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    I am heading into a problem. I always use runecraft, but i have no idea how to install it on bukkit.
    hMod had an minecraft_server.jar, which we could simply edit, but craftbukkit does not.
    And is there any way we can play runecraft on bukkit server ?
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    I assume you would drag it in craftbukkit.jar by opening it with winrar first and then net and then minecraft and then server?

    let me know if it works ive been wondering my self but i haven't got around to testing it
  3. Bukkit had the minecraft_server.jar inside it. I think you would add the files in the Craftbukkit.jar (?)
    I think it is worth mentioning that Bukkit is not finished and can be unstable, therefore I don't think it would be a good idea to add Runecraft.
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    No there is none . An even if i add the files (a few dirs), its still not working.
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    as explained in my post here no you can't get it to work at the moment. No code mods such as runecraft will work.
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