Running mc 1.6 plugins on mc 1.5

Discussion in 'Plugin Development' started by Diemex, Apr 11, 2014.

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    So health has been changed to doubles, running a plugin that has been compiled for 1.6+ on 1.5.x servers will eventually error spam the server to death because the type mismatch of all health related functions.

    Does anyone have an idea if it's possible to somehow run 1.7 compiled plugins on 1.5.2? Maybe some reflection hackery?
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    You can edit some files of the plugin based on stack traces given, but you need to check if you're allowed to do it, but probably you can do it for YOUR PERSONAL USAGE.

    You just edit the file and compile it alone, than open the plugin with WinRAR and replace the compiled file.

    Normally, big files will be:

    If your compiled code has less "$(number)", just delete all them, dont let any remaining

    OBS: releasing/putting the file on public will probably break the copyright contract, so do it for YOU AND ONLY YOU.
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    Sorry I was unclear. I have the sourcecode, it is my plugin. Can I compile that it will run on 1.5 and 1.6. There are some things from 1.6 that I'm using though so cant switch to 1.5 completely.
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    If you're using things that are only present in 1.6 onwards you can't use 1.5 to run it?
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    fix issues one by one, there is no magical tool that will make it for you.
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