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    Plugin category: Bukkit/Spigot

    Minecraft version: 1.13.2

    Suggested name: RPName
    What I want: I want a plugin specifically designed for changing your roleplay name. I am running a RP server and I need a command for this.
    Example of command: /rpname (To change your RP name)
    Example: [Senior][18] MrUnix
    /rpname 'Mr. Kidwell'
    Example after: [Senior][18] Mr. Kidwell

    Ideas for commands: /rpname
    Ideas for permissions: rpname.user
    When I'd like it by: Soon!

    Thank you.
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    I'll attempt this. I'll also add a permission for using colour :)
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    Thank you! Can you help me with my others? I am in serious need :(
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    Okay the plugin is finished.. I'm waiting to find a viable way to give you the plugin (I don't think im allowed to just give you a file download im not sure).

    Anyhow here is the features:

    - Fully customisable config so you can edit every error message and output.
    - permissions are rpname.name, rpname.admin and rpname.colour (to use colour codes like &c)
    - rpname.admin allows the player to do /rpname <player> <name> so if someone has an inappropriate name you can change it.
    - any player can also reset their name with /rpname reset
    - (I'm proud of this as it's my first plugin i've made since being absent) :)

    Any bugs then pm me and ill fix them. Also if you want me to test the plugin with you then pm me your server ip and ill do it .

    (also since i just got back into this i doubt i could do your other requests sorry!)
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    You can use Dropbox to share plugins, or upload it to bukkit dev and share the link (there's a ~24 hour verification period for bukkit Dev though.)

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