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Discussion in 'Forum Feedback' started by xyfonix, Jan 25, 2015.

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    this happened to me already 2 times:

    I made a plugin for a plugin request. I uploaded the plugin to and shared the link.
    A half year there were no complaints, but recently the links get deleted for no reason.
    The rules say about the link:
    And since the link goes to a plugin that was requested, it is quite relevant.
    It is quite sad that I have wasted my time on reading the rules, while the rules are wrong.

    Please change the rules or don't delete the link, because it is a totally valid link.


    ps. sorry if I made some mistakes in my English, it isn't my native language.
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    Depends on the link you posted. Basically everything is allowed except for mediafire, mega or any URL shorteners like adfly, especially ones you earn money with.
    I dont see any reason for removing copy links though, you might want to contact the member of staff who did that via PM and discuss that with him rather than making an entire Thread about it.
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  3. @xyfonix do as mrCookieSlime said please pm the moderator. And when a staff member deletes a link please do not just re add it.
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    Locked as this has been answered.
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