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Discussion in 'Archived: Plugin Requests' started by saulo achkar, Apr 29, 2011.

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    saulo achkar

    This is an idea for a running race plugin. People would getter around somewhere them givem directions, maybe like GeoCaching, or real X, Y, Z coordenates to a random place.

    Prices could be itens or money.
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    I was playing a game with friends last night where we would just yell out random co-ordinates (X and Z only) and using gps raced each other to the point. We found it a quite a lot of fun especially when it went across water and mountain rainges. That got me thinking that this would be a fairly simple plugin to make by typing a command which set the co-ords (eg /startrace 1000 n [put globally state a location -+1000x,-+1000y from your current location) then when someone gets to that location it tells everyone who won. "n" could be the number of races.

    I went looking, sure that someone would have done something like this already but does not look like it.

    To make the game more advanced, a torch could be placed on the surface or a chest with contents from the players inventory could be used as the prize.
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    Will try something. This shouldn't be so hard..
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    Ok, Almost done. It took some time because im currently running low on time. Gonna test it.
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    oo cool what will it be called?
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    My development name is RunForestRun. :)
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    no the name of the plugin.
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    So it will be named RunForestRun I think. I hope that guys from Warner bros. havent got a trademark for that phrase :D
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    hmmm odd name but cool I guess

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