Solved Schematics file returning negative BlockTypeID

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by AmShaegar, Mar 14, 2013.

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    I am trying to read a structure from a .schematics file previously exported from mcedit. Some work great, some do not because I get a negative BlockType... Is there a problem with my code, mcedit or did I just get something totally wrong?

    Marked lines belong together:
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    If it's the CORRECT block ID but negative, use math.abs to get absolute value.
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    Oh dear... that was too easy. It never came to my mind that it could actually be the correct id but negative. But I tried... Math.abs() definitely avoids the Exception and it loads the right blocks. :rolleyes:

    Still wondering why that they turned negative but thanks! This solved my problem.

    Edit: I have to revoke. The broken block was hidden and does not show the right one when loading it through my code. They look really similar. That is why I first overlooked it.

    Anyways, found out that even mcedit does not show the correct block, so this is not a problem of bukkit. Thanks anway!
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