Inactive [RPG] xLevel v1.5.1 - The awesome RPG plugin [1185]

Discussion in 'Inactive/Unsupported Plugins' started by MCAndi, May 31, 2011.

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    Decompiling doesnt work as good as releasing :(

    You have no intention of making it opensource ? Maybe people could pull some new stuff into it.
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    1. Super Plugin =)
    2. Maybe u would add a feature like:
    Magician's can only wear leather
    Knights can wear armor up to diamond uknow?

    like: "Simple Armor Permissions"
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    Hey, I know that we CAN decompile the code, but I agree with whoever said releasing the source is better (Sorry, I forgot your name). Can you set the JAR to include source?

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    Because of the requests to release the source, i added a permanent download-link for the sourcecode under the normal download-link.
    (download the Sourcecode)
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    If someone code new classes, please post it here =)
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    This is an awesome plugin, and thanks for releasing the source.
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    How does invisble work if i may ask?
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    use feather
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    Thanks Man, this works Great :D

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    Not to rush you or anything, but will this eventually will be updated to work with Bukkit 1060?
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    I really don't know how to change the amount of exp you earn from a player or a mob in the source code...
    May you help me ?
    I just saw how to change de BlockExpMultiplier.

    (and also, may you help me, i don't understand why I have these things: )
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    of course i will update this to 1060, and in future to any recommened build (if this plugin will be used in future,too)
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    Is there anyway you can avoid use of xlevel in certain areas? My players are using xLevel to kill players in a no pvp area. (They are also creating leaf jails in a no build area by logs, so it doesn't go away)
    This is a great plugin! Keep up the good work!
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    Hello, im having a few problems. No errors i just cant do any xl commands, Im using permmissionsbukkit and bukkitpermissionsbridge, i have all the permissions nodes in correctly it just wont work.

    Heres my permissions config
    Show Spoiler
    - admin
    - 'xlevel.player.*'
    permissions.*: true
    - users:
    - admin
    - 'xlevel.player.*'
    permissions.*: true
    - 'xlevel.player.*'
    - 'xlevel.admin.*'
    - default
    permissions: true
    coolplugin.item: true
    - default
    build: '&cYou do not have permission to build here.'
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    At the moment this plugin only supports Permissions 3. Until I support bukkit-permissions, just disable permissions in the xlevel config.
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    the folder dosent seem to generate nor does the config
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    is there any error in your console?
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    no i figured it out dont worry
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    Jw, could you add a rogue class with (1) stealing*(2)vanish(3)[if possible]climb(4)sprint(5)[2]spawn spiders
    although those are just my ideas anything would be cool (oDo)
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    first of all, I have to get all skills working on players, not only on mobs.
    maybe I will add some classes in future.
  21. Nice Plugin. But is there a way, too add in the Permission that for exampe the group Test, only can make itself Archer and the group Warrior only can make itself Warrior?

    Kind regardz
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    ok xP i wasnt trying to rush it or anything just some ideas :]
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    no, atm. not (I think I will add this soon)
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    hey, this is a nice plugin :D, its very simple and offers great functionality
    i do have a few suggestions ;)

    an additional class that can spawn mobs, im thinking aggressive mobs, such as at a higher level they can spawn a small group of zombies around someone or a few agro wolves :p, also these mobs would be time-based, so they may only live for 10 seconds etc (or else there wud be alot of "abuse" ) just something i thought about ;)

    also in the config customizable cooldown times, perhaps per-class or per-skill

    also i think some of the magicians skills dont work or i dont "See" them work such as "leaf jail" or "energy wave" (i think thats wat it is called)

    im using build #1152 of course i did not expect everything to work since the build isnt officially supported, but i was just putting it out there ;) as for errors there was no errors in the console so maybe the "skills" are working but im just not seeing the effects

    EDIT: wow do i feel stupid, those skills only work on players :oops:

    EDIT: an option for prefixes might be nice too ;) such as (in the chat)

    [LEVEL] <player>
    #[11] cvxx7q
    [CLASS-LEVEL] <player>
    #[Magician-11] cvxx7q
    #[M-11] cvxx7q
    First "Like" ;)

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    hey, i like the idea with the mob-class and also the prefix-option. i will add those soon. (first i will have to find time to get all skills working on mobs, too)
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    thank you ;)

    an idea for your warrior skills, which i assume are all "critical hit" sorta things

    you could just do a entity kill

    as for the magician since he is using "spells" u expect him to have some AOE so u cud also call a tnt damage (no explosion, just the damage effect) on mobs :p or even players, but i think you already do that ;)

    PUSH works great, always fun lol, especially with a sheep on a cliff..

    overall your plugin is indeed very cool :D

    also btw there is a small bug with the "Priest" information it says he is a "Magician" ;) (credit to one of my players)

    as for that mob class thing, i would perhaps call it a Necromancer (if it were to always create aggro-mobs) or in some games they are called "Tamer" either way such a class would be the one that depends on mobs not direct attacks ;), spawning pig zombies or skeleton archers, all good fun ;P, some sort of mob heal could be interesting, such as this class can heal their pet wolves, spawning a bunch of enderman cud be very thretening to the player of their house :p

    well anywyas, thats just a bunch of ideas to throw at you ;) just to help you get something going in your mind ;)

    EDIT: oh and perhaps it is not ideal but..

    for EXP u cud use the EXP BAR included in 1.8 (i think the finished bukkit API is going to be required)

    also EXP Orbs cud have some value, 1 exp per orb something

    also for the archers poison arrow altho it causes direct damage to the player (how it should be) can it also do the poisoned food thing (if u eat raw chicken in minecraft u may get poisoned hunger bar) that sort of poison :p, Poison damage+the poisoned hunger bar cud be a very lethal combination ;)

    once again just throwing ideas out there ;)

    EDIT: also "Invisibility" should probably be "Invincibility" since u cant really seem to dissapear, and ppl cant seem to hit me, except arrows and "Skills" :S

    EDIT: also fire still hurts with the above Archer skill
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    Emiya Shirou

    Does it use built in exp bar?
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    This plugin is an absolute must have and I wanted to say keep up the tremendous work, however I do have some questions. Is it possible to change the attacks which only work on other people to work on mobs?
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    Will you add spout compatibility ?
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    Sorry for idiot question. Will this work with groupManager for perms? It is VERY difficult to pick a perms plugin that wont eventually dissapear.


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