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Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by atesin, Jun 6, 2014.

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    hi ... i am developing a portal plugin (MyPortals), for that i had created 2 events: PortalEnterEvent and PortalLeaveEvent

    when PortalEnterEvent triggers i create a new BukkitScheduler task, that runs 4 seconns later and teleports player .. when PortalLeaveEvent triggers it cancels previous task

    i had many troubles in cancelling task, cancel() methods didn't work for me, also i had not been able to externally set an internal task property (boolean wereCanceled or something) once were scheduled, so run() could check at beginning

    so the technique i used is this, i know is not so elegant but is the only that worked after 1 week of hair pulling .. i have a HashMap warp with the player name and his teleport task id

    1. WarpTask warp = new WarpTask(this, event.player, event.dest, plugin.xpCost);
    2. warp.runTaskLater(plugin, 80);
    3. warps.put(event.player.getName(), warp.getTaskId());

    so warptask check if still are in the hashmap and runs

    1. if (!parent.warps.containsValue(this.getTaskId())) return;
    2. if (!dest.getBlock().getChunk().isLoaded()) dest.getBlock().getChunk().load();
    3. player.teleport(dest);

    when player leaves the portal and PortalLeaveEvent is triggered, it deletes that entry from the hashMap so if run() method does not find it does nothing

    1. warps.remove(event.player.getName());

    i dont know why i can't call cancel() externally nor internally .. i know cancel() never are done because player leaves portal and gets teleported while walking

    until it works, i want to do it right .. what i am doing wrong?


    other problem .. sometimes it seems chunk are not fully loaded because player gets teleported falling in the air and suddenly gets buried
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    You have to save the taskID and the player name to a hashmap. So so far your implementation is OK.
    To cancel the task, you can do:
    within your PortalLeaveEvent.
    And delete the player from the map in PortalEnterEvent and PortalLeaveEvent.
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