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Discussion in 'Resources' started by PhantomUnicorns, Aug 17, 2016.

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    This plugin was created by me but I originally created it so people would use it also, I noticed how if you have two plugins sending scoreboard requests one would take over the other and so fourth. To fix it I made a plugin that is easy to use, doesn't give errors (from what I've tested) and allows multiple request. It auto updates the player when ever you use it and you could even use the function to update it if you want to. Once referenced you can:

    ScoreBoard.put() function adds a another bar to the scoreboard with the score of what ever you put as the int ScoreBoard.remove() function removes a certain bar on the scoreboard from the player ScoreBoard.update() function updates a certain players scores (this is done automatically when you add or remove a score)

    And I like to call it the less fancier Vault for scoreboards
    plugin here
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    • Does it need to installed on the server? I wouldn't use it personally.
    • If it's just an API, sure that could be useful.
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    Yes it does need to be installed, and yes it is an API instead of getting the Scoreboard manager and all that. This also allows all plugins using the scoreboard to not knock each other out. Sadly the plugins using scoreboard would have to switch to this one for it to happen. This was just originally for me and all my plugins as the easiest API for scoreboards and I decided to release it so other people could use it. It's kind of redundant if am the only one using it :/. It's like vault I said, in the way of you have to reference it, you have to have the server install it, and easy to use. Vault gave me the idea of doing, I made it happen.
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