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When will there be a new working version of ScrapBukkit?

  1. 20.xx.xx

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  2. There will never be one

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    The article says, that the Plugin ScrapBukkit is currently inactive. So now, it's impossible for me to teleport and so on. Is there a chance to delete the Plugin, so I can use the original commands? Or do I have to wait for a stable version of ScrapBukkit? Because I could not delete the scrapbukkit.jar in the plugin folder cause it said, I had not the permission to do that.
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    You couldn't delete the scrapbukkit.jar because your server was running. You generally shouldn't do any operations on server files while it's up.
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    No, my FTP client says, I had not the permission to execute the deleting, even if I turn the server off. Is it possible to use the standard commands if I delete the Scrapbukkit.jar?
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    Check the permissions on the file, ls -l in linux, which I'm kinda assuming you're using. You probably put the .jar there as another user or root. You could either login as root, or use sudo to remove the file.
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