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Discussion in 'Bukkit Help' started by illyum, Mar 24, 2021.

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    Hey so I've been attempting to start an SMP where hacks are allowed and encouraged (PvP only allowed in certain areas) and while I've tried to get this going, the server sometimes has a hard time recognizing hacks such as MobAura

    My point is, are there any plugins that allow for easier "hacking" of things on a server? My current plan is 1.8 however I am definitely open to different versions. I personally know every person on my server, and we all agree to have the consequences of hacks on this server. Or any general tips for easier ways for the server to "register" things easier, like some way to make packet sending easier or anything? I don't know too much about how hacks work and while I don't use them publicly, it would be interesting for my friend group to try as we are a very fast-paced PvP Competitive group coming from PvP gamemodes and such, and a "normal" survival server would just bore us too easily. If there are any tips or plugins or mods or anything of the sort to help with this, that would be greatly appreciated.
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    Do you want hacks on your server or not? "we all agree to have the consequences of hacks on this server" and " allow for easier "hacking" " are very contradictory. If you don't install an anticheat and don't have a trash client, there's not much you can add to make hacking "easier".

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