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  3. SilverCoin3 I see you've been keeping up-to-date with the situation remarkably well.
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    I'm just wondering where is this thread at, If is deleted.
  5. Necrodoom Good point, didn't think of that for some reason.

    SilverCoin3 If this is your petition, I'd just like to comment on what a poorly thought out and amazingly misinformed petition is is. Firstly, is not gone, it's still here isn't it? And you can't even use the excuse that it "will be gone when 1.8 is out" since a) it is out and b) Dinnerbone has said he will update Bukkit to 1.8

    Uhh. From my understanding Mineplex and Nexususe very few plugins (as in can count on one hand how many they actually use) but whatever.


    Oh really? You only need 100 people to sign this? That's a really shockingly low amount of people. This is a gross underestimation for the amount of people it would require to be convincing. Let's sum it up like this "100 people have said they want Bukkit saved, while millions of players have made no comment at all". Seem a little like a really small minority?

    Remind me where Mojang ever made any comment suggesting they were getting rid of Bukkit? And we really can't stress this enough how is still up. Someone has definitely had a "brain sneeze" alright but in this case it isn't Mojang...

    In a totally unrelated question, would you like a brain tissue?
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    I believe mojang will maintain the project site along with the project. However I would say it would be safe to assume that there will be a huge difference between the "Community's Bukkit" that we know and love and "Mojang's Bukkit". I mean the dreams of the Minecraft API have been more rumor and attention getting then actual functionality and usefulness. If this were stock, we would all be broke right now, jumping off buildings and what have you.
  7. Deathmarine Difference between the Minecraft API is that it'll take a lot of work to get it right. Updating Bukkit is less of a task in comparison, because there's less it needs to do and because it has an established codebase already.

    Also, people didn't really jump off buildings in the stock market crash.
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    I think the op has it dead on get the petition now before bukkit becomes nothing more then a plugin support forum. thats where it is headed to. dinnerbone will update to 1.8 (we hope) he did say he was going to also he said after that the future of bukkit is unclear.all im saying is get ready for minecrafts api plug in devs will be making plugins for that and not bukkit..why make 2 plugins when you can make it strait for the source and not a middle man which bukkit will become..and i am sorry to say that bukkit has been the heart of mojang with all the people updating here let me ask plugin devs a question

    when the minecraft api comes out will you develop plugins to be compatible with it..
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    Toxic__Waste if the API has similar hooks into events and is written in Java then I will have no issue porting my plugins to minecraft api. I look forward to having the official API as we will not have to wait for bukkit to catch up to minecraft updates.
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    Thanks guys for all feedback it was great I just created this thread and never published this thread until later before i knew the new news.
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    my sides...
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    AdamQpzm You're responses on these forums are amazing. They give me a good laugh. :)
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