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Discussion in 'BukkitDev Information and Feedback' started by Zothen, Jan 5, 2012.

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  1. I guess you noticed that whatever you try BukkitDevs Search function never gives fitting results - its horribly broken!

    Please fix the search function!

    Edit: Before we get more misunderstandings: Im talking about this search function:
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    Works fine for me. @Zothen
  3. Only when youre looking for the exact terms. For example, try to find "SkylandsPlus+" by using the term"Skylands"! The search function will throw lots of "Skylands" inside of texts first instead of titles.
    You can test that with many more examples.
    Of course searching for something you dont know the exact term happens often and is something a search engine should be able to handle better.
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    @Zothen Searching Skylands seems to be working fine for me, what browser are you using? Try updating your browser or clearing your cache.

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    Works flawless here :/
    Are you assured that your web browser is working as it should do or/and is compatible with bukkit?
    I'm not so decent with bukkit compatibility or whatsoever, thus I recommend reporting this to a BukkitDev staff participant.
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    Same here, tons of irrelevant results
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    thats this is a feed back thread *faceplam*

    and i also made a thread on this last week and also got poeple going " search works fine" sigh......

    here is my thread. i posted that certian key words in the search will load random pages withen the site
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    Because it finds "VirtualChest" as a keyword inside the SpoutTrade page.

    Plus, if you navigate to, you get redirected to the SpoutTrade page, so I'm assuming they changed their name from VirtualChest to SpoutTrade.
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    but why would it load that page rather than load search?

    im just baffled to why people think that is a normal function of a search? ive never seen a search do that even with google

    if i tpye a word i want it to search and show me results not chose and load a page for me
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    So, going to and then clicking ''search bukkitdev'' was working fine for me untill now. But it doesen't return results at all anymore. It just goes ''Please try a different query'' no matter what i type in.

    Very frustrating! I tried it in both Opera and Firefox, both yield no results.

    I guess i'll make do with the for now, which works fine, even though it's not very useful.
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    I can confirm the search for BukkitDev on is broken. It returns the "no results found" error even if you don't enter a search term.


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    Yes,the search it's broken
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    Yes it doesn't work for 5 days at least (I think)
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    Yeah.. it would be nice for this to be fixed..

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    At current, I do not know when it will be fixed.

    I am sorry, but I'll see what can be done about this.
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    Now that we've mostly completed the migrations, we can begin to focus on addressing any issues people are having as we come across them. Thanks for the report, we'll get this back up ASAP.
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