # maxTime defines the maximum time that we consider for flagging - if the time between
      # ores exceeds this time, it won't be flagged.  This helps prevent false positives.
      # If set to 0, this setting is not used.
      maxTime: 600
      # this weeds out false positives as a result of cave systems, where very little mining
      # takes place between ores (lots of open air)
      minBlocks: 10
      # maxDistance defines the maximum distance that we consider for flagging - this avoids
      # false positives from for people that go above ground and then go back under somewhere
      # else far way.
      # If set to 0, this setting is not used.
      maxDistance: 600
      # This defines fuzzy match variance for reducing false-positives. Basically if the player
      # is horizontally mining and finds ores that are within the the allowable variance, they
      # won't be flagged.  Set to 0 to disable and have no variance detection, although be
      # warned you will likely get a higher number of [flagged] false positives.
      # Default values of vertical: 3 and horizontal: 2 allow for normal horizontal strip
      # mining activities without triggering any alerts.
        vertical: 3
        horizontal: 2
      # if notify is true, anyone with the 'logores.notify' permission will be notified on
      # a flagged entry
      notify: false
      # by default we don't count [cave?] entries toward notification. Set this flag to true
      # to change that behavior.
      notifyInCaves: false
      # you can tune this to be the number of flagged events are required before a notification
      # is sent.
      flagsBeforeNotify: 3
      # worlds to ignore notifications from
      #- world1
      #- world2
    Any idea what is the problem?
    PS: And (of course) there is no .log file that should be created.
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    Thanks for the bug reports, this is for v0.6.1 I presume? I'm testing out a fresh install of the plugin locally to see if I can reproduce these errors now.

    **update** Issue fixed, trying to upload now, Dropbox giving me issues.

    v0.6.2 released which fixes the issue. It was related to the logLightLevel changes: I added those and was testing that branch of code and inadvertently broke the non-logLightLevel code. All better now, let me know if anyone still has issues.

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  25. Very well written OP, loading this for testing :)
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    Great plugin works but caused a hell alot of lag to my server. Ram was fine it was more like ineternet lag to the whole server. Any ideas?
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    @Empty wow, I've not seen that at all, I run this on my server. Anyone else seeing this problem?

    It was specifically written in such a way as to NOT cause server lags by offloading all the work to a worker thread. Are you sure some other plugin isn't responsible for the lags? Definitely interested in feedback from others running this plugin if this is an issue for them as well.
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    I installed it and after 10min server started lagging. Removed and lag was gone directly. Didnt install any other plugin before this one could be my server no idea honestly.
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    I haven't heard anyone else report the same issue as @embty. If others out there are running this plugin without any lag issues (as I am), that would be a good data point as well - please let me know if it's working well for you. I take performance issues very seriously and if others are having this problem I want to get it fixed. If it's something unique to just @embty's installation and not affecting everyone else, than that's a different issue.
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    thanks a low.
    Finally an improved and supported plugin similar the FoundDiamonds.
    Now I can add the logged ores.

    Later i will test it :)

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