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    The rules have been tweaked slightly. No major changes, mostly clarifications of what the team is enforcing, why and how.
    Mostly this is just a condensing of the rules. Instead of 12 rule categories it has been narrowed down to 8.

    We have also explained how the warning system works, and why certain things are and are not allowed.

    This thread is locked because these rules are not up for debate. The only "major" change is we have clarified that mediafire and adfly are not allowed and why they are not. There is 1 new rule regarding drama/politics. The rest is just new clarifications/explanations and condensing.

    Updated answers from private messages:

    1. Yes Zeldo missed the word "major" in his post. No re-wording/compacting and clarifying is not "major" changes.
    2. The Skype/off thread communication rule was there previously, it was just buried. We clarified it.
    3. None of the rules have been removed,. Just rearranged to be more compact due to feedback we received that people did not always understand what was being enforced.
    4. Breaking the rules = a warning.
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    There were no major changes to the rules. The site was only updated to explain the rules the best we can and how warnings work. Some users were complaining that they could not understand the rules and why they were breaking them so we did our best to solve this problem.
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    After some community feedback we have added the following:

    • Plugin developers may post a donation link to paypal or patreon. You may not make plugins for donations, or limit plugin distribution to donators.
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